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I was contacted by this woman, in all I received only 8 messages from this woman, and thanks to sites like this was able to see right thru the scam that she was running. By her 5th email, she was calling herself "my girlfriend" and within 12 days (and her 7th letter) she was telling me that she was in love with me! In here 8th letter she was expressing her undying love for me, even though I admitted to her that I did not share those feelings. Thanks to sites like this, I was able to avoid being scammed by this woman.

James, USA


Black List - page 213: UPDATES
January 16, 2003 - page 1

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Svetlana Isaeva

Claims to be a surgeon. I have not kept letters from her. Svetlana profile 50kg (110lbs) RUSSIA Arkhangelsk Buildes 15 440600 Svetlana Isaeva.

Details: Hi! My name is Svetlana. To me 30 years. I live in Russia in city of Arkhangelsk.  I shall send you later a photo that you might see me better. I want to get acquainted with you. I shall hope, that you the good person. Serious attitudes are necessary for me. I want meet that person with which I can to remain up to the end of life. I want to create happy family. If you want the same I shall be very glad to receive from you the letter. Still I want to tell, that I do not know the English language in perfection. I can speak in English, but I write not so well. I want to hope, that you can understand me in my letters. I write you from my good girlfriend. I have decided to write to you in USA because I know, that in USA of the man are more responsible before the women. I want to have children from the loved person. I want to have healthy and happy family. I shall speak more about myself in the following letter. I shall wait from you the letter. I hope you will not leave me without attention.  Your friend from Russia Svetlana. PS Write to me on this electronic box In a nutshell... " Hey" I am a: 30 yr old woman  located in: Ny, UT, United States looking for a: 31 - 51 yr old man  how I describe myself: Hi it is me! I want be happy!!!!!!!!!  my perfect match: i looking for good honast man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Appearance... height: 3ft 11in hair Color: Red eye Color: Green body Type: Athletic Interests... places I like to go: things I like: Amusement Parks Art Shows/Galleries Cinema/Movies Comedy Clubs Classical Jazz Rock & Roll Country my hobbies: my activities:   Architecture/Drafting Astrology Audio/Video Health/Nutrition Basketball Bicycling Bowling Channel Surfing my fun date: You honast man? If Yes write me please!  Lifestyle... occupation: Ask me later work schedule: Ask me later annual income: Ask me later drinking habits: As  me later smoking habits: Ask me later Background... ethnicity: Caucasian (white) religion: Christian education: Ask me later Relationships... current status: Single relationship preference: Marriage have children: Don't have children want children: Yes

Allure-Inc Astrakhan Scam Warning

Dear Sir or Madam, I asking you to place Allure-Inc on your Black List. I was using Allure-Inc from Astrakhan owner Alexey Naberezhny and Manager Anna Avdeeva. These two commit the most heinous crime in my opinion. They are using fake correspondence in order to attract customers to buy their over priced tour in Astrakhan. Basically, you are corresponding with Anna the manager instead of the girl whose address you have bought. I have spoken with three other men regarding allure and they all tell the same story. I too have been using them for over a year and a half. I became suspicious when every time I told the girl I was writing to, that I was coming to visit either she would make some  excuses why it would be too difficult for me to meet her on her own and that I should buy the tour from the agency. Other times I would never get a response in time from her. For example I told her three weeks in advance that I could be there in time for thanksgiving and asked her to write to tell me if she had free time etc. I did not receive a response until after thanksgiving holiday. Keep in mind that this girl had told me she loved me etc in her letters. Also I compared Personal letters supposedly written by two different women with another man from Canada who is using their agency and he told me his letters were identical to mine. In other words, when my girl was sick his was too, and when her friend Galina was having problems with her husband Misha the woman he was writing to wrote the same story. Also I have hired a private detective to check the information that the agency gave me, and he could not find anyone registered in the Astrakhan region with her name and birthdate. I also had an agent in Astrakhan go and check on the mailing address the agency gave me and it to was a fake. Some old woman lived at this address. I have encountered four men who have been ripped off by these guys. I strongly urge you to black list them ASAP before they rip off any more people. I have so far lost $2500 emails, gifts, photos, airline tickets, unused Russian visas and nearly a two years of my time writing letters to someone who did not exist. This is a link to the story of one man who took the tour. Also this agency is not legally registered under their name Allure-Inc in Astrakhan, they do not provide any address or phone numbers, they will only communicate through email.

Anastasija Tsaregorodtseva (Sochi, Russia)

Hello I am a 50 year old, retired, single, male from the USA, I was contacted by this woman, on 12/15/03, in all I recieved only 8 messages from this woman, and thanks to sites like this was able to see right thru the scam that she was running. Initially I was told that she was from Sochi Russia, and that she used her "work" computer to contact me. Later on I learned that her "work" computer was located in Mari El republic, Russia (1,000+ miles away from where she claimed to live/work). At first I heard from her on a daily basis, as soon as I realized she was trying to scam me, I stopped replying . I recieved a total of 8 emails between 12/15/03 thru 12/29/03. By her 5th email, she was calling herself "my girlfriend" and with 12 days (and her 7th letter) she was telling me that she was in love with me! In here 8th (and final) letter she was expressing her undying love for me, even though I admitted to her that I did not share those feelings. In that letter she also told me that she wanted to meet in Canada (a dead giveaway) and had a girlfriend in Moscow (who just happened to work in a travel agency, another dead giveaway) and could help her to make plans on visiting me in Canada (even though I never extending an invatation of any kind). Evidently she id  not like my response to that email, as she never did ask for money directly because I never let it get to that point. I used a DNS trace program to back check where the emails were coming from, and I contacted the webmaster to see where they were located and he told me that they were in the Mari El republic. I never heard from her again after that. Thanks to sites like this, I was able to avoid being scammed by this woman, and after checking a few scam sites, found similar names, but no corresponding pictures (as I had recieved) so I decided to add my story to the list, so that no one else will be scammed by this individual. Included with this email are a few of her letters, as well as 3 pictures. Men beware!  I was contacted from the following email address:  however the server she used for emailing me was 


Hello my new friend James. That has written thank me. Excuse that has answered not at once. I hope it will not prevent us to write each other. So let's get acquainted. Me call Anastasija. Friends name me simply Nastja. I want that also you me so named. I want to tell that not so well I know the English language but I shall try to write to you letters itself. I may understand him but at me very much it is not important with grammar. So excuse for my English. I hope that you can to understand it and will write to me again. I hope that the language barrier will not prevent us to communicate as I to want to study more in English. You will help me the letters? I to want to tell to you it is a little about myself. I work in firm which is engaged in wholesale of natural juices. I work as the secretary - reviewer. I have the supreme financial education. I on a speciality the expert in management. My working hours from 8:30 till 18:30 . Where you work? Than you are engaged? I want to describe to you myself. I blonde. Eyes dark blue. I have growth of 165 sm and weight of 54 kg. To me of 30 years. I never was married and to not have children. At me houses are the computer but I to not have a house of the phone therefore can not work in the Internet. Therefore I basically shall write to you from work from the computer at the chief. I therefore so long and to not answer you because the computer was broken. Now it to adjust and I can write to you. But I till now to not tell where I live. And so. I live in Russia, in city of Sochi. It is very old and beautiful city. To me in Russia not so carried with love and I on advice of the girlfriend to try to address in the Internet to try to find here the love. And so I do not know why but to me to be remembered and run into soul your structure. And still the intuition prompts me that I to make a correct choice. And I to decide to write to you. I live with my parents and my sister. My parents already pensioners and to not work and receive pension. Earlier they were teachers. My sister - the student. To her of 25 years. By the way to me of 30 years. I to be born January, 14, 1973. At us a small apartment, but cosy. Daddy likes to go on fishing. My mum it is very good to prepare for a meal and to learn me to this. I too was not bad to prepare for food. My sister to study as the lawyer. I never was married and to not have children. You to have relatives? I shall finish the letter. I hope, that you may understand my letter and you are interesting that I to tell to you and you will write back. Write to me please. I am very much interested in you!!! Your friend Nastja. 

