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Let me extend many thanks to your scam report pages. You saved me many hundreds of dollars on two different woman or scams. I have been looking for a Russian bride for almost 2 years now. This is as hard as finding a  decent woman in America. I have come to the conclusion that you cannot do  this yourself. You must seek a decent agency that will help. I have  exchanged email with this young lady for about 2 months. Everything went  slow and appeared to be very legitimate until I got the bomb listed below. Ironically, I was at work and strongly considering taking off early to go  find a Western Union when I decided to stay and work. I searched the web,  found your site, and found almost the exact same letter on your site from another young lady to a different gentleman.

Roger (USA)

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March 25, 2004 - page 1

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Ekatrina/Ekatrina Moskvina (Yoshka-Ola, Russia)

I just wanted to add another alias and location for Ekatrina. She identified herself to me as Kseniya Epifanova of Kazan, Russia. She approached me through Yahoo in February, 2003 and we corresponded until October, 2003. Unfortunately, I deleted all photos and emails, but the photo listed on the black list is one of the very same photos she sent to me. She told me she was a music teacher for a children's school in Kazan. One of her emails was a verbatim copy of one sent from another scammer to a gentlemen describing her going to an art museum, seeing painting of lovers kissing, imagining us on the bank of a river, etc. Her MO with me is almost identical to those used with Larry and Regie: (eg: need money for visa and tickets; working visa applied for at US Embassy in Moscow, send money to Travel Agency bank account in Moscow, send more money to her via Western Union in Kazan, etc.) She even tried to up the ante with me by telling me her mother had a heart attack and they had no insurance. Would I send her $6000.00? When I told her I didn't have that kind of money, based on my suspicion level, she broke off contact. Scott J.

Elite Brides - International Dating Agency and Julia Mirnaya

Greetings! I am a single, 43 year old father of two, who is searching for an honest and decent woman to marry. There are many qualities I find desirable i  the woman of Eastern Europe and FSR (Former Soviet Republic), so I have been focusing my efforts in this region. Over the last year, I have made some legitimate friendships, as well as encountered some definite scam artists and agencies... and I am sharing about my most recent attempted scam: I had posted my profile on the web site, and was contacted by someone identifying herself as "Julia Mirnaya" from Arkhangelsk, Russia. I read her letter, viewed her profile and was legitimately interested in this woman, so sent her a reply. After several days, I had not heard back, so I sent a follow-up message. The next day, I received a message from the "Elite Brides - International Dating Club", who says that they are the agency that represents Julia Mirnaya. I have seen this game before, so I checked here and -- sure enough -- this "Agency" is HIGHLY suspect... although they are using a slightly different name with me, the name is similar to a number of other scams reported -- and the letter they sent was IDENTICAL! Here are some of the other scams reported on your site whose letters appear identical in form to mine: Darla Romanova (Agency Amazing Brides) Maria Brusnikina from Arkhangelsk and North-West Agency: Olya 355 Severyanochka Agency I am forwarding the two letters -- and their photos -- immediately after this message for your validation and consideration. Thank you and may God bless you for helping to provide a service of integrity. Regards, Jeff


Dear Jeff Me have told, that you are interested to get acquainted with the Russian girl and I has decided to make attempt. I guess that I should tell you about myself. My name is Julia. I am from Russia. I have been living in city Arkhangelsk all my life. I have never been abroad. I write to foreign man by Internet for the first time now. I don`t think about it before. But recently my close friend married foreign man and went abroad with him. She is very happy now. She sends me enthusiastic letters, tells me about her husband, her new home, her new relatives. She advises me to begin to correspond with foreign man. I was born on March 27, 1980. I`ll be 24 years this month. I'm single, without children. My height is 170 sm. My weight is 53 kg. I have long beautiful hair. My friends say that I am very attractive woman. But I don`t know. It is very difficult to tell about myself, but I think I am sincere, intellectual, clever, tender, honest, loving children and family orientated person. I have a great sense of humor. I have easy-going character and I like to communicate with people, I feel that people enjoy communication with me as well. I am kind-hearted and open, sometimes romantic and dreamer. I am looking for a real love. Life is short and it is important to realize that true love, mutual respect between man and woman along with shared hopes and dreams, are much more important than material things in the struggle to survive and achieve true happiness in a fast moving world. Life and love are far too important to get wrong. I speak English well and German a little. I shall finish University and receive higher education this year - children psychologist. I prepare the protection of the diploma. I love my profession very much, and I dreem to bring help to the people. I like to dance very much and I dance very well. When I studied at school I went to the dance school. Also I like to cook. I like to cook for close people.. My friends describe me as an intelligent and ambitious person, kind and considerate and very sensitive. I am an an optimist and a bit of a dreamer and idealist. Sentimental at times, and usually spontaneous. I also care deeply about spiritual things in life. I am somewhat adventurous and like to try new things. I enjoy people. There is so much to know about each other as well as the fact that we come from such different parts of the world. I like my city and my country, all my friends live here and I enjoy by dialogue with them. In my native city we have white night in the summer - now it is very beautifully. At the night also lightly as well as day, only sun does not shine. However in winter we have very short day. I very much love summer, sun and easy clothes. I love to float in warm water. Except for training I give a lot of time to sports employment. I love swimming and fitness and I think, that it will occupy the important place in my life always. And this sports have learned me discipline and persistence, but I am romantic and pensive and the strong man's shoulder beside is necessary for me. I would like to enjoy life to the fullest. Life is short and every minute of it is worth living and enjoying. Also, I like to think and I have many dreams..? One of the dreams is to meet a wonderful man who will be my best friend and love, with whom I can share the rest of my life through good and difficult times. I hope, that you will become this man for me. I also dream to receive good, worthy work in the future and it to benefit the people. I dream to meet with a serious man, reliable, faithful, understandable, tender, who can see a wonderful creature, a friend in a woman. A man who I can share my life with in good and bad times and give all my love, tenderness, attention and care. I know that international marriage is special kind of marriage when the confluence of different cultures and languages is held. It's rather sad to part with parents and friends. I know that on removing to another country I will have to change many outlooks and life style. I will close for now. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you will not leave it without any attention and will answer me. It will be interesting to me to find out more about your country, your family and your life. Write me letter to address ( for Julia Mirnaya ). Sometimes I shall call and to ask: whether there are letters for me. Hope to hear from you soon. And please send me some your photos. Julia

