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Thanks for the great website and for helping me find out about this scam early. Good luck to others!!

Anthony F.


Black List - page 237: UPDATES
May 27, 2004 - page 1

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Ekaterina Gurova (Kazan, Russia)

Ekaterina Gurova contacted me on Meetic. Her letter to me is identical to that sent 20 men named on; Save this web-page to your system before it is removed on the server; numerous mails from other girls; some mails from "others" which seem clearly fraudulent are on this page; judge for yourself.


Hi my lonely heart Jamie. How are you? I saw your profil, I am very much interested in you. I would like to learn about you more. My name is Ekaterina. I am 25. Also it will be fast to me of 26 years February,10.I live in Russia, Kazan. It is very beautiful city here again very many sights. I very beautiful, also have a beautiful body. I very lonely woman, and I search for the prince, the realy love, and family. When you will write to me back, I shall tell more about myself, and I shall send you my photos. I hope that I to like you....And please send to me the photos that I had them here, Ok? Please write to me on my e-mail the address, if you interested. My e-mail address is Please write to me here. I shall wait very much for your letter...... There may be you my prince, and my love... At me serious intentions, and it is possible we shall find general ideas and desire... I with impatience wait for your answer, and I hope that my letter do not remain without the answer. Have good day, Sincerely Ekaterina Gurova

She was given my personal e-mail address. I ended discussions with her when she asked for money to pay for use of the internet café so as to correspond with me. She pressed for visits through a meeting for which I would have to have paid. It was all done too fast.

Within hours of my having told her that we could not pursue a relationship I received one of the fraudulent e-mails at my personal e-mail address. It's collocation with Katya's other e-mails on along with those of other girls is suggestive.

This letter solicits assistance from a man for recovery of assets in return for a percentage if you advance a checking account number. The assets purportedly belong to some poor woman (takes different forms) and are in a bank as hidden by a male relative who was killed. Usually it has something to do with turmoil on the continent of Africa. My assistance was requested. I ignored this without hesitation. The link with Ekaterina Gurova seems to be based in some larger organized effort at fraudulent activity.

  • Have some 8 e-mails from Katya. They are clearly cut and paste text also used by Julia Morozova and Ekaterina Lachkova.

  • She immediately "fell in love with me" and used an understanding of Christian principles to demonstrate the connection between spirituality and sexuality.

  • Cleverly causes a man to believe she seeks love and a relationship along dimensions of healthy thinking for a Christian upbringing and then shifts to intimacy and sensuality that impacts the emotions of a man. She gets into sexuality very quickly, enticing you even if you do not want to talk about sex but only thoughts and feelings. It is a lure.

  • Writes strongly with emotive words to manipulate your feelings and unsettle the mind.

  • Chunks of text across letters on the various anti-scam web sites are clearly the source of what she wrote me. They are identical in substance with minor creative variations. The elements and style of language and influencing is a perfect match. The writing is coming from the same person or persons.

  • Close inspection of the pictures I send you (roughly 20) indicate that different people are being photographed. The girls are young and beautiful and this is used by the scammer to influence the man's feelings. Their images are being abused.


Elena (Lena) Belova (Samara, Russia)

I am a single, white Canadian male, 30 years old. I was contacted through Yahoo! Canada Personals. After a few e-mails (about a week and a half) she was in love with me, and she wanted us to be together. She wanted money for a visa and travel expenses to Moscow ($440 US altogether). After doing some research myself about visas, it only costs about $54 for a visa to Canada. A funny thing is, I even stated to her I was scared of a scam. And she replied "You speak very awful things. You speak that there are such people which deceive fair people as you. I never could think of it. I am fair with you and I love you very strongly. We with mum always spoke only about you while we are familiar with you. She speaks that you very well understand me. Also that we shall be together very happy."

I suggested that we wait a while, so we could save money for the visa, the plane ticket and so it could during the summer months. She didn't really answer me on that.