Hi my true and dear friend James! Thank for your new letter. I am glad him to see. You probably will not believe but I already with impatience wait for your letters. You and your letters have taken the important place in my life. I am always glad to write to you and to receive your new letters. At me all is normal. Work takes its normal course. Remember I to tell to you about Lydia Aleksandrovna which to prevent me to use the computer of the chief and to write to you. She to take small holiday and at us at work all to sigh with simplification. Yesterday we with my friends to go on a disco and I do not know why but I to catch myself on ideas that I very much to want that you to be with us in this disco. I very much to want to go to dance with you. You like to dance??? I to like to dance and want to dance with you. In this letter I shall continue to acquaint you with my life and I shall tell as me have betraid and why I to not want the relation with Russian men and to search for love through the Internet. I hope, that I tell to you interestingly. I to want that you knew my life. It will help you better to represent me as persons. And so. Failures with men of me to pursue all my life. At university at me to appear my first guy. I to grow fond of him. He to promise to marry me. But after first our night when we to engage in sex he has simply told that does not love me and had the purpose to oversleep with me. He has told that they argue with friends he can to make it whether or not. After that case I very long may not trust men. But then in 5 years I to meet my second man. He was very careful. We to begin to live together. But then to occur one unpleasant event. Him to discharge from office with. I to try to help him. But very strongly it is him to crack and he to begin to drink. I to try to help him. I to ask him to go in hospital and to be treated. But he to not listen to me. After alcohol he to begin to accept drugs. He to begin to beat me and to demand money to drugs. Friends began to notice my bruises and to ask that with me occurs. I might not tell him. And once I to come and find his dead. He has died of a plenty of drugs. This case is final to kill in me belief in Russian the man. To me now 30 years and as you to know I to not have the husband. I very much would like to find to myself the husband. I am simple to want to be happy. I to want to have happy family. Such there was my life while I to not address to the Internet. And now I have met you. We write each other and probably can develop our relations. It seems to me that with each letter we begin to trust each other more, we become more frank, you agree with me? I to tell parents that I to address in agency of acquaintances and that I write the person on the Internet. I to tell that you make impression of the good person and I to want to develop with you relations. They to approve me and to ask to speak from their name to you greetings. By the way I to want to give my home address. It: Tsaregorodtseva Anastasija  Street Seaside,  Sochi, 354012, Russia. If you want came to me the address. The Internet is not always reliable. I to wish you good mood these days and do not forget me. I shall wait about impatience your letter. Your true friend Anastasija.  

Hi my love pottorff James! I have gotten your warm words from your answer on my last message my darling! My dear, my love pottorff, in my last e-mail I have told you about my love feelings to you, I wrote this message with so close love feelings to you, dearest, I didn't can to hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I must to tell about my love to you, because it is so dificult to hide a close feelings to love man, pottorff. I love you, pottorff, and I want to say to you that, please, don't discharge me from you. pottorff, it's so pity for me that our messages connect us only, I want to see you in reality my pottorff. I so want it, darling! Our e-mails connect our close love feelings to each other, our messages are our rescue with boredom and from all of boring things. I want to say to you my darling that I cann't without your messages now pottorff, your e-mails are necessary for me so much my pottorff, I love it and I love you my dearest!!! My love pottorff, I want to say that my parents are very happy for us my love pottorff, they are all time ask about you, about your feelings to me and I don't worry say about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to you from everybody my pottorff, I have found sense of my life my pottorff, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU BADLY, DARLING!!! My love pottorff, I want to say to you that my collegues on my job are very happy for us too! In total all my collegues says me that they are very glad for us too, but Lydia Aleksandrovna (remember I her to you to tell?) say about me very bad things too, she is Lydia Aleksandrovna , she is 44 years old. She is not so good woman, she gossips about me that I am not considerable woman, because I found you my pottorff in Internet and she considers that it's not good my pottorff, because she said that in their past live time when in Russian Federation was Soviet Union, in this time boys found the girls and that it was better than in present time, when in more cases girls find boys. I was so bad from Lydia Aleksandrovna`s words my pottorff, because I think that she is not right, realy my pottorff? I think that man can chose like woman or woman can chose like man if they want it mutual, really. I think that we have mutual love feelings and it is better of all when the loving each other people love each other mutual, I think that it is an important fact of love about reciprocity. Really my pottorff, is our feelings mutual??? I think from our messages that it's true my pottorff. Also I want to say to you that Lydia Aleksandrovna doesn't have a husband, she lives one, she considers that all men do not deserve her attention because, I think, that she is not simple in herself soul, I think that she think very high about herself simply, she think that all men is silly men, it's her opinion only, I don't know why she think so bad about men, why??? My dearest, did you meet such, I think, silly peoples as Lydia Aleksandrovna the ideas of which is not right in my opinion. I think that she is not right in that she said about men!!! I think that this woman is egoist woman, I think that you will agree with me my pottorff. But I don't want to say about this woman to you in all because it is so boring for me. Ok? I want to speak about us my dear. My pottorff, I want to say to you that my parents so happy that we met each other, I say you again and again about it!!! I have consulted with my coming to you, I want to say to you that from my words about it my mom and dad were so surprised too, they asked me, am I sure about my coming to you, and I have answered that I cann't without you and I have decided to be with you, pottorff, all my life too. My mom and dad have agreed with me, because they understand that I cann't without you, and also they have told me as they love each other when they were young people too. I want to say to you that my mom and dad have asked me to say to you a warmth hello from them again and again! They wish us a good life together too! You want that I to arrive to you??? My dearest pottorff, also I have a good news! I to have the girlfriend in Moscow. possible, will can help me with an information about my coming to you in Canada pottorff in future soon! Also I want to say to you that she has may helped to with all information for need necessary documents for the coming to you. She works in one of the individual travel firm in Moscow City. It's so positively for us because she will can to help me with all important detaled things of information about all necessary documents for my future coming to you in Canada my love. Certainly if you to want that I to arrive??? pottorff. Also I want to say to you my pottorff that it's so good that me and you my pottorff found each other by the Internet, I think that the Internet is the assistant in everything, in Internet people can find any information, and it's inportant that the people can to fall in love by the Internet, realy my dear pottorff??? I so love you my darling, I'm sure in my love with you so much, and I want to say to you that with every day I want to be with you more and more my pottorff, I love you so much dear, I can't without you my pottorff, you are so necessary for me pottorff, I love you, pottorff!!!!!!!!! Also my pottorff, on days, possible tomorrow or after tomorrow, I want to go to the church that I must thank God that we found each other my love, I so thank our God, I know that God helped us to find you my pottorff, I know about it, pottorff! My darling, on this I will end my e-mail to you, I will wait for your next emails with my great love desire!!! You must know, pottorff, how I feel so happy myself when I read your messages my darling! Well, I must be off my pottorff, I will think about you pottorff so much, I love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible my love pottorff!!!!!  Truly, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox kisses and huges your love, Nastja 