Hello Jeff Welcome to Elite Brides - International Dating Club Today one of our girls Julia Mirnaya ID: 277 have brought a letter and photos for you. We are sending photos with this note. Please, read this message to continue correspondence with this lady. Elite Brides - International Dating Club is new service dedicated to introducing you to the alluring and captivating women of Russia. Only the most beautiful and educated girls become our clients. All of our clients - girls - have expressed interest in meeting foreign men for friendship and hopefully establishing long lasting relationships. Each applicant has been carefully screened to insure her sincerity. New girls join us each day. Not long ago we have begun cooperation with several International dating agencies. In each agency there is a database of the men interested in acquaintance to girls from Russia. The data of these men were sent to us so that our girls can choose to whom they want to correspond with. We have been working as a travel agency for 2 years but we are now expanding our business with a new branch - Elite Dating Agency. At this time we do not have a web site but we are working on establishing one. In the future we will be able to assist you in organizing a visit to Russia. Since we have just started our new branch the - Elite Dating Agency, we are continuously adding on new features as to serve you better. Here is what we can offer you today: $50 (USA dollars or equivalent in any currency) for 1 month membership Correspond with Julia Mirnaya - unlimited quantity of messages, photos and you will receive her street address and phone number free of charge. Or $20 for her street address and phone number only. Our manager will keep you informed of your account status. The amount transferred is refundable for other services - correspondence with another lady, tour, gift delivery in the case that the girl or you should choose to stop the correspondence. In such an event you have the right to correspond free-of-charge with any other girl in our agency we have now about 150 very beautiful ladies registered with us. In addition your girl will not pay anything for our services. If you agree with our offer, please inform us and we will send you information about how you can make a payment. As soon as we have received payment we will establish an individual email address for your girl and inform you about this. Then we will send Yulia's letter to you as soon as possible. After that you can send another letter to her individual address. It will be more convenient and confidential. Only Julia will have access to this email address. At this time she does not have an email address because she recently joined our agency. Best Wishes Elite Brides - International Dating Club  163002, Russia, Arkhangelsk, Lenina street, 48. PS: Julia is one of our most beautiful girls and she recently joined our agency, she is very sincere. We apologize for that the information about how our agency works was not sent to you with the first letter from Julia. It has taken place because of our inattention. 

Galina Kosyachenko 

I engaged conversation with a girl by the name of Galina Kosyachenko from the Ukraine. I found her details on I mailed her initially as I  intend to travel through Ukraine in the summer and seemed like a genuine photo. She mail back ad we struck up a relationship until she started asking for  money - this is her last email to me and her email details - I also include some photos of her too. Good luck in what you are trying to do. Luckily for me I'm not looking for  a Russian wife, just people to meet as I travel through. But I became  suspicious when she started confessing undying love for me... which is  unusual as it never happens normally lol Best of luck Tony


My Dear,my Tony.......... You know, reading your letter I realized that the real value of love can be felt only when you lose it. My love is so great that I can't stand it, and the whole strength of love is the only thing that keeps me alive. But the sun is shining brightly, and my heart is full of hope and happiness. I love the best, the most beautiful man I ever met, and he loves me, too. And one day, one exciting day we'll meet in person, and will walk on the seashore hand in hand, and tell each other the secret words, and look on the stars together... Tell me it'll be so! Your letters are the sense of my life, and the best way of spending time is to write how much I love you. I've told you,that I use Internet cafe to write letters to you,but now,dear,I don't know how to tell that. I just hate that talk,but I have to pay for several months in the University and that's hard for me to pay for our letters along. I don't want to ask you for anything,I was doing everything myself,  but now,that's just really hard. Maybe you can help me a little with our letters,because I can't and I don't want to see my life without you,your render words,dear. I'll wait for your mail day and night! Thinking of you,Gala.

Irina Alekseevna Melnikova

First let me extend many thanks to your scam report pages. You saved me many hundreds of dollars on two different woman or scams. I am 41, a father of two that does not live at home. I have been looking for a Russian bride for almost 2 years now. This is as hard as finding a  decent woman in America. I have come to the conclusion that you cannot do  this yourself. You must seek a decent agency that will help. I have  exchanged email with this young lady for about 2 months. Everything went  slow and appeared to be very legitimate until I got the bomb listed below.  ronically, I was at work and strongly considering taking off early to go  find a Western Union when I decided to stay and work. I searched the web,  found your site, and found almost the exact same letter on your site  (blackpage214.htm) from another young lady to a different gentleman.


Today's my letter contains two news. The first news: My visa at last is ready, and I send you its SCAN. When I received the visa to me have told that I am very much lucky and that  it is very big success, that to me give the visa. To me have told that I very successful and lucky lady. I was so glad. But now I have no any pleasure. Only tears. And the second news: My visas firm can reserve tickets, and I used its services again. I asked them how I can reach Atlanta and how much it costs. They answered me that that the ticket costs $ 890USD. I asked them to find cheaper tickets, because this price is expensive for me. They answered that they had a cheaper ticket but the beginning of the flight 5-Apr. It costs $ 810 I asked them to reserve a ticket. But they refused. I spoke with them for a long time but they didn't agree. Then I wondered if it is possible to pay a part of the money now and the other part later. They didn't agree. I spoke with them for a long time and I managed to persuade them. They agreed. We agreed that I would pay a part of the price Today and the other part later. I have been compelled pawned in pawnshop my silver and gold embellishments which I have from Mum. I have received for it in pawnshop 170USD. It has sufficed for an initial payment. I paid $ 420USD. It was my last money. The number of the flight on which I resevered the ticket is 9:30 am Depart Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot-Russian International Airlines 317 Arrive Atlanta (ATL) 7:35 pm Delta 1643 It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I have done everything I could. I paid visa. I have bought the ticket on a train up to Moscow. I paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I didn't want to burden you. I wanted to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part. It is only $ 390 USD. I have to pay this money before Saturday morning. Otherwise I will lose my money. If you love me, if you trust me and if you want to see me soon, please, send the money for the ticket before Saturday morning. I understand that it is a difficult decision for you, but we must trust each other. Any union without trust is impossible if it is a union of wife and husband or union of boy-friend and girl-friend or union of business partners. I don't want to be hypocritical. That's why I want to tell you following: I do not think that you would like to give the love to the woman whom you won't trust. Also I would not like to give my love to the man which I won't trust. It's a first check for us. And much depends upon it, may be everything. We must trust each other. That's why I was the first who made first step. Step to you. Of course if you don't want you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal. I will lose my money. IT IS BAD TOO BUT NOT FATAL TOO. I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when we are divided only with one step, I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will be gone. I love you and I want to be with you and the word of honour, your help is necessary for me. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger. To pass through difficulties and barrier it is together much easier. I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity. I did not want to ask you. I thought, that I can make all itself. The loneliness has made me strong. I have got used to live without the help, and to rely only on myself. I very seldom address to somebody for the help, but now I ask you to help me. I have made a step forward. Make also you a step towards to me. I hope has not offended you something. I love you and I trust. I know, that you will not throw me now when there was only one step. Tell me Roger, can you help me? If you have an opportunity you can help me. I wondered how it is possible to do. There is an International Company, which deals with money transfers. Its name a Western Union (by the way, they have a website, called It has Offices in many cities and countries. There is an Office in my city. If you want and if you can help me, you may send me money using Western Union according following data: ALFA BANK LENINA, 121 KRASNOYARSK , 660021 For Irina Melnikova To get the money, I should tell the employee of bank your full name, full address, exact amount and some confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control  Number), which will be given to you, when you will send the money. I love you very much! I thought about you Roger every time. I never cease to thought about you! Your Irina 