Finally, I decided to send her flowers through Russian Florists' Network ( They e-mailed me saying "Dear Sir, We have difficulty delivering your order. The address of the recipient, the way you have provided it in the order form is invalid. We have received numerous orders to the lady in question, yet we have never been able to find her. However, if you want to have the order delivered, will you please provide some contact phone of hers."

So I e-mailed her the info two days ago and she hasn't responded yet and chances are she probably won't because I think she's figured out that I know she's phony now. Then after checking out the black list of your site the signs were all there. And then I read the profile of Inna Konstantinova (Tolyatti, Russia), the e-mails Elena sent me are almost exactly the same! Elena's friend was Sasha (not Natasha), Sasha's boyfriend was Frederic from Australia (instead of Frank from Germany), Elena was born on April 1, not April 11, she lives in Samara (not Tolyatti). The education is the same, and she also works in a bar, her family is the same.


Hello from Russia!!! My name is Lena. I read your structure and it has very much liked me. Many a structure what that usual, but you has interested me!!! I could not find the half at us in Russia. And I have decided to try to search it in internet. As at me the girlfriend too so has made. And now they are very happy with the friend from other country. As you have already guessed I live in Russia, in the Samara area, city of Samara. I want to know yours a full name. If I have interested you also YOU want to learn me better. You can write that to me on my e-mail. Mine email:
P.S.: I Wait for your answer soon and I promise you to write each day!!!

Hello my lovely Randy!!! You asked me about the passport. Yes I have the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. I went to travel agency to receive the information for arrival in you my love. I learned that I need to issue the visa. The visa will be made out 7-14 days. For this purpose I need to collect documents. The list of documents for registration:
1. Wages of me.
2. 2 photos.
The information from work.
A package of documents on the property and the real estate.
It is necessary to pay for the visa 280 $USA. The visa is given for 180 days. Also I need to pass medical inspection and to make the passport for travel abroad are all costs approximately 50 $USA. We with my daddy counted what expenses to me it is necessary to do to arrive to you my love. It is dear from Samara up to Moscow costs approximately 45$usa it in one party. I need to buy a return ticket it is 90 $USA. It is necessary for me of an accommodation cost in Moscow while the visa and for habitation is made out. You should me send approximately 440$USA. In this to cost still enters visitings me in internet cafe. I shall write to you each day. That you knew that occurs in Moscow and as there are affairs at me. Excuse but I have no any money. You can help me with it. In bank to me have told that you can translate to me money on system of translations Western Union or MoneyGramm. It is very convenient for me. As money come very quickly. Almost at once as you do translation. That you could send me money to you this information is necessary: My full name is - Elena Belova and my home address is: 11 Pushkina, 310 Samara, 344045 Russian Federation. And still it is necessary for you the address of bank (for Western Union). It: ALFA BANK MOLODOGVARDEISKAYA, 151 SAMARA, 443001 That I could take away money in bank to me my passport is necessary. Also to you in bank will give number of acknowledgement. You should send it(him) to me. Still you should write your full name and a surname which you have written in the form.

In Moscow I shall learn how many there is a ticket and what flight of the plane I shall fly. I want be with you all life we can marry and I shall go with you where only you want my love. I think that I want to light all my life to you my love. I want to be only with you and to give you a lot of happiness. I want that it was good you with me. You ask as we can solve our problem. I think that you will help me and we soon shall together. I love you and my love wants to be only with you. Yours on one century Elena.


Elena Kruchinina (Selehov, Russia)

I am a single, 39 year old caucasian American. I received an e-mail from the following person in response to a personals ad placed at The letter writer claimed to be Elena from Selehov, Russia. We corresponded for about two weeks. She never asked for money from me, but I became suspicious when she didn't seem to know much about where she claimed to live and she never answered my questions. I found her pictures and the same letters she sent to me on this website scamming someone else. I believe she was just about to ask for money when I found this site. Here are some of the letters she sent me and her photos. Her e-mail address is Thanks for the great website and for helping me find out about this scam early. Good luck to others!!