I am not sure if she just thought I was really stupid or else she was very inept at her job, but gentlemen beware. She is a good looking, but any obvious scammer! James  Gravity...It's Not Just a Good Idea. It's the Law!

Svinuhovo Ekaterina (

My name is Ken. This russian lady contacted me via Yahoo personals. I'm 44 and live in Nebraska. The first time I contacted her the email was bonced back because her "mailbox was too full." She contacted me with a second email address. Things went from bad to good once she learned that I was a Immigration officer and was going to visit Russia this year. I recalled that I had seen a osav_1 on a blacklist somewhere, but had hoped that there were more than one. Oh well...


Hi. My name Ekaterina. I am tired from loneliness and have decided to write to you. I search the satellite of the life for long relations. Possible having found out about each other more we can join. I shall start to tell about myself. I like to laugh. I love cinema, i like to listen to good music and to dance, go to the beach, or just spend time with a loved one. I'm looking for a serious relationship, so please don't reply, if you aren't serious as well. I want to find kind and reliable partner in life. With him I am ready to share all pleasures and misfortunes. Together with him we shall celebrate holidays - birthdays, Christmas and new year. We shall be pleased to arrival of spring. We shall enjoy life and to believe in the best. I believe sometime I to find him. The god will help me. It will be very pleasant for me, if you write to me. I with the big pleasure shall answer your letter. You can reach me at: and I will send you my picture. Earlier I did not use dating service, therefore I bring to you my apologies if I have made not so good. I Hope to speak with you soon,  Ekaterina.

Hi, my new friend,Ken! I am glad that you have answered me. I was not sure that you would write. Thank you that you found time for the answer. I think that you have many questions for me.I will try to tell you everything about me. I hope that you will tell me about yourself too. I don't know what to tell you about myself at the beginning, but I hope that you will understand me. OK I will try to begin. My name is Ekaterina. My friends call me Katya,  or Katyusha. You can call me as you want. I won't be offended. I am 28 years old. I was born on July 26 in 1975 year. My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 115 pounds. Probably you will be very much afflicted when you find out that I live not in your country. But I very much hope that it does not frighten you, because I the same lady like many other ladies living in the different countries. I the same person with heart and soul. I live in village Svinuhovo. Svinuhovo is situated near town Kaluga, Russia. Kaluga is 172 km west from Moscow. There are near 2 thousands people in Svinuhovo. It is a very old village. There were fights with fashists there. It was in 1942-1943.  I began to get education in the secondary comprehensive school. After I finished it I entered the medical college. I finished it with excellent results and entered Medical University. At present I work in a small Dental polyclinic. I work as a dentist. We have a little collective, but very friendly. Ken, I shall have an opportunity to send you letters only from Monday till Friday, because I haven't got a computer at home. I use a computer at my work. On work I can use a computer almost freely. So it is more convenient for me to write you from my work. Though it too depends not from me. With a computer works another employee. I have not bad relations with her, but she can give me a computer only when she has a free time. For this reason I hope that you understand me. My new friend, answer my questions, if you can: 1. Do you like your job? 2. What is your favourite film? 3. What kind of music do you like? 4. Have you ever had a friend from the other country?(the friend on correspondence). I thank you for your answers beforehand. My new friend, you may not answer these questions if you don't want. In my next letter I shall necessarily answer other your questions. I will tell to you what music and what cinema I like. I send you my picture. I hope to you it is pleasant. I will waiting for your letter with impatience. Ekaterina.

The short message! My dear Ken! Why you do not answer my letter? I have offended you? If so, forgive me please. But you can tell about it directly. Only  be not silent. If you do not want to write to me more, tell about it. But  I with hope in heart wait your letter. Ekaterina.

Hi Ken! With my e-mail there were problems. I do not know why. I have other e-mail. Please write there. The address of a new e-mail: Ekaterina.

Galya aka Galina (Kazan, Russia)

I am a divorced 42 yr old white American male contacted from by a Russia lady who was interested in learning more about me. I stated in the first email that I was not interested in writing to someone who did not have access to the internet or was using a translation service. This lady wrote to me about 6 months using two different email addresses and multiple photos. Requests for her to resend the photo posted on millionairematch were ignored. Here are a couple of the later letters asking for money for her internet account and I attached a couple of her photos. After refusing to pay for her to write me & finding a similar letter posted on the Black List, I told her I would not write any longer. Now after only 6-7 letters, she says she is in love with me??? Sure!!! Chaz


Hi How at you an affair? Why you do not write me. You simply played with my feelings? Write to me if I still interest you Galya 

I again am glad to receive from you letters. It is very beautiful when the man may compose.  To write poems. It is simply wonderful. I can not write the big letter in the Internet - cafe. If you may pay my time in the Internet,  That we might communicate more often. Kisss Galya 

Hi my dear I very much miss you. You the present friend. I have asked you about the help. You at once have agreed to help me. It is very good feature for the person. In Russia the Internet costs stands not dearly. But for my salary, It is the sum big. I own the computer not strongly. Therefore I type letters slowly. What to pay the Internet to me it is required approximately 90US $.  I have earnings approximately 150US $. I more half of  Earnings I spend on the Internet. I can write to you letters more often.  I constantly think of you mine are loved the friend. The fastest way to send money it Western Union. My full name Gonchar Galina.  Number of my passport: 8800041165 I wait from you for the help.... Kisssss Galya

Hi my love Why you do not write me? I  Already two times came in the Internet - cafe. I was very much afflicted, because did not see from you Letters. I very much love your letters. In the evenings I re-read Your gentle letters.  You are very necessary for me. I very much miss on you. I wait from you  the answer. I love you........ Kissss Yours Galya

Iraida Belyaeva aka Irina (Irkutsk, Russia)

I am a 38 year old male with 2 girls 10-6 .Living in Kansas City. Going through a divorce and looking to meet new friends.I had received a letter from Iraida(Irina) for a few month's. We e mailed a few times and I started getting a feeling of lies being told. I did some research on your site and read a letter that read word for word what she had been writing to me. I was both relieved and sad all at the same time. I didn't send any money and am glad for that. But my heart strings were pulled hard. Too bad for her! She knows not what the Lord has in store for her.