Dear Elena, My name is Pelle and I am from Sweden. I reciently been in touch with a lady that call herself Vaselina. Her mail: vaselina-555@yandex.ruShe claimes to be from a small city outside Kazan, Zeledonesk.In her first letter she told me a sad story about her family, how her father left them when she was very young and then that her mother died a few years ago. The first letter from contained 3 warningflags, so I knew right from the start to watch out for this lady. The mails came everyday and in her 5th mail she said that she has been falling in love with me. I am sending her mails all time, pretending I am in love with her too. This lady is definetly a scammer,. I am just waiting for the mail when she will ask for money. I will let her go on as long as possible, but in the meantime, I would like to tell you about her and let other love searchers know about her so they donīt fall for her claimings. I attache her letters and pictures in following mails. Best regards,  Pelle,  P.S Is there any way I can report her to the Russian autorities that she is about to scamm? Maybe she can be framed?


Hello my love Pelle,  Thanks for the fine letter and warm, kind words in  My address. You do not imagine, as I dream of the same desires, as  You. Already has passed a few time as we are familiar with you. And as if the who  le eternity would pass. If you knew, how in me all strongly change my feelings,  desires, hopes... And the most important, I now know, that I have you, and  I shall protect you, that did not happen. And any sort of quarrel contentions  let pass us the party. At all I do not know - whether there will be they at us,  in fact we from a half-word understand each other. About such relationship of  souls I even in dream did not assume. Certainly I not fantastic princess, also  live terrestrial measures and " financial problems ", but I think that near  to you, feeling your breath and charm, I could reach the even greater.  And I would feel near to you myself as behind a stone wall. Native mine, at me  was not closer than the person for last years, than what has appeared only  recently. And to you as to anybody I am obliged to much. As it would be desirable  to tell to you warm, gentle much. That this letter has a little warmed you, your  soul. It would be desirable, that from my words to you it became pleasant,  good, joyful. Someone considers, that daily vanity and is a life, the present  reality, and the everything else - inutile illusions, in clouds, in a word -  nonsense. But you so do not think, love? In fact the life is, first of all the  moments, instants when you suffer sensations of pleasure, delight, excitement,  happiness. For the sake of such instants also it is necessary to live. Yes,  it is possible to count something unearthly. But what then in general all  experiences, feelings which are tested by the person? Especially, it at all  a deceit, not a phantom, not a Mirage which will thaw without a trace. In  fact it is a reality - my words, the phrases addressed to you, my lovely. And  a reality - those sensations which they will cause in your soul. Certainly,  simply the mere verbiage which is said simply so, aimlessly if only to  borrow time is a usual chatter, idle talk. But I do not want to make some phrases  simply. I would like to cause the words in you good, warm emotions. To calm  you if something disturbs. To install optimism. In fact actually the life  is fine. And it is valid so. In fact In the childhood we enjoyed her and for  anything did not long. Why, becoming Adults, we do not become happier?  In fact the world around has not changed almost. Probably, all business only  in ourselves, in that what we as we concern to a life. Sometimes so it would be  desirable to live one emotions, not expecting something, not calling in question,  and completely trusting not to reason, and the feelings. And who has told,  what is necessary to live reasonably? It is necessary to live happily! But  in fact the happiness without feelings does not happen. And the reason seldom  gives to us a condition of happiness. In the world it is so much reasons, that  all life to count itself unfortunate, and so, apparently, it is not enough to  be happy. You have not noticed? I near to you, my man, have sat down near you  and silently I look, I try to make out features of your person and I observe,  how you read this letter. I observe, how your person, his expression, a sight  vary in process of perusal of these lines. How it would be desirable to guess,  touch these words your heart and if - yes, what you feel, you suffer now? Let  not I, but my words to touch gently you. Feel them warmly, feel it. Let it as is  possible longer love will not leave you. It is pleasant to understand, that now  we with you one, you and I. Reading these lines, you involuntarily think of me.  Let the instant, but now for you is not present anybody, except for me. And  not only my words, but also my ideas which they bear, gently and tenderly embrace  you. Whether it is quiet and good you in these embraces, mine good? I ask,  overlook about the past, be not anxious about the future. That was and that  will be - now completely not important. Live hereby, live these instants.  Also be happy, mine loved. Last night I for a long time looked at the star sky.  I so would like, that you were a number that you saw that I that I could  embrace you see, tell, that missed, to meet with you a dawn... I have closed eyes,  and for an instant you seemed to me, that beside, that I embrace you, I see  Reflection of star light, thin path a ray of light in your eyes...  ... I looked afar, following to the leaving sun. I knew, that through a pair  of hours on a decline of day you can see the same. The same decline, the same sun,  To which I so wanted to tell: " you Will see my loved - transfer it from me  Greetings! Its kiss from me the red, gentle beams of a decline "...  I look afar and I hope, that I shall necessarily make utmost, that  To meet you, and I should not look in anywhere... Loved! When  You are raised early in the morning when you go for work when you you miss when  You come back home when you lie down in cold bed, know, that I beside.  Very much on you I miss..........Vasilina

