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July 10, 2004 - page1

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ALEKSANDR Davletov and Evgenia Arhipova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I am 23 yrs old and received a reply from this scammer on yahoo personals. I have talked to her for a whole month and on Jun 27th, 2004 her picture appeared on this site posted by another gentleman with the same exact letters sent to me...WORD FOR WORD!!!!! She was sending them while still talking to me. Even worse is that I sent $400 to her travel agency (check it out!!) She told me that they were making arrangements for her to come and at the same time she is emailing somebody else with the same letters. The other guy was smart and did not fall for it. I did however. Right before I discovered her picture on here, she asked me to send another $500 to help pay for her visa and that her father would cover the other $500. This gave me a red flag, especially since the agency made no mention of this. When I asked the agency for a refund they said it was too late and that they had done all paperwork. I informed them that they said ("if visa not approved, we refund money to sponsor"). If the visa is not paid for it wont be approved is what Evgenia told me. Unapproved visa? Now they are going back on their word?? HELLO?! Also I asked for ALL CHARGES TOTAL. They didnt mention the visa, just that it would be approved. I have included some new photos of her because she has a lot of them (14 total). DON'T BE FOOLED!! SHE IS VERY CONVINCING. I sent the money western union to Receiver's name : ALEKSANDR, last name: DAVLETOV, country: RUSSIA, city: EKATERINBURG. phone number : 7(3433)445643. This is exactly what was in the email so heed warning! If you see this name it is BOGUS!!!!!!!!! The web site you can actually access! But it is bogus! I have included some letters to view. This scam artist if you talk to her will say hi the first email. The next email she will send you pics from when she went to Egypt (no surprise it is the same travel agency). By the third email she will say "You are the one for me now, I have received other messages but they were not serious, like a pen pal or something". She will ask if you want to start serious relations with her. By the 4th or 5th email she will begin asking you for money. The quotes will go between 1040-1150 (if you are in CA). She targets guys in California so beware!! Do not be fooled by the great photos even of her with her family and with the travel agency website which looks VERY LEGITIMATE. This scammer is good. She went the whole 9 yards with a phony travel agency website, and detailed information. I tried to call the travel agency, and the number does not exist. If this scammer messages you, REPORT IT and DO NOT under any circumstances, SEND HER A CENT!!! I only sent 400, but guaranteed if you play into her scam, you will hit 4 digits, maybe more.


Mr. Bach, Unfortunately our english speaking manager in Moscow now and our phones avaliable only for russia. Here is our address 620137, Russia,Ekaterinburg,Kosmonavtov 62-105 but you will need only reciever's full name, phone number and name of the city to make a transfer via "Western Union" Here it is again: Receiver's name : ALEKSANDR, last name: DAVLETOV, country: RUSSIA, city: EKATERINBURG, phone number : 7(3433)445643. If you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: it is cheaper for you and comfortable for us; we will reply ASAP after receiving your letter in working time or by phone. Respectfully yours, "ELITE-TOUR" TRAVEL AGENCY.

Hello my dear Jonathan, I'm glad to receive your letter today. The weather is warm here those days summer !!!! We don't have a stable weather on Ural, sometimes we have snow on summer :-) and temperature on winter from +2 till - 40 C and +5 till +35 C on summer. I want you to know that we have one main common desire: We are both not searching for a short term relationship. We both truly want to be married and start a family and i want to ask you something. I am really interested in you Jonathan and you're the one for me now, i received some letters from other guys but they were not serious, like a pen pal or something. I am interested in creating a happy family and maybe it's too qiuck to talk about it, but are you ready to start a serious relations with me or maybe you want to continue your search? Please answer me honestly, I have to go now and I will try to check my mail box later. Many Kisses and Hugs, Yours, Evgenia. P.S if you want we could chat in ICQ my number is: 228679634.

Honey, by the way I have been at one Travel Agency today and asked how much it takes to fly to you for vocation. They offered me tourist tour which includes visa, international passport, insurance and round-trip tickets. This tour costs from Ekaterinburg to LA - 1150 US dollars. As they working with American Consulate they give 100% guarantie that visa will be approved. Of course it sounds good but there is one problem - it's too expensive for me. It is very inconvenient for me to ask you, but can you help me with trip expenses. I have checked my savings and i have only 300 US dollars free money. I am thinking of you all the time and it seems that I know you for a long time, I am serious and I know that we can be happy together. I can take a vocation in the middle of July, because all peperwork takes time.