Hello Eric!!! It's me Iraida from the Dear Eric! Believe me, I am really excited that you have answered on my short message, thank you for the good making of the day and for your interest in me!!! I am glad and happy so much!!! Also Eric, I want to ask you, was my short message to you as a pleasant surprise for you? Hoping, it was. :) At all I don't know from what to begin my message, I worry a little because this is my first attempt of the acquaintance hrough the internet :) I want to inform you Eric  that I have decided to e-mail you thanking to one of my girlfriend, she has recommended me to begin the acquaintance through the Internet. The fact in that my girlfriend have found a foreign man also through the Internet through the dating site, they have e-mailed to each other, learned about each other, and now they are happy very much, love each other and live together. Romantic history... :) Easier speaking, I have decided to go on the traces of my girlfriend :) Ok, little bit about me directly Eric...I'm an ordinary Russian girl which not differ from another girls. I'm a thoughtful, a sensitive and easily amused girl. On opinion my relatives and close friends, I'm a jolly, kind intelligent and clever, purposeful, sociable. I'm 30 years old, my height is 5'8" and my weight is 132 lbs, I'm single girl, I have never been married and I don't have any kids. I was born on December, 24, 1972, it make me as Capricorn. On nationality I'm white russian girl. I believe in God and sometimes I like to visit russian Ortodox church, it help me to calm soul in difficult times. I would like to tell you that I live and I work Irkutsk City here in Russia. Irkutsk is situated around 5000 kilometers from Moscow City. As I have found in the Internet, the time zone of Irkutsk is GMT+8.00 GMT. Irkutsk is one of the beautiful cities of Russia, I like my city so much! Irkutsk have a many sights, beautiful streets and squares. Dear Eric, do you want to know about my education? O'key, I have a high school education. I have studied in a Irkutsk State University which I finished six years old ago. In the university I learned the English Language, I think that I can speak English without any problems, but I see that I'm making the orthographic mistakes sometimes, I think so... I am hoping so much that you can to understand my English without any problems? Really, Eric? Please, let me know about this, ok? I'd like to tell to you too that after the finishing of the university I have gotten a diploma of expert in design of an interior of the rooms, it was very interesting for me, but unfortunately I didn't need my education yet, because here in Russia very difficult to find a good job on a good speciality, and now I'm working as a waitress in the cafe. I like to work here in our cafe, and most of all our visitors are a good clients. Our work collective is very friendly. My boss have gave to me the access to Internet from his cabinet, unfortunately I don't have the computer in my home, and I have asked the sanction on the using of his computer at cafe's director, and he gave the access to the Internet in my free time from my job only. Probably, I'm finishing my e-mail to you Eric. I didn't know that I can to write about myself so much. I will grateful to you if you tell me about yourself, for example, about about your job, is your job interesting for you? About your city where are you living, have your city many sights? Is your city beautiful? I have never been in another countries and in USA too, and I'll be glad to know about your town and country. I'd like too if you tell me about your family, is your family large? Any way, please say to your family hi from me :) Well.. Let me to finish my message, I hope to see your reply very soon! Also as I promised you, I'm attaching my picture, my picture was scanned in the digital service photostudio, hope you will find my picture good. With a huge impatience I wait for your following e-mails with your pictures! With tenderness, Yours friend from Russia, Iraida P.S. Dear Eric, you can name me as Irina too, it's my nickname, but my official fist name is Iraida 

Hello dear Eric! I got your reply with a huge information about yourself and I was so happy to see it, Eric!!!!! It was so good part of my day when I have saw your reply and so nice pictures in the computer!!! My dear friend, also again sorry for my delay in the reply to you, the computer monitor was damaged again, the chief has invited the repairman-expert, and he eliminated a malfunction of the computer monitor. Eric, before my coming to chief's computer, I had so sad mood because today I had to serve a very bad client in our bar :( He was very drink a alcohol, and he all time prevented me to work. It was expressed in that he tried to embrace me and all time spoke me so various abusive words. Eventually our service of protection, the police has expelled him from the bar, but my mood was awfully bad. But when I have saw your reply in the computer, my mood became so good! Dear Eric, thank you so much for the good making of my day! Eric, please, don't worry about this so bad case with this so bad client, ok? It's ok now. My dear Eric, I see that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think that it's so good for us, because I have so good and liked friend as you, Eric!!! I'm so interested by you Eric, that my life became better than before an acquaintance with you, Eric, I feel it, really!!! You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend, and I think that it's important thing in the life! Eric, I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure to you too, and I think that it's so good thing in our friendship, really, Eric? I hope that you understand me, Eric, that in my opinion, all people in the world must to understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me, Eric? By the way I want to say to you that believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman as I said you earlier. I like to go to the church, it's not far from our cafe. Our City's Church is a very beautiful place, there is a lot of an beautiful icons too, I like this. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much. This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too. But now, I want to say to you that your e-mails calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel it, Eric. Also when I am in the church, I have my debt to pray for the souls for of the died people, especially for the died people from terrorism :( I hate the terrorists!!! It's so large shame for the people who engaged in terrorism, the terrorists are not the people!!! Dear Eric, do you agree with me? Also I remember that September, 11, 2001 was so tragic day for all american people, I remember that in this day were the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington :( So many innocent people were dead... Oh my God... Dear Eric, please, accept my most deepest condolences.. I know, God see this so dirty acts of this shame terrorists, and that God will be punish this terrorists!! Also as you know, we in Russia have the conflicts with the Chechen terrorists :( May be you heard that the July, 5, 2003 was the tragic day for Moscow. In the Moscow Air Station "Tushino" was the rock concert. Many fans have came on this festival to listen their favourite music. By the way on the concert were two woman-terrorist and when the people bought the tickets on the concert in the cash departments, this two terrorists have blown up explosive devices which were under their clothes...Oh my God...It's so large nightmare! As I heard on TV, to this two girl-terrorists were around 16 years old...Oh my God...By the way I want to say you Eric, that one waitress Svetlana have her brother in Moscow, he was on this rock concert, but his health was not damaged, waitress Svetlana was so frightened when she was informed that his brother was on this concert. we with another waitresses calmed her. By the way the Svetlana's brother told to her about this so terrible picture on this concert: a lot of the blood, many died people, large panic...NIGHTMARE! Dear Eric, I am really sorry if I write you about this so unpleasant things, o'key? But really, I want to say you that the problem of the terrorism is so sick problem of all nations. Dear Eric, please, be safe! My dear Eric, also I want to ask you your full name and your home address on any unforeseen case...Please, send me it, okey? Eric, I would like to send you m  home address too. As a matter of the fact, may be possible, our director's computer will break in the any time, as director have warned me, and I think that it will be so pity that we willn't can to write to each other by emails during long time. But I think that God willn't admit it, because on my opinion he know that we like to write to each other our e-mails as I feel it! Eric, I can send you a postmails or postcards by the usual mail service also. But you must know that will be better if you willn't send me a postmessages or other any parcel posts, for example by our city usual Post Office. Eric, I want to say to you that it's so shame that some peoples and some mail organizations like steal the postsendings of any peoples :( I know many so shame, so bad cases about it from my friends. It's the shame for this peoples and organizations, really? I hope that in your country all ok with postorganization. Please, don't send me anything by the our city's Post Office, I don't want that your postsending will appropriated by any thieves! But I will give you my home address and my full name on any case. It's here: My full name is Iraida Belyaeva, and my home address is: 75 Trudovaya, 22 Irkutsk, 664081 RU Russian Federation Please, write this data on a paper on any cases, ok, Eric? Also, Eric, thank you for your phone number Eric, I promise you, when I will have a free time, I will call you soon from the Irkutsk's Telegraph as I said you earlier. I so want to hear your voice, it will important for me to hear your voice, Eric. Well my dear Eric, I must go for now...Hope to hear from you as soon as possible Eric, I'll wait for your messages with the pictures so much! Take Care and be Safe Eric! Respectfully, Yours.........xoxoxo Iraida

Eric sent flowers to that address and got no response from her about receiving them!!!