Hello, I am very glad, that I have an opportunity to answer your  announcement. I think, that you very interesting person and  I want to correspond with you and more. I hope, that I shall  interest you and I want to receive from you the answer.  My name is Vasilina, I live in Russia. To me of 28 years,  my growth of 169 sm, weight of 55 kg. I have attractive  appearance and a harmonous figure. I was never married and I  have no children, but I can be loving mother. If you search  for the true both reliable friend and the careful wife,  I would be glad to be her. I very much love animals and the  nature, perfectly I prepare for a meal, with pleasure I  visit museums and I am interested in art. I very much want  to create strong family with the reliable person who is  tired from loneliness and is ready to love and be loved.  I shall be very happy, if you will be interested with my  letter and you write to me the answer to my address vasilina-555@yandex.ruI promise to write to you at once and to send my photo. I  very much hope, that we shall find common language and our  correspondence will pass to more serious attitudes.  In hope for a fast reply ,Vasilina

Hello Pele,  I am very pleased, that you have found, that time answers my letter.  For Starting our acquaintance I shall tell to you more about  me directly. I wasThe Zelenodolsk given birth in city on September,  21 1975. This city small and is difficult for finding  it on a card, but it is located near known in Russias cities of Kazan.Could you tell me exactly where I can find the place where you  live on the map? Kazan - one of the oldest cities on Volga, but it now big  The industrial city located on several hills in the middle of plain.  It Capital of Tatarstan, the republic included in The Russian state  during Ivan Terribl's domination to 1552. Kazan has a The population  890,000. It Very beautiful city, in it many beautiful ancient places.  Kazan It is located 780 kms. From city of Moscow. I like to visit  City of Kazan and to compare it with ours Small city of  Zelenodol'sk. Our city very quiet and in it is not present  anything remarkable As against Kazan. But the silence it is  especially expensive to me. The the temperature of air reaches summer  20 degrees of high temperature.  I work in our city in city hospital as the dantist.  For this purpose I all over again have ended the Kazan state Medical  Institute and have received higher education. I work 9 hours in  Day, but my work very much to similar me.What do you do? What sort of job  would you really like to do? I after work have time when I  Executed it with girlfriends. I do not drink alcohol in general, and I do  Do not smoke. I try to support a healthy way of life and it to similar me. In  Rainy, boring evenings I like to spend reading of the book or hearing  Music. In music I love everything, but I allow preference, classical or a  Jazz. I live one in an apartment with one room, but I have the grandmother,  Mum of my mum who lives in settlement.  I do not want that my husband was from Russia, as they  Frequently use alcohol and does not respect wives and frequently  Address with wives roughly. What do you think about Russia?  What do you know about Russia? Have you got any friends who lived in Russia?  At leisure from work I prefer to go with girlfriends in park on new  Fresh air. Also I like to prepare various tasty dishes because Russian  The kitchen is very various, and in the special way are tasty. First of all I  Estimate the truth and fidelity in the person. It seems to me, That if  People are dishonest in attitudes to each other,  Between them there can not be no attitudes. I very much want to find such  The person of me, I hope, to which could trust all. In Russia I could not find  Such person, I hope, that now I have found It. Write to me about itself,  About family, about work and on the Hobby.Have you got any brothers and sisters?  Tell me about them. What do you like the best?  I want to know about all from you,Vasilina 

Hello my friend Pelle, Many thanks to you for the answer because I very much hoped to interest  you . I want to get acquainted with you closer , therefore first of all I  shall tell to you about myself and about the family. A history of my family  it is sad and that is why. When to me there were 5 years, my father has  thrown my mum for the sake of other family and has left to other woman. My  mum very much experienced, because it there was its her unique love.  Despite of an act of the father, she continued to love him all life in  hope, that father will return. But it has not taken place. Heart of mum has  been broken also she continued to live only for the sake of me. She worked  as the doctor, giving the work and me the forces, respected her of the  fellow worker and simple people. I very much was proud of mum and have gone  on her way, becoming the dantist. But the old wound from one-way love  tormented mum all life and 7 years back my mum has died. It was the  heaviest moment in my life and I have remained one. A difficult minute of  me the grandmother supported. I very much love family and I respect  Traditions of family, therefore I want to create family with the reliable  person, who May support me difficult minutes. I shall pay to the loved  person Love and respect. I think, that in family the main love, respect and  trust. Only then there will be a convenient and happy family.Tell me about your parents.  I have studied the English language at school of 7 years, then in institute of 6  years. I Love the English language and therefore I want better it to teach.  I love Russia, but I like to study other countries and other cultures, but  unfortunately, I never visited other countries. I sometime would like to  visit other countries and it is possible to live there. I very much like to  dance, and sometimes I with girlfriends we visit dancing clubs. My loved  color green and pink, loved number - 5 I love animals, - especial cats,  they - very sensitive creations. I love dogs and I estimate their fidelity.  Unfortunately, not all people are capable to fidelity and honesty. In  families of my girlfriends not always correct the consent because of  misunderstanding each other, therefore the trust first of all is necessary.  I want to begin not only the wife, but also both the loved woman and the  friend. I want to help the husband in all affairs of family and I think,  that my trade will help me with it. I am very glad that I have an  opportunity to write to you because your letters inspire me. I did not  trust, That it is possible to fall in love through letters, But now I am  sure that it probably. I have decided to write to you because the noble and  fair person seems to me that you and not begin to deceive me. I ask, that  you have not stopped to me to write, because your words bring a lot of  pleasure in my lonely life.What do you want most from a partner?  What do you not like in a partner?Haw much time do you search of pair?  Why do you search in a Internet instead in life?Have you ever met anyone on the net  before? The outcome of all this? What are for you the most important  values and objectives in life? With the best regards , Vasilina. 

Hello my dear Pelle. I write you the letter about the cafe - Internet. Therefore I can not  write the letter more than once a day, but I shall try to answer all  questions. But I would like, if you wrote to me many letters because your  letters  of me please. Reading your letters, I have a rest from a difficult working  day. As I already spoke, I love children but as I never was in a marriage,  I  have no my children. I think, that children should have the father and  mother and that they grew in love. I very much want to marry. I want to  meet  after work of the husband to prepare it for a meal and to look after it.  But  now in my life only loneliness and consequently I have decided to write  to you for the first time. But now your letters became my sense.But we  should  not hurry up in our feelings to not make a mistake. And if we shall  decide to connect our lives we should consider all well. But nevertheless  it seems to me, that if I shall be together with you, I shall never  regret for it. What you do at leisure after work? I like to go after work  on park and to observe as the nature varies and to inhale a fresh wind.  My girlfriends almost all it is married, but sometimes we go to cinema.  I love comedies. And you?What sort of books ( music )do you like?  Are you interested in politics? Sometimes I visit church, christianity my religion, the belief in the god helps  me to trust in my forces. And how you concern to religion? Tomorrow I  shall go in settlement to the grandmother. After death of mum she has  replaced  to me mum. She lives in a small wooden small house about which the  garden with trees of apples is located, I to it necessarily shall tell  about  you, she will be very glad. She will prepare for a soup and a duck  Who are made in the furnace. They very tasty and fragrant. You probably  such did not try. My feelings with each letter to you become stronger and  it  is more serious. Therefore  your letters of steel for me a support and in your letters I find  understanding. I very much would want that sometime I have found love in  your letters.  It seems to me, that we with you two ships at different coast of ocean,  and  once one ship will come to a coast another. I with impatience shall wait  for your letter. I send you kiss. Vasilina 