I was very surprised to get your answer! Unfortunately I don't know a lots about you, but I hope to know more! I did not have a lots experience in using computers and communicating through Internet with another people. But I hope it will work. First of all please let me know can you understand me or not. I don't sure in my English. I was not best student in our group learning English, but I hope you will understand me and may be help me to study English more. So, something about me: I am Russian woman, I live in town Selehov. It's a very small town, its situated about 4200 km from Moscow to the east. There are no much big cities near it. The largest is Irkutsk. And what about your city? I am curious about it, about culture of your country. I am 29 years old, my birthday is 11 November. And when does your birthday? How do you spend it? I graduated from our States University, which is situated in Irkutsk. My specialty is economical managment. I did not like this science a lots, but it was very popular in Russia when I was ready to choose specialty after graduating school. So, about a reason why I am here. I will write you more later, now I just would like to check does it work or not. I search for my soulmate, to share with him all my happyness and troubles. And love. I do not searching for long extended correspondence, and I dont like to play in any soul games. I need to find real man for love and I hope its you. That's a little about me and I hope to know more about you. Unfortunately I don't sure did I done all fine to send you this letter and will you receive it or not. Its will be so pleasant for me to get answer from you! I will be waiting it with impatience!
P.S. My fotos are attached. I am very curious about you. Please send me more of your pics. Even if you dont have it, please do it, its so important for me! Elena

I so ready today to receive a mail from you! And I so glad to see, that you received my mail and answered! And I so happy that you understood my entire letter! I would like to continue our correspondence and I hope you too! Thank you very much for your pics. I like it very much! So, I will write you more. Dear Anthony, I understand most in your letter! But I not sure now I have no much time to read it more carefully. I understood all words but I don't know grammar well. So, I have to write you a little about my situation. As you now I live in town that named Selehov. It's a very small town and only a couple of people here have their own phones and Internet access. But we have Internet club here and its very popular. The only way for me to write you is to get here and pay for time at computer to write you. But I so happy to do it! I printed your letter and I will read it more carefully at home with dictionary, when I will have more time. I hope its ok, but I can miss some of your questions, please don't worry, I will write answer in one of my next letters. And sometimes (for example some parts of this letter I will prepare at my work and just then type it to you). So I think I have to tell you more about me and what I am doing here. I can't describe myself, its not easy but I will write you all that my friends say. They say, that I am very cheerful, attractive and devoted woman, and I will not leave my friend in trouble. I do not smoke and I don't drink often. I can drink Champaign, vine or a little beer. But I don't drink a lots, only sometimes at holidays. I was not married and I have no children. I like only honest and open people even if its bad. My father works likes driver in hospital. He has a lot of business trips, but its not very far, as a rule, not far then to Irkutsk. Everybody knows him in my town. I have no mother. Its not easy for me to say about it. She died when she gived birth to me. My father love her very much and its a very big loss for him. I know a little about she, only from my father told me. Now my father has another family, but we love each other very much and I am always going to him at weekends. Now I living with my aunt. When I was a young girl I lived with my father. And all home businesses depended on me. That's why I think I am independent woman. I am proud for this, because it helped me to find out how to cook and how to make home business. I like to cook very much and I am cooking always only by myself. I like to cook something unusual. I like to prepare fish and meat delicious for my guests and guests of my father at holidays. He always asking me to help him because he know that i cooking very good. I hope I can be good housewife. And I would like to find a man to give him all my care and love and to get this back. Most of all I like fruits like grapes, persimmon, peach, apricot. I would like to tell you about how I get idea to write you a letter but its seems I have no much time now. I will write you about it at my next letter. Its very pleasant for me to write you letters. I like it very much. Looking forward to hear from you, Elena