Hello my love, my dearest Eric! How are you doing my Eric? I'm doing so fine, my honey! More as usually, it's so happy for me to get your necessary reply for me, your messages bring extreme joy! I couldn't live without them. My love Eric, first of all I want to say you sorry for my delay in the answering to you, but it was so awfully to wait when the computer was broken..But today the repairman has come to the bar and he repaired the computer, after this I was so happy!!! My Eric, yesterday I had my Happy Birthday, it was so great!!!! I spent my Happy Birthday with my parents and with my friends Alex and Oksana. I am still can't believe in that I am 31 years old! Simply saying it was good Happy Birthday, many happy smiles from my parents and my friends, gifts.. :) Oksana and Alex have presented me a soft toy the cat :) And my parents have presented the red blouse..Was so happy! But it was really pity for me that you was not near me... My darling Eric, I do love you so much, I can't live without you Eric! You are the inseparable part of my life!!! I say this very seriously!!! Because you know how much I do love you my Eric, I can't without you my Eric! I have so many sleepless nights because I don't stop to think about you and about our love! All time I'm dreaming about our meeting with my love Eric, I can't wait a moment when we will meet in your airport, I want it so much! I'm a happiest woman in this world, because we have found each other in this so large planet! My Eric, I have so large heat in my heart and I want to wish to all people to love each other very much, because I have tested this feeling with you my dear, it happen so quick my dear and through Internet, I want to say to you my dear, that all people, who want to find a love man or woman, this man or woman will find the love necessarily, I'm sure in this my dear Eric, because I found you my love through the Internet, and we love each other so much, and I know that our love is most dear feeling from other feelings that exists on this small light-blue planet. My Eric, I do love you so much, I miss you badly darling, I want to be with you! My love Eric, I want to say to you that my girlfriend Oksana tried to connect with her aunt Tatyana in Moscow to ask her about the all necessary information about my future coming to you my Eric, but I want to say to you that it was so pity for me that Oksana's aunt Tatyana wasn't on the place in this moment when Oksana connected with her aunt. But Oksana said me that she will try to connect with Tatyana to Moscow soon on nearest time! We are me and my parents sure that Oksana's aunt will give to us all information about my coming to you my love Eric. My dear, I can't wait a time when we will together, I miss you so badly! You are mine, only mine Eric!!! My love Eric, before my writing to you, in my mind came a lyrical thinking about you my darling. I have found an Internet one lyrical poem, I want to say to you that I like this poem so much, I want to show my great love and missing about you in this poem, I hope that you will love this feel and soul poem for you my darling...

"Missing you"(by Rosemary M Chavez)
Even though, I'm not with You
I Hope this poem makes You think of me too
My whole world is Only Loving You
My life first started, When I first met You
Even though I'm not here with You
In my Head you'll Always Stay
Every minute of every hour
every hour of the day
Just Remember...
I'll Be Loving You More And More Every Day

My Eric, I hope you will love this poem, this poem from my heart which fulled by so great love to you Eric. I hope that you will can test this so love lyrical words. By the way my Eric, again I want to share with you my some problem on my job, it's again Raisa, the economist in our bar... :( I want to say to you that I heard from Raisa so bad words to my side again recently :( I don't know why Raisa think about our love very bad :( I think that simply she envies us very much, really, Eric? She say that all men promise to the women a happy life and love on a beautiful words, and she said that you are not exception :( She gossips to all members of the bar that I'm a silly naivety girl believing in the love with you :( She said me directly in my eyes that you speak a beautiful words to me only, that you play with my feelings and that you will not to undertake all of effort for our meeting and she said said that all men are people who like promise on the words so much and like to play on the feelings, and on the real actions, as since side of the gentleman, the men are weak and timid people. My dear Eric, I cried from her words very much, she said me a dirty lie!!! Really, my Eric? She think about all men very bad, I don't know, why??? I don't understand!!! WHY? Why she think about men so bad? I think that she don't and willn't understand so happy feelings as the LOVE between woman and man! My Eric, I want to say to you that I don't want to work in this bar, my patience will burst soon from this silly Raisa :( I want to say to you that also Raisa is a distant relative of our chief, she adjusts our chief against me some time :( Raisa said to our boss that he will must to forbid me to use the computer for my writing to you, she said that the computer is not for the love feelings, she said that the computer is for business needs only! When I heard it, I was in the large shock and had a large whom in my throat, I cried Eric... :( My darling, I want to say to you that I willn't can to go against Raisa because she is the relative of our bar's boss, but by the way I spoke with our chief. He's name is Oleg. He said that I don't must to pay of attention on Raisa, but since other side he can't go against Raisa too because they are the relatives. But Oleg said me that I can use the computer for my writing to you secretly from Raisa. Oleg is a good man and he said that he understand my love to you Eric and he said me that he have a good wife which he love very much and he told also about their love with his wife too, I thank our director Oleg that he has solved me to use the computer that I can to write you my dear, but he repeat me that he can't go against Raisa, he said that, possible and I think it is true, that Raisa will render on me moral pressure, he said also that it will be better for me that, if I willn't work with Raisa in one bar, I will can to leave my job. My Eric, I don't want that Raisa offended me by her silly statements!!! I don't want to work in this bar with this so bad woman Raisa, I don't want to hear her of the insult never! I want to say to you that my mum and my dad, and also Oksana and Alex calmed me after Raisa's words. I cried on the shoulders of Oksana. Alex and Oksana said me that all will be ok, because we with you love each other, and any Raisa willn't to prevent us when we will together with you my love Eric, they said also that it will be better that I will leave from my job in the bar and I will prepare to my coming to you my dear Eric, my parents and Oksana and Alex said me that they are indignant by the bad words of Raisa, is especially my dad. He don't want that her daughter as me willn't offend anybody. By the way my parents and Oksana and Alex sure that you will a good husband for me, and also that you willn't offend me never, I said to my parents and Oksana and Alex that you are not capable on bad things with me as do it Raisa. My love Eric, please, promise me that you willn't offend me, please, promise me about it my dear, please, I do trust you so much, and I don't want that you will break my heart at once! I do love you so much my dear Eric, I so trust to you my darling, I can't without you my Eric, I can't! I want to be with you for ever, I love you and I miss you badly, darling, I hope that we will find all our life forces for that we will together as soon as possible my love Eric. Well my Eric, please let me finish my message, I don't want that Raisa will see me for the computer. I'll be waiting, very impatiently, for your next e-mail. Again and again my parents and Oksana with Alex say you hi. And tell everyone I said hello! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU MY LOVE!!!!!!!!! With all my Love Thinking about you so much, Eric, Truly, your love Iraida 

This really got me....