Hello my LOVE Pelle. My heart is beaten more strongly when I receive from you  letters. Tonight I shall bakee a tasty pie, I very much like to prepare  and want to bake in our first meeting only for you something very much - very much  tasty. What you prefer in meal? You like sweet? But I do not eat frequently  sweet because I watch the figure. I even for this purpose visit a sports  hall two times per one week. I wrote to you, that I live in the  Zelenodolsk, but not all have phone. I unfortunately  have no the phone. To me would like to hear your voice, but it is not  possible and consequently I shall wait for our meeting to talk to you and to look  in your eyes. I very much like to read your letters, they bring to me a lot of  pleasure and I re-read them on some times. I understand that with each your letter  of me attracts to you more and more and more. It seems to me, that I can  trust you, and this main thing. I think, that the trust and understanding are a  basis for family attitudes.I know families in which the lie and a deceit destroy family and even love do not rescue a marriage. Sometimes in family someone  from spouses does not want to concede in dispute to another and  consequently there are scandals. Therefore also it is important find in life with  beloved compromises. You probably think, that I very serious person, but it not  so. I simply do not want to make the wrong choice of the future husband because  I want that my marriage was prolonged all my life and our family would be  ideal, based on the important principles. But any marriage will not be  without the present, passionate and sincere love. At present my feelings  more than friendly, but I do not know, that you test to me and consequently I do not  want to hurry you with a choice because I know as far as it  seriously. In yours words I understand, that you the person of honour and  your words warm a heat my soul. It is fine, when knows that in this world to  be the person to whom you are not indifferent.I understand, that each of us has  past, the habits. But the present love will help us to recollect together  good and to overlook bad. One of the important reasons on which people connect the  lives is aspiration always to help each other. Only the strong  love is capable to involve one person to sit at bed of another or to be pleased  with him. It so is pleasant for me to  receive your letters and this feeling to not transfer in a word. I finish the letter,  in hope to receive from you the answer. With love Vasilina 

Hello my love Pelle, I sit in front of the screen, hasty I collect the necessary words.  At work the female part of collective good-natured guesses, that it for the   mysterious gentleman at me has appeared. Simply now I am not late after work as  earlier, and quickly I am going and I escape in the cafe - Internet. The truth, now  I do not feel lonely. Now I have you and your letters.Now it seems to me, that  the world not too bad. And all this because in my life you have appeared. You  became for me a ray of light which gives hope. With hope I for the first time have  written to you and now my hopes come true. If the person will cease in what to  trust and hope his life becomes very grey. You with me agree? But now already  it seems to me, that I write to you letters not only with hope, but also with  love. From love to not hide anywhere, but also I do not want to be hidden. I am very glad to this new, earlier not to feeling known to me from which there is a  unusual raising of mood and mysterious sensation in a breast, is especial when I receive from you letters. But most of all I would like,  that youwere with me beside that I might nestle on your breast as the wounded  bird. But I do not want that you listened to my problems. Write to me that disturbs  you? Whether you like to receive my letters? May be to you not interestingly read  my feelings, but I write you all and I want that you knew about me all. You like  to dance? I from the childhood like to dance. Still I like to read history which  come to an end well. I hope, that our attitudes too will be good. Today at work  I received the salary. I have received 2400 rubles. It approximately 80 US dollars.  It may seem to you ridiculous, but on this money I live the whole month, I pay 800  rubles for an apartment. Unfortunately, medical the worker in Russia is not  appreciated Highly, notwithstanding what they are necessary. If I when have  arrived to you, I would earn much more and might care level with the  husband  of family. I hope, that you not against if your wife will work. But while we  should not hurry up, because we should be sure in the feelings.Tell me please about  your job, exactly Today we have fine weather and the sun shines, I very much love  sunny days when beams of the sun get in windows. I recollect my working day,  my small patients cheerfully  blink and accept survey for amusing game. These are the most important words which I want to tell you today. I shall wait from you for the letter MY LOVE. Your Vasilina

Greetings my love Pelle! You do not imagine, what pleasure bring to me your letters. I want to see your new photos, please came to me your new photo that I could put it on my working letter. I have asked in the Cafe - Internet that your letter have made through  the printer and it now always with me. From your letters I receive a charge of energy  for all day. I want to know about you more and more and more. What you did last night?  When you write to me letters? I write you letters usually in the evening,  after work, but sometimes I have time to write to you letters in the afternoon. Nea?aui  in the afternoon I feel, that me pull to you more and more and more, I can not  live without your letters any more. For me you seem an ideal, surpassing all. Now in  met he desire to love and be loved grows. I want to bring to you of happiness. And  what you test to me? I want, that your feelings to me were stronger than friendship.  I want to admit to you. It seems to me, that I am in love in you. But  yi?ioo you to be with me fair and to not deceive me. I do not want to lose happiness  which I test now, knowing, that you soon will read my letter and write to me the  answer.At night I long can not sleep, I all think of you. Today in the morning I have  risen early to go in church and to ask about us. I asked that you were healthy also we  shortly have seen each other. I want that you knew, that you always in my heart and I  always think of you. May be, I seem to you too naive and romantic, but I do not  understand, that with me. I believe that it is possible to fall in love with persons,  and thus to time to see it. But be sure, that if we sometime shall be together, I  shall be to you always devoted and tenderness.To me the meaning of the life is open...  And because of what? Not who not when has not understood it if I have explained..  Though if to me it have told it earlier - I would not believe...  Thought - LOVE - what nonsense... She is not present... But it not so... One only  the feeling has changed my life... Only one... All ideas began only about one person...  To you... In each dream only that secret and secret, what not when not who has  not approved, except for us two... But I have found the most important not only  the love, she too has found her in me... And what can be finer than mutual love?  Love which can all... But sometimes there come minutes when you think - whether  and love it in general - but these are silly minutes... The Love she is.. Each breath  and each exhalation is filled with any pleasant action - not as earlier... All bad -  in a fog and all good prospers around... The Problem that you are far... And from it  it becomes sad... The Different countries... But it will not kill love... I LOVE YOU!!!  ALWAYS!!! TOGETHER!!! I know, that I shall like only  one person who will be my husband. It seems to me, that you do not have lacks but if  they are, I shall love all the same you. I would like that we sat next in the long  winter evenings and talked about everything, about news, about life, about  people. And in the summer ate ice-cream.It would be interesting to know how you spend your  holiday. Where do you usually go on holiday?  Do you enjoy closeness, sensuality between partners?  Today I leave you tomorrow to return, to read your letters..  Your Vasilina