Anastasiya Kilichenko (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I am a single American male, 44 years old, interested in meeting women online. After creating an account on, I received an unsolicited email from "Anastasiya". So I started corresponding with "her", but I became suspicious when "her" emails never made mention of anything I said in my emails. I then did a search, and found exact copies of "her" emails on, under the heading of Olga Solodkova. No money changed hands, but I did send her my phone # (doooh!). Hope that doesn't come back to bite me somehow... Anyway, check out the way Bill handled "Olga" at the link mentioned above -- he has a good sense of humor! Charles. Here is "her" complete contact information (same physical address as Olga, but different name & email address): Anastasiya Kilichenko, 67 Malysheva, 4, Ekaterinburg, 620000. Nastya []

Angela Bajkova (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

I'm a single father of 2 children, white, Canadian, 34. I was contacted through I figured it was probably a scam because her profile was American with no picture, but said she reads Russian Literature and had little or no personal information, but was a gold membership (expensive). Her first email I ignored, but she sent it again, and we emailed back and forth for a while. By the 5th email she was asking for money. $200 canadian for a visa. Her email address was I won't bother including the emails since they're identical to others I saw on the site. Here are her pictures though. I won't bother contacting the website. Futile. I don't think I'll contact her either, just delete her emails for a while, until she gives up. I'm sure glad I found this website though. Hard to believe I almost fell for it. Neil

Ekaterina Bastrakova & Anna Milchalova

Hello my name is Steven, I live in the United States. I was contacted by "Ekaterina" from a yahoo personals. She gave me her email address. I was reading about scammers when I chanced upon your case #248 (Doug) from June 27th. The letters, photos and even friends "Frank and Natasha" were exact word for word. When she first contacted me I told her I was too old for her as I am 48 and she is 29. She did not respond to our age difference, rather she sent the same letters Doug received. She gave me the same address for her at Kazan, 467000 street Dekebristov flat 62. As 2 weeks went by she told me of her great love for me and wanted to see me here. During this whole time I was really concerned she was not for real as people do not "fall in love" over an internet in 2 weeks and want to come see you. I am just wanting to add another almost Scammed concerning Ekaterina Bastrakova. One more thing...the photos she sends where exactly the same as Doug's and even the story of the hair color just for me. I discovered that Anna Michalova is also using the same letters as Ekaterina Bastrakova...they are to the letter exact. So maybe it is one or more people attempting to scam men for money. I wanted to bring this to your attention as I was curious as to whether she was the same woman (group). Maybe it is the police officer in me, but please add this name as an "aka" to Ekaterina Bastrakova. Thank you for your service that you provide. It has saved me money as I did not send money because what 29 year old girl would want a 48 year old man...doesn't add up if you use common sense. Sincerely, Steven. P.S. here is a photo of the girl, she will originally appear as a brunette then tell you she changed her hair for you. She first appeared as a brunette when writing to me. Then she changed her hair color "for me". Guys, remember, if you are 29, would you seek out a 48 year old. NO! You want someone in common, interests, etc. Anna and Ekaterina use the same letters, and do not respond to your is like they do not read your email...that is a tip-off. Thanks again for your service, Steven.

Elena Chebahuyk (Kazan, Russia)

I'm a 35 year old father of two from the U.S. I was a member on the site and I saw a girl that I liked and I sent her a flirt. Well I didn't get a reply for a couple of months. Then one day While visiting the site I get 3 flirts on the same day from a user going by the alias "lenachik". So I respond to her flirt and she gives me her email address as: So we started corresponding and I really took a liking to this girl. Sorry to say it was your typical Visa and Airfare scam setup. I had know knowledge of this type of illegal activity so I was caught way off guard. I wanted to know a little about the city she was from so I did an online search on the city of Kazan, Russia. Well the first three or four that came up on the list was the name: Russian Scammer Alert- Alena Borisova from Kazan Russia. So I clicked on this link and sure enough it was the same girl with a different name. I was very disappointed thats who she was. I didn't mention anything to her about knowing she was a scammer but she was already telling me she loved me. And she had a friend who worked at a travel agency and she could get her a tourist Visa for $1250.00 usd. She told me she already started the paperwork and all she needed was the money to get it done. After this request I didn't know what to respond with. So I didn't write her back. So she sends me an e-mail but when I open and start reading it. I realize she's writing to some other guy who has already sent her visa and airfare money and flowers. When I confronted her about this she gave some lame story how some other girl used the same computer she uses. And she sent me her message by mistake. Why does this other girl use her name also? Well here's the letters that I saved to give you an idea. The last letter she wrote me she told me that she loved me more that anything. But she would be unable to write me anymore. She said I will always be on her mind and in her heart. I did inform the agency where we met and they promptly removed her profile. Thanks, Jim from USA