Thank you for your letter. I becoming attached to your letters and I like it very much. Can you write me more about your work? What is most interesting in it? How do you spend you free time? I was born at Staroutkinsk town. My mother was born there and lived there for all her life. My father took me out there for not having trouble thoughts about my mother. I like my town Selehov very much. I have no brothers and sisters. I have only a cousin she lives in Moscow now. Her name is Nadia. Now I am working as seller - adviser at biggest company at our city. This is firm that sells furniture. My duties are to show furniture to clients, to tell them all about it, to take orders. My heads very proud for me, they always say that I am best. They are very good and strong people and I like them a lot. My work is not very far from me, and I always go there by myself. And how long from your home your work is situated? So, I would like to tell you about how I get idea to start to write you. The reason is I met one of my old girlfriends, which was my classmate. We spoke a lot and she was very happy and told me her story. One day she with our girlfriends comes to Internet club just for kidding. They did not know lots about Internet. They asked a manager of Internet club what they could do their intrsting. He shows them one of Internet dating cites. My girlfriend (Galina) wrote only one not serious letter to a man from United States, Illinois. She did not wait something seriouse. Then she began to go every day and write him. She did not let her girlfriend to come with me. And after one month of communicating she told them that she will go to USA soon and that she love that man. She went to USA for one month and when she returned she were happiest woman of the world. I did not see her such happy before! I was really shocked. It looked like a fairy tale. I was speaking a lots with her and I was so surprised to knew that would like to marry and to come to USA for all her life. I asked her why she did not choose Russian man. She said that American men are best then Russian and that does not drink a lots. They more polite, culture, and kind. They more oriented to a family then Russian. She said, that she had no any problems with living there and she will not share her Stephan with someone else. He is 54 years old, and Galina is very happy with him. She says that difference in ages is not just a little problem. She has advised me to choose only American man. I thought more then one year and only now I know, that I am ready to fallow her advise. I am so sad now that I have no her e-mail now; I have so much questions to her! Unfortunately, I have never been outside Russia, but I hope someday. And I dont know a lots about a trips though a countries. But I so happy that I meet you and I hope to know more about you. My time is over now and I have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon. Elena

Today I just can't wait to read your mail! Its seems it become mean for me more and more! So, how are you today? I am really surprised how Internet helps us to get close! Now I so thanks to my girlfrind and I am so sad that I did not know you early! I become so attached to your letters! Today I did not work. That's why my aunt and I make general cleaning of house. We do it every three-month and it takes whole day. I like to make cleaning with aunt. She is very hardworking woman and to clean house with her is very chearful. We always like to be in company of each other. We spoke a lot and I told her about our relations. I said her that I did not believe it early and I am so happy to see that it works now! She was very surprised and wishes us luck and she hopes that our relations will grow up in future in more seriouse. Also we do small cleaning every week by Saturdays. Today we wash windows, walls, floors, and cleaned carpets. It was really easy for me to do it thinking about you. Today we decided to change a carpet in a bedroom, so we needed to change pinth. When we broke old, we finded od wooden board. The house of my aunt is very old, so there are a lot of such boards. Under this board I founded old coin. I was really curiouse what does it mean and my aunt advise me to go to specialist. He told me that its very valueable coin which is dated 1704, its 1 ruble. I was really happy to know it. It has great quality. He told me that it may costs from 400 till 700 dollars USA. And they said that it can cost more at some other countries. I decided to save it for future. I hope that sometime this coin will help me. My dear Anthony, its a little confuse me, but I would like to share my dream with you. Today night I saw that we sat together at a coast of a big lake. I have not seen this lake early, but it was so beautiful and quiet, and barrels an easy warm breeze. We looked at night sky and we see nice moon and a lots of stars which was reflected in a mirrow of water. It was so good and I feeled your strong arms on my shoulders. We spoke about us and about our feelings to each other. I imagined that we had to tell each other something important, that will change all our future. But at this moment I waked up but I had impression from this dream for a long time. It was so real, that when I understood that it's only a dream, I was very sad. I have never feeled such feelings. And I believe that someday this dream become true! I often think about you and about our relations. It seems to me that every day we become closer. We know more about each other and I like all that you wrote me. So, I will go home now to think about this all. I hope I did not confused you with my dream. What do you think about this all? P.S. I am thinking about writing post mail from you. I have not wrote it to someone, so I dont sure what I have to write at envelope. Please write me and let me know. So, my post adress is: 
Russia, 663020
town(city): Selehov
Street: Novaya
House: 79
Elena Kruchinina

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