P.S. My love Rick, you asked me some strange question: "why you have so many profiles on Emode?" Hmmm..I really don't understand, what's going on..May be it is for the joke or malfunction from the side of the manager of this site...I really don't understand.. As you can tell my name is not Rick and these words are the same as a letter written to Micheal from Elena Maksimova !!The same thing. I had trouble focusing as I was angered that someone would use God to scam money. I believe that bad things happen to bad people. The pictures are different but the letters the same. I wonder who IS in these pictures as she has sent me many. If you would like them all. Feel free to email me for them.  Thanks for being here!!

Anna (Anya) Zhuravleva (Kirov, Russia)

The above mentioned is actually Masha Kuklina (Surgut, Russia)  Natalya (Tasha) Usolova from Saratov, Russia


My name is Natalya. I have Russian nationality. I have higher education. I have hazel eyes, blonde fascinating, respectable, intelligent and good-natured. By character me attentive, patient, and generous and faithfulness is my trait. I don.t smoke and drink. I love classical music, opera and modern music. I like to go to the museum, theater. I love naturalness. That's why I prefer  inner beauty. The physical attractiveness had passing by the time, but that  what radiated your eyes is the real beauty. I am passionate, energetic and  like to experiment. Also I very like to cook and to dance modern and national dances  of various people.  With best regards, Natalya. P.S.  I ask you, that you write me on mine E-mail adress:

This scammer's profile is: Measurements and stats 12/12/74 5' 5" 38.19x 25.6x 37.4 Eyes: Hazel/Blue know, my growth of 163-164 centimeters. (5.38 Feet) (5'4.56") At me the large light-blue eyes. Even I like my eyes. I take after my mother. She has a big blue eyes like me, or maybe I have a big blue eyes like her. Probably you interested by volume of my breast, waist and hips. Ok, my breast 97 cm, my waist 65 cm, mine hips 95 cm


Hi,Harry! I was very glad, when has found out your letter in my mail box. I want to ask apologies for a delay My answer. Harry, you the first man, with which I correspond on INTERNET. The charter from ordinary life, I have decided to light the leisure to acquaintance to the man from other country. As you already have understood, me 29 years. I was born 12.12.1974. I was not behind the husband. It would be desirable to learn little bit more in detail about your birth, and, can, and the origin of your family had historical character? At us in Russia the people love to praise themselves, but it only on words. Harry, you, probably, would like to learn more in detail about my character. I can tell about it only, according to mine familiar. When I studied at Saratov university, my teacher of the English language spoke, that I too open, simple man, that someone can take advantage of it in the purposes. I itself can tell precisely, that the sociable and purposeful woman. I love to be in a circle of the cheerful, clever, cheerful friends. In a circle of the people, with which I communicate,I have not found the man, with whom would be possible to connect the destiny. I work in female collective, where I hear about married life so many that as though itself behind the husband was. Each day only also I hear, how someone complains that the husband has not come or drunk has come again. It is heavy to listen to their groans each day. It is very a pity of my girlfriends, and would like to connect the life with the man from another The country, where, in my opinion, is not present such attitude to the women. It would be desirable to tell some words about my family. My family consists of four members, it is the mum, daddy, I and mine the younger brother. The daddy works the driver, the mum works the seller, and brother to study at university. I have ended university some years back. Harry, you know, that my student's years were happiest in my life. And you, Harry, what can tell about the student's life? We had cheerful, friendly company, which had time simultaneously well to study and to have a rest. My parents always put me as an example to my brother. They speak, that we could have fun without spirits, cigarettes and especially without drugs. I very seriously treat these problems. The world to be rolled not clearly where and it is difficult to tell, that that against it. Many families in the world this problem has mentioned and they can only be pitied. It would not be desirable to speak about sad, Harry, probably, with me agree? I live in small, country town Saratov. Though it and small on the sizes, I very much love to visit our museums and theatres. Write to me, Harry, please, about your city. I speak in slightly to your language and I own rules of a spelling. But I very much would like to know, that you think of my knowledge of your language. I want to apologize for mistakes admitted in my letter. I hope, that in a near future I shall begin to write more competently. With INTERNET I work also for the first time. My brother has acquainted with work in INTERNET slightly. Difficultly something to speak about it, you see you, Harry, first man, with whom I communicate with the help INTERNET. In our country about computers began to speak absolutely recently, but nevertheless Russian people to aspire to learn this clever machine. I write the letter to you not from houses. I to write you, from INTERNET CAFE. I can use INTERNET daily, I go in INTERNET CAFE, as soon as at me is free at work. I shall be with impatience, I shall wait for your letter. I hope, that my photo is pleasant to you. Your new Russian friend,Natalya.

Hi, Harry! I am very glad to receive your answer again. Harry, I am very glad, that I have man, to whom I can talk frankly, without lie also of hypocrisy. Our world became more severe, and I think, that we with me agree. For this reason I am glad, that we are each other. I can tell to you, Harry, everything, that occurs in my life, and I think, that you will understand me or even something will advise. Harry, I have decided to find the friend on INTERNET on advice of my girlfriend. My girlfriend, has got acquainted with the husband per student's years. And in my opinion too early has married. In a consequence at them began to occur disagreements. Its husband began to drink and began to beat strongly her. Then on advice of the mum she has thrown the husband. As we have met it also she has informed me, that corresponds on INTERNET with the man from other country. I am very glad for it, that its life varies. On its person there are more no tears, she wants to live, wants to write, and also to love. Harry, you see it she has advised to me to correspond. Now I am very glad, that has listened to her. When I write you. Harry, I as if am in the other world. I overlook about vital difficulties. Harry, in our country the men very much love to drink. This problem has touched many families. Harry, write, that you think in this occasion. I very seriously treat this problem. I love to have fun, to go in clubs, but thus it is not necessary to drink, it is possible simply to have a rest, yes. Harry. The free time I love to carry out on a nature. In years time we frequently with the mum go on our kitchen garden. There we to grow different vegetables and berries. Speak, that the women in your country do not love to dig in ground. Write to me about it more in detail, please. I very much take a great interest in colours, and I think, that it is uneasy hobby. It became a part of my life. At times it seems, that I could buy of colours in shop on all my wages. My girlfriends take from me of Rostock of colours, but a bit later ask, why at them do not grow or die flowers. And business all in a leaving. I want to tell about my family. The attitudes in our family for me are ideal. My parents live together already more than 30 years, but it only fastens their union. As I already wrote to you, my daddy works the driver, but, despite of it it is very gentle with the mum, it constantly speaks it compliments. My daddy very much works, but thus never speaks about it. The life compels so to work. My brother to study at university, and we somehow pay its study. It does not want to earn additionally, speaks, that time does not suffice. At you in USA practically all students earn additionally, whether the truth it, Harry. I for a long time want, that my parents have visited to have a rest for city. I see, that they strongly get tired, that of forces they already have not enough, and to leave there is no time the daddy speaks. It tries all for us, main, that we understand it. And for this reason, I always speak to my friends, that my parents are an ideal pair. Now, when they are well familiar with my family, they speak, that at them unearthly love. In our family it is accepted, that when there come the visitors, it is necessary to invite all for a table. And completely not important they came by the invitation or simply past passed. We consider, that the hospitality is an attribute of good family. That you, Harry, think in this occasion. Harry, tell about your target, that love to do, to that devote the free time. I love to go in cafe with the girlfriends in free that of work time. I very much love ice-cream and grapes. The time goes not appreciablly and it is time to me to go on work. I hope to see your letter, Harry, in my email in the near future. Write to me about itself and family more in detail. Write about the friends. I wait for the answer, Your friend from Russia, Nataya