Hi ! I am very pleased, that you to send me a message. I never got acquainted with the people under earlier to Internet and to do it for the first time. I very much worried, that you do not write to me, all the same I to do for the first time and I to not know what exactly it is necessary to do. My girlfriend to advise me to find the friend through the Internet. She even has granted me the code that I could write to you the letter. me advised this service of acquaintances, as very good in the world. I hope that we can to understand each other. I studied earlier English language at school and at university. I shall tell slightly about myself and if I shall be interesting to you, in the following letters I shall tell about myself in more detail. Me call Elena. I live with the mother in Russia, in city Kazan. Our attitudes very good. To me 25 years. my birthday of August 12. On a horoscope I Am Lion. About two years I work in cafe, and without seeing I study at university, at faculty of ecology. I the romantic woman, love to travel. At the end of my letter I would like to set to you a few questions. I to hope, that they will not be difficult for you. What do you want most from a partner? What do you not like in a partner? What are for you the most important values and objectives in life? I would like, that we would learn each other more well. I shall try in each letter to tell slightly about myself and to send you a photo. I hope for the fast answers continuation of conversation. Your new friend Elena.

Hi by dear Jim. I am glad to receive your letter. How you today? Today at job I thought of you. I thought that we are far apart, but the help of the computer have met, we communicate and we try to become closer to each other. I want to you to say Jim, that I very much would want in the future to see you and to talk. I hope, that sometime it to happen. Write, you would like it. Jim - you like sports? I visit 2 times per one week a sports hall what to support the body in norm. Jim, tell, what food you like? You are able itself to prepare meal? My mum speaks, I am good it I do. Jim You would like, that I have prepared for you your liked meal. Jim, write to me, what you would like to have family, what you are good family? It is interesting to me to learn it. I consider, that creation of family this important event in life and before to create family, man and woman should well and close learn each other. I heard about acquaintances under the Internet much. I consider, that it is possible to meet the help of the Internet with very interesting by the man. I a lot of time I spend at the work and consequently I have no enough free time to get acquainted and to develop the attitudes with the man not far from myself. Still it is very interesting to me to learn the man of other people and cultures. At you other life, other interests also are all to me very interestingly. I am glad, that we have got acquainted with you and I would like to continue our acquaintance. Jim Write to me please, why you have decided to get acquainted with the woman through the Internet. And I am glad, that has met you. Jim I want at you to ask, when you have addressed to a service of acquaintances, you believed, that can find that man, which to you is really necessary. Also that you think of it now. I very much would like to know, there were changes in your opinion concerning it whether or not, after our acquaintance. Write, I shall be glad to your letters and yours photos. I embrace, Elena.

Hi my dear Jim! How are you? How your health? At me it is so much pleasure on soul. I so again am glad to receive from you the letter. It is very interesting to me to learn about you about your life. To I was a pity have no the domestic portable phone. ..... I have to you one question: you were married? At me the man for a long time with which I spent time was, but he with me has badly bypassed and now I am afraid of people such as he. People which deceive also it hurt the woman. Today I have lead good day at work, I all day thought of you. Yesterday I have told about you to the mum. I have told that at me the fine friend with whom I have got acquainted through the Internet has appeared. Mum sends the regards to you. Now I should go but I shall wait for the letter from you. Kisses yours Elena.