Lida Koshevenko

This woman got in touch with through She says she is from Odessa, Ukraine. My correspondence with her lasted for a little over a month. As you can see, she looks to have changed her tactics, but still uses some of her old form letters to scam you. I am lucky I have found this information when I did, I had just sent away for some money to be able to send her. She almost succeeded. Her e-mail address is


Though it is difficult to write blindfold to that Stranger, whom I do not know at all, but I faith that in this case prospect of acquaintanceship with You serve me sufficient an apology. While I thought about prospect to get acquainted and thought about writing of this letter, it has wafted some thoughts on me. Can You remember, turning your glance in the past, when you felt well with someone,  hen you has felt unexpected attraction to the person, when you realized that you value and save the same values both . This really rare, but bringing satisfaction feeling, requiring something particular.Personaly for me it is not to hard to recall what feelings you outlive in such rare moments, when you feel your magic relationship with other person. While you reading this letter and begin to understand all our resemblance, it is possible that you begin to conceive. That, if you really has met one of that rare people, who really not only understands your feelings, but who value and answer on sensitivity and probity, who knows not only how to take, but how to make presents. If you really presented such possibility, may you present how you will be felt itself after you has know her? While you think over these words - I want you ask: how you will be surprise to understood that you anxiously wait possibility to contact me? Maybe you can present our meeting, how we feel merrily and well, how you simply begin to get a deep pleasure from this. And if you think on this in this way, will be it logistical to start writing each other, openning how much general valuables between us. there is my photos: 

Hi I so pleased that has got your letter.  It is so many things that I want to tell you, I think I start with history of my life:I was born at 10of december in Odessa on south of Ukraine. Ukrainian people are very good. But our country is poor and corruption. I have no brother or sister. I have mother and father I love them very very much. It is the best people for me in the world. I finished university. Some times ego I wanted to became a fashion model. But it is very hard. And here for this is pay not too much. But my friends think that I have all ability to become a good model. I think I must have time to myself and for my future family but this work take all my free time. Now I work in not big firma as a secretary but I do not know yet whom I want to be. My friends tell me that I beautiful but I do not know, I not always complacent of as I look. I like reading books about love. I like forest, mountains, seaside. I want to walk with my lovely man by the forest. I want to see sunrising on seaside with my love. I want to wake up in your arms. I want that we will be two part of one. I see √ you are good man. I like you very much. I want to know more about you √ for me inside world of man is more important that how he is looks. I believe that you will love me as much as I will love you. I understand that you want to know more about me. But I know English bad. It is very hard for me to write. It is much for one letter for me I of course will write more about me in next letter. I use translation program and program that show me my mistakes. Now I searching for English teacher but that I found it is cost too much for me. I send you some of my pics (there is one more in my ad but I do not remember the number of my ad), I want to send you more but I have no scanner. I will be waiting for your letter. Your Lida.

Hi I so pleased that has got your letter.  It is so many things that I want to tell you, I think I  start with history of my life:I was born at 10of december in Odessa on south of Ukraine. Ukrainian people are very good. But our country is poor and corruption. I have no brother or sister. I have mother and father I love them very very much. It is the best people for me in the world. I finished university. Some times ego I wanted to became a fashion model. But it is very hard. And here for this is pay not too much. But my friends think that I have all ability to become a  good model. I think I must have time to myself and for my future family but this work take all my free time. Now I work in not big firma as a secretary but I do not know yet whom I want to be. My friends tell me that I beautiful but I do not know, I not always complacent of as I look. I like reading books about love. I like forest, mountains, seaside. I want to walk with my lovely man by the forest. I want to see sunrising on seaside with my love. I want to wake up in your arms. I want that we will be two part of one. I see √ you are good man. I like you very much. I want to know more about you √ for me inside world of man is more important that how he is looks. I believe that you will love me as much as I will love you. I understand that you want to know more about me. But I know English bad. It is very hard for me to write. It is much for one letter for me I of course will write more about me in next letter. I use translation program and program that show me my mistakes. Now I searching for English teacher but that I found it is cost too much for me. I send you some of my pics (there is one more in my ad but I do not remember the number of my ad), I want to send you more but I have no scanner. I will be waiting for your letter. Your Lida.

Hi You want to know more about me. Ok. I have university degrees I am an economist. I was finished Kherson economical university. Odessa is big city (near 1500000. people) it situated near Black Sea side. So there is an international seaport, (but there is no international airport there, the closer airport only in capital of Ukraine) I like to cook and prepare small surprises to my relatives and friends. I think that woman should "keep home soul". I like cinema; I like since fiction, comedies, love story. I likes pets, a specially cats and dogs. I have a cat. Cat has said myau - he greets you. My cat such cunning and clever. At home he calm but on the street beats not only cats but dogs too. My loved color is blue and red. In the cloth of this color I looks more beautiful then in other. I have no money to buy an expensive cloth but I always look beautifully. My favorite meal. Mmmm I do not know I like everything, most of all I like chocolate and sweetnesses. I have no computer, I use computer and internet in internet cafe but it is cost too much for me. So I can't use it very often. But I think it is the best way to communicate. I even have no telephone because this expensive too. It is not easy to quarrel with me, but if I will offend it will be for long. Sometimes, people quarrel because of trivialities. I think that in this case that is better to do small concessions than spoil a mood. The most important for my - is family and that people good thinking about me. I have no boyfriend. All my boyfriends that I have had no serious feelings to me. But this filling and relation between man and woman is very serious for me and for this I can to move to you, to move out from my country. I want to visit you because we must to know each other closer before me will marry. I only afraid if we will do not like each other do you give me money for air ticket to come back?(I hope it is never happen It's not problem that you older than me. I like you much. Love lida. 

I'm sorry I have a too little money for internet cafe now. But after two weeks or early I will have it. Do not worry. Will you wait me? Kisses lida.