What you do? How your businesses? At me all is normal. Thank for your fast answer to my letter. It so is healthy, that we are copied and we learn about each other ever more and more. My parents are interested in our correspondence, and are very glad for me. I have told, that you of Harry the very interesting, good and serious man. They wish to you excellent mood, strong health. And I too. I think, that from us there will be a perfect pair. You see so much people search for the second half and can not find. And us practically was lucky. You trust in destiny? I hope, that you are the one whom I search for. I think, that you too so think. Though, for this purpose still early to speak, it is necessary to communicate, to study each other. It is very important for me. I write you of Harry the letter, and behind a window the wind, in the street dirty and cold. And only our correspondence gives me hope for best in my heart. It so is necessary for me. It is interesting with you of Harry to communicate. And I love heat. Now winter. Last night I have come from work late, the arents with the brother have left with passing the night for a garden. I have remained one. The girlfriend mine all already married, them not up to me. Having looked transfers on the TV set, I have gone to sleep. At the night, through dream, I have heard someone's rough deaf votes. Suddenly terrible roar has forced me jump up from a bed. In a corridor fight. The deaf rattle was heard children's weeping, shouts. drowse, I have thought, that there was a fire. barefoot, with a disarranged hair I have jumped out in a corridor and has seen such picture. Our neighbour alcoholic beat the wife, behind there was their small son and cried. To me became not on itself. God, mine, what I could make? I have run to myself home, has closed a door, and to go to bed. As are severe, there are people! It repeated not first time. The militia is already tired to them to come. When I doze off, noise and the shouts behind a door have stopped, the house again has plunged into dead silence. This history with the order already has bothered by all. I slept then nervously. But you do not worry of Harry for me, simply it is life, and anywhere from it to not get to. Sometimes I dream of, that we have met you of Harry, well even on the phone. That our votes became closer to each other. You see it so is good. It seems, that I as small girl shall pay for pleasure. The truth, I do not have telephone, my girlfriends live far from me and I do not have opportunity to call you from them, but it you see not a problem, if two men want to be closer to each other. It shall be possible I to you Harry to call with Post Office of Saratov city. It seems, it is worthy variant. Dear my friend, Harry you, please, give me number of your telephone and I can to you at once call from The Post Office, at once as soon as I shall receive the salary. Well, please, I so want it, I want to hear your vote. Send to me your telephone number in the following yours letter, OK? Do not overlook about it. Wait to hear from you soon, Harry. Bye! Best wishes, Natalya

Hi, my most dear friend Harry!!! I am very glad to your letter. It means, I am interesting to you. Me it very much has encouraged and has pleased. A thank to you for it. Today my working day was gave out difficult and little bit sad. I work as the advertising manager. Business that my chief to me was unfair. Has shouted at me, though I was in anything is not guilty. Mood mine negative. When all situation has cleared up, it has not apologized at all before me. Such situations are not seldom. But let's not be about it, you see I have man, to which I can all tell, and this man - you. Our correspondence I have more and it is pleasant more. I feel, that you the really good close and sensitive friend. You can understand me. And it is very important in our life, believe me. The trust, understanding, keenness is just that is necessary for the people, is especial now. We live in the world of complete indifference and lie. I, for example, despise the false men, and I consider, that they need to be deleted from the dialogue. I have girlfriend and its former boyfriend constantly deceived her. Spoke, that loves her, and itself only of saws in bars, changed with the prostitutes, lied on trivialities, periodically did not spend the night at home, she constantly pulled out it from unpleasant situations, it constantly asked it money to alcoholic drinks, even sometimes to beat her. All this is familiar to me not by hearsay, how many time I calmed her, supported difficult minutes, how many tears, she has spilled on it. To me was, very much her it is a pity. I simply did not understand, how the men can so act. The girl try for the sake of the man, and it simply spits to it in soul is frequently happens in Russia. I always try to speak the people the truth, what she would not be. I think, that you with me agree. Now in Russia there is a problem with beggars. They sit in the street in a tatter and ask of money or simply bread. It is a pity to me to become them. Many do not have house, there is no amily, there is no work. And  them becomes ever more and more. At us in Russia it is as though considered as norm. The people do not pay on them of any attention. Only rare man will support them, word or small money. My dear friend Harry, also I want to ask you your complete name and address. There can be I could though sometimes send you the letters on a paper or simply cards. It would be very pleasant both you and me. But we in Russia with it usually have small problems, because the people want a little to work and to receive the large money for it. The transfer of a card or letter borrows approximately 3 months, so Harry, I would like to send you my home address also. There can be you want to me to send a card or simply letter. I would be very lad to this. The truth, we in Russia have separate people, which  steal parcels. It is simply shocking. I want to you to give my home address and my complete name. My complete name - Natalya Usolova. And my home address: Russian Federation  Postal index 410000  Saratov city St. Kutyakova 82 apartament 54

I send you my photo. I hope that you will like it. And I want to tell you more about this photo. This is my room. It's not too big but I like it very much!!! It's very pretty room. I remember that day. It was some days ago and my mother took this photo specially for you. I hope you'll really like it very much! As you can notice I am not very tall. I am only 163-164 cm or 5,5 feet (if I am not mistaken). I realy have a blond heir. It's my real color of my hair. I think that you want to know what is my figure. And maybe you can guess it yourself? And then I'll tell you. So I have to go now. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.  I am very glad every time I get your letter! Your friend from Russia, Natalya. P.S. You can ask me anything you want to know about me.