Hi lovely Jim! Thank for your photo to me! Your photo to me very much was pleasant also to me it would be desirable, that you with each letter to me would send the new photo! I was very glad to read your letter. Your gentle and sincere letters They cheer up me, as a drink of fresh air in My life. I never thought that can love the man So it is fast. I very much would like to write to you letters each day, each hour, each minute. And it is even better to see you to embrace to kiss and look in your sincere and kind eyes. I am constant about it I dream and I see you in dream. Today I have woken up with fine mood. You know why? I saw beautiful dream: we with you kept for hands Also we ran on a sandy beach were in love and very happy; I very much would want that this dream has come true. Lovely you like cinema and theatre. Yesterday I with the girlfriend went to theatre, on the play " Trees die standing ". Write to me as you will spend the free time, it is interesting to me To know all about you. Excuse lovely to me it is time to go in sports a hall. With impatience I shall wait from you for the letter. Kisses yours Elena

Hi my dear Jim! Thank for your photo!!! I am glad to receive from you the letter. I read your letter. You to me are nice more. And I want to know you more, it is more and more!!! May be, at us to turn out to create serious attitudes. I hope! I want to find " the present the man ". I think, that it you! Yes, I am at a great distance from you. But for me it has no value because the distance is not a barrier to serious attitudes. Do you agree with me? What you think of it? Send me your photo, please! I wait from you the letter. Lena.

Hi mine dear Jim . How you today? I hope, that at you that's all right. Thanks for the letter Jim , it was very pleasant to me to learn , that our opinions concerning our attitudes coincide. Jim , lovely, I want to you to say, that I seriously treat our acquaintance and for me important, what I shall be our attitudes and whether there will be a future at our acquaintance. Jim , I have told to the mum, that has met the good man, my mum was very glad. Last days I often run from job in Internet Cafe what to check up your letters, it is good, that near to my job. Jim , lovely, write please, that you think that we somehow would meet in some weeks, when we learn about each other more. Jim , I want to ask you to write the small story about the parents and job. Lovely, it is time to me to run on job. I wait for your letters. Kiss you. Yours Elena.

Hi mine dear Jim. How you today? I hope, that at you that's all right. Thanks for the letter Jim, it was very pleasant to me to learn, that our opinions concerning our attitudes coincide. Jim, lovely, I want to you to say, that I seriously treat our acquaintance and for me important, what I shall be our attitudes and whether there will be a future at our acquaintance. Jim, I have told to the mum, that has met the good man, my mum was very glad. Last days I often run from job in Internet Cafe what to check up your letters, it is good, that near to my job. Jim, lovely, write please, that you think that we somehow would meet in some weeks, when we learn about each other more. Jim, I want to ask you to write the small story about the parents and job. Lovely, it is time to me to run on job. I wait for your letters. Kiss you. Elena My address: Russia City Kazan Street H. Begbcheva 24-41 Chebahuyk Elena

Greetings my love!!!!If I was mistaken.... That forgive me.... Mine 7.5 ringsize!!!! I think that you are right! I again am very happy to receive the letter from you. I think of you constantly, I have told about you to my girlfriends. I have told that have found fine the man and that I very much love you and very much I want will meet you in the near future. My girlfriends have told that they are very glad for me and some envy me. Loved Jim, it perfectly that with the help of the Internet we may communicate with you through huge distance, it pulls together people. But with the help of the Internet we may not express our feelings to the full. I very much would want that you were near to me, that I might look in your eyes and give you kisses. That I might tell you I LOVE YOU Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love mine I hope that when it happen and there may be we shall together. My mum sends the regards to you and wishes all best. Now it is time to me to go but I shall write to you later. Embraces and kisses. Yours Elena. My address: Russia (403104) City Kazan Street H. Begbcheva 24-41. Chebahuyk Elena

Hi mine dear! I was very glad to read your letter, Jim. It is simply wonderful, that we can meet. I consider, that our meeting will be the large step for our relations. I am very glad, that we can continue to develop our attitudes and to do them by closer. I not when did not go in other countries and consequently I do not know that it is necessary to make for trip to you. But my girlfriend went to have a rest the last summer and she addressed in the tourist company. My girlfriend has given me the address of this tourist company. And today I shall try to go in this travel company to receive the information, how it is better to us to organize our appointment, lovely. I want to you a little to tell about myself. I already wrote to you, that my last attitudes with the men were unsuccessful. From that time I am very lonely and I am afraid to connect the life to the men around. I very much hope, Jim, that you not such as the majority of the men. Promise me, Jim, that you will not cause me suffering. Believe, that I would not like to be disappointed in you and to be deceived you. The majority of the men at all did not appreciate the women and are rough with them. Tell to me, Jim, with what you are me. Yes... Certainly you may show the friends my photos..!!! Now they will know me... That I your special girl!!! Dear, I hope, I not too tire you with the inquiries. On it I finish the letter, I shall write to you tomorrow. Kiss, yours Elena.