Hi my Prince Jerry. It is impossible for me to be without you for 2 weeks...  it is impossible to be without you for 1 day , for 1 second.  I ask my boss , and get half of my salary today. You are my   dream. I can't wait our meet. Now is late. I am tired and  very much I want to sleep. But my dreams will be gentle and perfect because I fall asleep with a gentle idea on you,  lover. Tomorrow I shall come to tourist firm and shall try find out ticket and visa cost. And how long is it take to make all documents. But I do not know what is the nearest international airport  from you? My love to you became only much stronger and deeply. Kiss you and wish you sweet dreams. Now I must go in my warm bed under a down blanket to dream of our speed meeting in sleep. I write you tomorrow. Very very much love you. Your sweet Princess.

Hi my dear. For coming to you I need $308 for make travell papers (International Passport and VISA). I researching about tickets prices now. After you send me money for papers I need 12-15 days time to make all papers. After I have papers ready, then I will be need ticket. In the bank I found out that Western Union it is the best way to send money. They told me that you will be needed my name - Lida, surname - Koshevenko, my address: Ukraine, town - Odessa(zip65004), street - osipova 28, apt.34. And I will be need Money Transfer Control Number from you. I wait the day when we can wake up in the morning with you in arms. As we sit outside our house enjoying the fresh morning air and a good cup of coffee. Obviously, I would wake you up with a sweet good morning kiss and most likely breakfast in bed.... Your princess, Lida.

Hi dear. Yes I need $308 American dollars. Lida Koshevenko Osipova 28, Apt. 34 Odessa, Ukraine 65004 -it is right. My salary is small but it is good here( 120 USD per month). All night I was dreaming about you and how you read my   letters. I was laying in my bed and thinking how it will be nice to meet you in person and to be beside you! I can not think of anything that I want more than to see you and to be with you. I think of how great it will be. To be able to meet   your parents and your friends. I want to be able to see where you grew up. To be able to walk with you hand in hand and to learn everything about you. This is what my heart wants, to be with you forever. Love Lida Jarvis

Hi dear. I'm not a virgin. I certainly understand that I'm beautiful, my friend speak that I have good heart, but I can not find my love in life. All men which I had only used my beauty and broken my heart. So I wants to say that all men are sawhorses, but I know that this not true. In the person the most main not the  beauty external but beauty internal. There are much love in me which is stays not necessary to anybody. I found tickets to Columbus for 1130US$ Love you. Lida.

Sincerely, Jerry

Natalya Romanova (Severodvinsk, Russia)

I'm a 36 year old divorced male without children. The above young "Lady"  contacted me through Yahoo! Personals, although I was unable to find her  profile. She told me to contact her directly to another email address,  nata1977@333.comThis is highly unusual, so I immediately became suspicious. I purchased your anti-scam e book, and, before I spent any money, decided to follow the  proceedings. A number of problems immediately came to the fore: She  confessed loving me awfully fast. Pictures came with every letter, and some  were, while not nude, quite provocative. But the biggest clue was, she  never answered a single question I addressed her. I played along for a while, and was about to send her a personal letter hand  delivered by courier. But only a day passed when I got another email. She  was concerned I didn't love her. Was I really her destiny? She hurts so  much from loving me so. I sent her a reply saying if it was meant to be, it  would happen, that it would take dedication and patience. I told her I had  done some research and the only way we could meet would be if I came to  Russia. Her last email was the nail in the coffin. Having told her I knew  about visas and how they work, she insisted that the agency could arrange  her visit. Definite Scam. Thus I am forwarding her info to you. Also  follows her emails. Your guide was instrumental in seeing through this scam. Thanks Elena!  Todd


Hi! I am very glad to get your answer. My name is Natalya, I am twenty six years old. I live in Russia - Severodvinsk city. It's beautiful and green city. Our city is not very big but there are a lot of noteworthy places, nature is very wonderful. We have theater, native museum and many other architecture places. I live with my parents. My father is on pension, mother works in refectory like a chef. I have a high education, but it's very hard to find work on your profession, and in this way I work like waitress in a local bar. I work to be more independent and also I ought to help my parents. I come to internet cafe because I want to acquaintance with American guy, in our country all men are rough, and almost of them always drink. My girl friend went to the USA last year and now live there with beloved man, they met by internet. It's she tells me to find a friend in internet. I saw site, don't remember name of site, and suddenly my eyes stop on you. I like you and decide to write you. And now I want to ask you some questions. Tell me please more about yourself. Where do you live and where do you work??? Tell me about your parents. If I interest you, I'd like to associate with you. Your Galina!!! 

Hallo, dear Todd!!! I'm very happy to get your answer. Now I hope that our relations will be long!!! I want to tell you about my daily life in this latter. I wake up at 6 o'clock, have shower-bath, make breakfast and have a tie. Then I have three time from 8 to 14 o'clock. At this time I meet with my girlfriends and we go on aerobics, 2 times to a week. In other days I am engaged in domestic affairs, I read books, I listen to the music. I like very much to go to theatre and cinema. In the summer I and my friends go on the nature, there is a beautiful small river near our city. At 14 o'clock I should be on my work. I like my work, here during breaks I can observe different sports events, on the TV, we have a cable television in the bar. I like very much your game - American football, it is very rigid and intense game. Perhaps, you and I will observe this game directly on stadium sometime. I finish my work at 23 o'clock, and I go home on foot, my house in several quarters from a bar. It is terrible to come back home alone but I have got used already. After coming home I have shower-bath, then I have a supper and I go sleeping, pending see dreams and tomorrow's day. Tell to me more about yourself. What hobby do you prefer??? How you spend your free time??? What do you do on your work??? My growth is 5,7 foots, weight is 121pounds. My friends call me Nata. You can call me so also. I have not been married and I don't have any children, but I have dream to find the loving men, and to create a family. I'll give this person all my love and tenderness. I think it's all. I'll be glad to get your letter. PS. I don't have any brothers, cousins. I have never been married and I don't have children. I studied English at university. I freely speak and I write in English. I cannot frequently write to you, I write through Internet - cafe, I hope you will understand me. Good buy! Your Natalya!!! 