Greetings the kid! How your affairs? Jim I so am glad to receive from you the letter. It is interesting to me to know all about you. This meeting will help us precisely to decide to remain to us together or to not remain. There may be I not shall for you am good. It is important for me, that you will think of me when we shall meet. The meeting will help us to learn each other more. After our meeting, we shall like each other more. Yesterday I went to travel agency and to me have told the information concerning what documents will be necessary for me, for trip to you. Now I do not have foreign passport. But the manager of a travel company has told, that they may make to me the foreign passport and the visa for fast time. I can arrive to your country under the tourist visa. Today I to carry the documents, a photo and to me will tell more in detail when will begin to make documents. Lovely may be to me will your help is necessary. About it I shall write to you in the following letter. Loved Jim I very much wait for our meeting. Kisses yours Elena

**This is the letter that she hits me up for the money.**

Hello, My Dear!!! Hi my love Jim !!!!! My heart knocks quickly when I read your letter. I love you more and more. We are divided with the big distance, but you are in my heart!!! Lovely mine, I want to tell you that you have really correctly understood me! Yes I very much want to live with you and to be always near to you in your the house!!! I all time think, as it will occur and that it very much for me will be pleasant. When I shall be only with you and you will show me interesting places! My mum and my father have divorced. To me was 9 years. I think, that their decision was true. Because other output from this situation was not. My father has met other woman. he has left my mum and me. My father has deceived my mum. I do not want, that my future husband deceived me! You should promise, that will not deceive me. I treat you seriously!!!!!!!! Also do not overlook about my growth... It of 1 meter of 75 centimeters! I have for you news. I went to travel agency. I have learned, how I can arrive to you. 1) I can make the visa, the passport in travel agency. 2) I should buy the ticket in travel agency because the agency will not make my visa and the passport if I shall not buy the ticket there. (It is such rules) 3) Mum of my girlfriend works in travel agency. She has told, that it is difficult to receive the visa through embassy in Moscow. 4) she promised to help to me to issue the visa through agency. The visa is made out with 7-10 days. The visa make as the tourist. 5) the Price of the ticket 500-700 euro. + 370 euro (the visa, the passport) Write me what do you think about it. I wait for your letter with impatience! Write to me soon.

**When I didn't write her back this is the letter she sent to me. Please notice the improvment in her English writing skills as compared to the letters that are meant for me.**

Hello my dear I'm so happy and excited now! I feel that my dreams are coming true! At least I feel that someone needs me and I need someone! Giulio you are the most close person on the Earth for me! I have found my loved the man and now I wish to meet my loved the man so badly! I heard a lot of things about your place and I would really love to see it by my own eyes. That way I will be able to see your casual life style, because it's very interesting for me. So I offer that way. I also appreciate your intention to help me dear! Really! I was a little sad when I thought that it's impossible to come over there to meet you. But then you offered your help and then I realized that if we will work on it together nothing in the world will be able to hinder us I belive!! I have already filled the blanks of getting international passport and paid for that so if you will say yes I will fill visa application blank. The company said that I will be able to fly about . So tell me my darling if you are able to help me with that amount. Dear I know that it's a huge amount and I feel ashamed to ask you for money, but I just can't pay myself, if I could I would just take a first plane and come over there and you would be woken up by the knocking to yours doors.... Write to me date when it will be more convenient to you to accept me and also could you tell me when you will be able to help me. Also it is necessary for me to know in what airport to me to fly better. Whence it will be more convenient to you to take away me. I need your answer soon. Dear I will rather go home to sleep, however I think I can't sleep tonight ;) I'm very excited about our meeting! Love you! Thank for your fine flowers! Your Elena