Hallo dear Todd!!!!! I am happy, that I have opportunity to come to the Internet cafe and to get letters from you because it is a uniqu chance to communicate with you. It is hard to live in Russia, you are person who pleases me, I receive from you a charge of energy and I am wait each your letter. The life in Russia is very difficult, though I have custom to this, but sometimes I feel so tired what I want to leave it all. I think you have changed my life. I am glad that I live because I have you. I earn 2,6 thousand roubles a month on my work, and it allows to me go to the internet cafe and to speak with you and so I am very happy. I hope that you will not cease write to me!?! I'll tell to you about life in Russia. It is very difficult to find work in Russia, as I sad, and I happy that I work in bar and receive my 2,6 thousand roubles a month. I concern to an average layer of the all people in my country because it is a lot of people hear which can't pay for light and gas because receive less then 1 thousand roubles a month, it only for food. But I do not want to complain I can contain myself though sometimes it's very difficult. Tell me please about life in America, it will be very interesting to me get more informance about America. I will be very happy if you will write to me a letter by post. My address is: Russia, Severodvinsk, 164511, Sovetskaya Str. 54-21, Romanova Natalya. I'll be waiting for your following letter with impatience. I having higher education, i financier. Your Natalya!!! 

Hallo my darling Todd!!!!! You can't imagine, as far as happy you makes me by the letters. You are very interesting person with high intelligence and sense of humor. I think many women try to win your heart. In Russia speak's: " way to the heart of the man lays through his stomach ". If I could prepare supper for you, I'll certain win your heart. I hope, sometime, I'll prepare supper for you. I don't want to brag, but my grandmother learned me for preparing food. I want to tell you, that I have attached to you very much. I can't explain my feelings, but I grieve very much without you, it's at first time for me, because we didn't meet still. I think, I starting to love you. I hope, it doesn't frighten you, because speak not so long time. But in such man as you any woman fall in love in some days of dialogue!!! I can speak for a long time about my feelings, but I don't want to disturb you by my ideas, maybe, they'll seem silly for you. How are you? It's no changes in my life. All days are similar, only your letters bring pleasure in my severe everyday lives. Your Natalya!!! 

Hello my sunshine Todd!!! I don't want to frighten you, but understand me please; I need to know your intentions to me. I don't want to wound my heart. I wrote to you in the last letter about filling my heart feeling of love to you, today, at night I think for a long time, I feel love to you. Such situation wasn't with me before, I don't know when it has come to me, but I can't without your letters any more. I wait for the moment when I'll receive the letter from you with great impatience. I want that you'll write about your feelings to me. And if your intentions are serious, and you as well as I wants to meet for learning each other, write me and we'll start to decide this problem. You'll arrive to me, or I arrive to you, we'll decide further. You know, I am very sensual woman and if your intentions are not serious stop write to me please, I am afraid that my heart will be broken and I'll suffer for a long time. I know that you are good person and you will fairly answer on my question, I am only afraid, and that you don't have such feelings to me. We could meet and then decide how we are necessary to each other. I don't afraid that after our meeting you reject me, but I'll damn myself up to the end of my life that I and haven't met with you. Probably it is destiny!?! So you'll decide. I have completely opened for you. I'll wait for your following letter with impatience. Your Natalya!!! 

Hi, sunshine Todd!!!!!!!!!  I never was such happy in my life!!! It's very good solar weather here. And the main thing is that YOU are!!!!!!!!! I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need you very much. I want to be with you, to give you all heat and tenderness which for a long time I saved inside me. I love you!!! I love you!!! I am ready to shout about it for the whole world. I think it's time to solve what we will do. I think, it will be better, if I'll arrive to you. I know agency through which my girlfriend Anna has received the visa and tickets. Visa was making for very short time, and a month later she has departed from Moscow by airplane. Tomorrow I'll go and I find out all about the visa and how can I arrive to you. In the following letter I'll tell to you all about it. Write to me about yourself. Is all good with you??? My parents send a regards to you. I send you a photo, where we are together. They are very glad, that I am happy. I love you. With love Natalya!!!!!!!!!!!]

Novoselova Anastas Andreevna

Dear Elana,

I just want to thank you for your e-book. I was corresponding with a young woman in Cheboksary for about a month and suspected something was not right about  the situation. I am a former Police Officer and my instincts are pretty keen. I ran across your e-book and purchased it the other day. I spent several hours reading it and enjoyed it greatly.  After reading your book, I went back to all the letter's I received from this woman and reread them. They were exactly as you has wrote. So I took it upon myself to try, with a bit of poetic license, to catch her in a scam. It worked and she wrote back saying she found someone else that she met before me and that he was going to buy her things she wanted, such as a computer etc.  Below is the address she gave me and attached is the pictures she sent me. I realize that these photos are probably someone else so use them for your Black List along with the address below. I will pass your e-book information (where to purchase) on to anyone I know that is looking or has been contacted by someone in Russia or nearby countries to warn them of the scams. Again I thank you for your insights and advise.  Sincerely, Daniel

Her address she gave me: Republic Chuvashia The City of Cheboksary Street Soviet 57 sq. 43 Novoselova Anastas Andreevna


I don't have much to say different than other guys who already been cheated by this Ruclanu. This is the picture that she send it to me when we were exchanging mails.I'm not sure whether its her/him.I'm in process of filing this compliant to FBI,ukraine investigation and WesternUnion. Thanx Got-Cheated


Hi my nice Siva. thank You for letter, - is vastly pleased. Hope that near by us with You all will well. I will arrive in America february 27 as mercenary worker. It will do on work in dry-cleaner's or deprives the supermarkets. This will be known when I will arrive in America. Its flight route and in what city I must shall arrive I shall write later. Itself I work at infant hospitals, trained nurse. Also I show the voluntary member of Red cross, I like to help the people and do it good. Work to me like and I much like children, but delivery vastly small earnings, at month I get 25 dollars. This vastly little, and whole hope on be earned in America. Alive I with father, more near by us nobody No sisters no no brother, ma from us remain when I there was 4 year. This vastly sad, but I hope that whole in the future will well. Itself I very faithfull and dedicated person. Like in the whole probity and only probity. Do Not Do to like the fraud and treachery. MUCH LIKE to prepare the food. The A great deal knows the recipes a cue prepare the food. I have no children. But I much like the children. The Play of Pit in piano, like ski. Like the classicist a music, Bah, List, Vagner. From fate I old-fashioned, like The Beatles. Like to read the books Chekspir. My loved colours, tulips. My loved colour, green. My loved food, salads meat, vegetables. My birth day on july 28. I 24 year. My growing 1 metre 63 centimetres. Live in city Pavlodar, this Country a Kazakhstan. This big and beautiful country. But, living standard, very low. In America, which I must inhere 180 afterwards I must prolong its visa for 180 days else, for this I must hire the attorney, but I think that this will easy. The Hope on meeting with You. I vastly this wants. I must expect the answer with hope on majority to the best advantage. Always Your Ruclanu.

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