**Who's Giulio? Here's the email she sent me after I confronted her about this.

Hi my love Jim!!!! How you my knight? I am again very glad to receive the letter from you!!! And I want to tell you... That I really love you and very much want to be with you! You speak, that I have sent the letter with other name....? But I wrote your name... And up to me in cafe the Internet one girl sat too... And With it has taken place precisely same History!!! At me the truth is not present whom except for you!!!! And the computer is such thing.... For me in which it is very difficult to understand!!!? I would not want that you thought of me poorly.... I really very much want to be with you my loved Jim!! I really all time think only of you!!! I present till now ours with you a meeting!!! I still want to visit you in Washington!!! And the manager of the tourist company spoke me, that if I shall do the visa I can be at you during 90 days!!! Then I owe return home!!! This meeting with you is necessary for me. We should understand we are necessary each other whether or not.... Suddenly to you what to not like in me??? I with big not patience shall wait from you for the letter. With sincere love to you. Yours and only yours Elena

Elena (Brest, Belarus)

I'm a 34 year old professional single male from Pittsburgh, PA. I received an e-mail (she contacted me first) from either or'm sorry, I don't remember which it was. I wasn't familar with the scamming of men going on, so my original thoughts were more along the lines of a woman who was desperate to get a husband within the United States, and therefore US citizenship. When I started to think I was being scammed was when SHE made the mistake...she addressed an e-mail to "MARK", which is not my name...I questioned her about it, and she claimed it was from a movie she watched the previous night and she made a typo...yeah right. Then I started to search the Scam sites and found out that the letters I were getting were quite similar to other scammers from the Russian republics: She claimed to be a graduate of the Brest Pedological University (I couldn't confirm it's existence); she claimed to do all her e-mailing from an Internet Cafe; she never wrote on weekends, but every day on weekdays; and she claimed to have a sick grandmother in Russia. She also claims to be a teacher of English to 14-17 year olds in Brest, Belarus. A few days ago she claimed she wanted to come visit me this summer. I knew the old "Visa and Tickets" scam was upcoming, so I confronted her about this and told her basically I would help pay for any future trip and even help repay her AFTER she made the trip over here...this is the response I got the email below. I then hit her with comparisons to other scammers - including that her home address was just a few digits off from another scammer posted on various websites. Since then - surprise! - I haven't heard a word from her. Fortuntely, only my time was invested in this relationship...I didn't lose one cent to this con artist. I've attached the numerous pics she sent me...anyone getting these pictures from a girl claiming to be the "real deal" should beware! I still wonder about "Mark" out there and if he's seen the light yet!


Hello, my dear [NAME DELETED]!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to hear from you again. Though I'm not in a very good mood today, but your letter makes it better. You see that my last letters are quite serious and to the point. I have become about our relations now as we have learnt about each other quite enough to make some conclusions. Just from the beginning we have been expecting something definite and decisive for our lives. The matter is I've got to know the prices of my trip to you. To tell the truth, I'm just frustrated. I don't know what to do. It turned out that it is very expensive for me. I realized that it may cost me much to get to you, but I didn't know that it would be so much. I was really shocked. I had some money saved, but it is not enough even for a one way ticket. Oh, it's really terrible! I was dreaming about you, my dearest, about my trip to you and about our first meeting. But now I don't know if it ever comes true.... I'm trying to find someone to lend me these money, but I don't think any of my friends has such a tremendous sum of money. I will need much time to save enough money for the trip. My salary is only 87$ USD, so it is not real for me to pay for my trip to you, may be in some years. Perhaps form side it is only a hope to be with you. I am too weak to cope with all this... I know it is very sad, and I just hope I'm not breaking your heart, my darling. Because my heart is already broken. What should I do now? I don't know.... Please, don't be offended with me. I don't want to hurt you [NAME DELETED]. I know how you feel about me and how much you want to see me in person. Please, believe that my desire to meet you in person is even stronger now, but I just don't know what to do...I can't ask you about financial support, still it is my problem - HOW TO COME TO YOU??!! Of course my dear [NAME DELETED] I understand that it's rather difficult to find a good friend, but dear if your heart says that you can believe me, why you have so many doubts, and how your friends can be sure that you scammed?? As for me I can ask them only one question:" Have they got such experience? "So if they say "Yes", you can also laugh at them, but if they say "No", why they try to spoil your life!!! It seems to me that every person has a right for Happiness and as for me I don't let anybody here to interfere in my private life!!! And what's more as for me I think that real friends never laugh they always try to help when you are in trouble, and joy with you when you are happy. Perhaps, I am mistaken, and it is our mutual concern, and only together we will find the way-out, I need to know your opinion on this serious step. It is very warm and sunny here, but today it doesn't please me.... With all my love, Lena.

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