Hello my dearest Harry! Is very glad each time to receive from you your warm letters each time, each day, each moment. A thank for your messages. They help me now to live. I can not without your letters any more. Never leave me! Harry, you to me are very necessary! As you already could notice, in each letter I write you a lot of  information on myself and about the life, because I want that you knew about me absolutely all. It is very important for me. I hope and for you too. We should know about the friend the friend everything completely to trust each other. I very much want, that we trusted each other. It is the important part of the attitudes. I want, that all was sincere. I did not write to you about the work very much, and now I want that you knew, only, please, nothing speak about it then, because I very much hesitate. So I the advertising agent in small firm. At me very interesting work, she certainly is pleasant to me but there is one BUT. My boss the not so good man. I already wrote to you, that it has shouted at me. It any little bit strange. It passes the work on the employees, and then shouts what not all was made correctly, though this work it should do itself. It very little works and receives for it very many money. And all employees, which do and still his work, receive very little. My salary is only 80 US dollars per one month. It is the ridiculous salary even for Russia, only do not laugh it is necessary by me. This money usually suffices only on SURVIVING and no more. Sometimes I sit at home and I think, well what for to me such ork?! I for a long time already want to find other work, but it is very dificult. At me good education. I studied at Saratov university. I studied as the manager on advertising. This very interesting and actually profitable education. But all business in that that we do not have such work, and if and is, there take only yes ours . This usual Russian expression. Means that to the simple people with excellent education to not find good work. Excuse, please, that I to you tell all this. But I should tell you it. Please, understand me correctly. You my unique man, with which I can inform to the not happiness and happiness. Simply try to support me. I very much want, that also you also trusted to me, as I to you. I want that you now were with me right now and has supported me. Has embraced, has kissed. Has told, that I am necessary to you very strongly. Harry, be with me always. I very much want it! Excuse once again, that I to you now have told all about the work, forgive me. I promised you to call, but could not at once. I shall call you when I shall receive the salary. It will be at the end of the month. Sometimes at us detain the salary, but I all the same shall try as soon as I shall receive her. Tell me, please, and what you think of me? I think, we are simply created the friend for the friend. I think of you very much. And I dream, that sometime we shall be together. Harry, I want, that you never forgot me, know that on the friend to the party of ocean there is a girl which the day and night thinks of you. I so have got used to ou that already I begin to miss about you. I should go, but I promise that I shall write the letter very quickly. I wait for news from you. Kisses and hugs to you, Yours, Irina

Hello my dearest Harry! Can name me Tasha! I want to say to you that as usual and usual, I'm happy so much from your answer on my last e-mail my Harry!!! I think about you my Harry all days. I so wait for your warm messages for me Harry, I want to say to you that now I cann't without you and your so feelings emails my Harry. You e-mails are so important for me, it are a part of my life, it are a source of my pleasure to my life, I want to say to you that the occurrence of you Harry is a beterest part of my lonely life now, your messages give me a great happiness and pleasure in my life Harry. Believe me Harry, that I speak this my words with my sincere care to you Harry, with my respect for you Harry. Also I want to emphasize that I thought about our feelings to you my Harry, I have come to a conclusion that we are created for each other my Harry. In last night I didn't sleep well, I couldn't do it because I thought about us my Harry, about our acquaintance on Internet, about your warm messages, and in basically about you my Harry! I thought about all my Harry, I want to say to you that I cann't without you my Harry, I want to say to you that I have fallen in love in you my Harry, yes................Harry,........yes...... I love you my dearest Harry! My Harry, it has taken place so quickly and suddenly, I didn't to expect it my darling, it's so sensual for me my Harry, I cann't without you Harry. I LOVE YOU, DARLING! I feel to ou the greatest feeling on ground, it's my love to you my dear  Harry. Fr m your messages Harry, I see that we aren't indifferent to each other Harry, I hope that you will agree with me my Harry, is it for true Harry? I hope that you feel to me such great feelings to me my Harry. Also in last night I was asked to God, I thank him that we found each other my Harry, I closed my eyes and have seen the God's presence. He saw on me and I saw on him, he said me that I will happiest woman, because I found you Harry, you are my future man Harry. Also in the eyes of God that he cried, I think that he is very happy for us my Harry. I cried too Harry, because it's so happiness for us that we can be together soon, that we can to have a normal family, I so want it my Harry, because I cann't to be one my Harry, the basic part of my girlfriends are married for a long time, they asked me all time before our acquaintance with you about that why I couldn't to find a man, on their questions I couldn't answred, but I said them that I want it very much, but I cann't to begin any close feelings with any man because of my embarrassment. I am felling embarrassed girl, I said about you in my last e-mails my Harry. But I want to say to you that I feel about you not embarrassment my Harry, I feel to you all my love to you Harry! By the way I want to say to you that I said about my love feelings to my parents. My parents said me that they are very happy for us my darling Harry. In the eyes of my mom and my dad I saw a great happiness for me and for you together my Harry. They said that they hope that I did a right choice in my life and they hope that we will happy together my love Harry, also they said me that where we with you will live together. I answered them that I want to live with you in your country my darling, they asked me about that they will miss me very much, but since other side they understand that it will be better that we with you Harry will live in America because they understand that now in Russia is difficult live situation. They said you a their warm GREETINGS to you and they wish us, my Harry, our future family happiness and great mutual love my Harry. My darling, I am so happy for us my dear Harry. I want to say to you that I love you very much, my relatives and my friends are very happy for us very much. Also my dear Harry, I want ask you a main question, I think that it will so fairly since my side my darling. Do you have or do you write with any another  women my Harry??? It's so important for me my Harry, I hope that you will understand me, because I love you and I don't want that you Harry write with other women. I want to say to you that I don't write with any other men except for you my Harry. I don't want an other man, because I love you, Harry! But more of all I don't want that any other woman will try to steal you from me my love Harry!!! I say you about it very seriously my Harry! It will so pity for me if you are having or writing with an other woman my dear Harry, and deceive me in our relations, please, say me, Harry, do you write with an other women? We must trust each other in this, ok my darling? Of courses, my darling may be you will ask me about my job when I will far from Russia. Of course, I will miss my job, about my work collegues, yes, I will miss about their, but you can see that I gave back all personal time to my job, I don't have a free time never there. I think that if I found my love and my future man, I must change my personal life in the party you my dear Harry, because I am a woman and I must have my family life as an other womans do it. Realy my Harry? My dear, how you see on this? I want to say to you that I miss you very much, and I want to say to you that you became on the first plan in my life than my work my Harry. I love you Harry and I cann't without you my darling, and I decided that I must near with you my Harry. It's so necessary for me my Harry. I so love you Harry! By the way I will try to learn my dear about the necessary documents for my future coming to you my Harry, as I know from my girlfriend, I will need in the foreign passport and visa too, I will try learn about it Harry in near future time my Harry. My darling, I hope that you have a great desire of our meeting my love Harry. I so want it my love, I love you and I miss you badly Harry. I will wait for your mutual warmth emails, Harry. All my warmth kisses, Warmth hugs, Your lady, Natalya.

Hi, love mine Harry! I have received again your warm letter with the answers to my last message. Mine by a road, my love, I have written in last letter on the sincere feelings to you. I thought all the day of it. I was confused, but I hope, that you will answer to me with reciprocity. I am very glad, that has written to you about it because I could not suffer, I have a lot of love to you. I hope, you understand, that it is very difficult to hide the feelings to favourite to the man. I very strongly love you. I am very happy that I at last has met such the man to which I can tell all and the more so tell that I it I love. So it is difficult to me now to describe the feelings by words. I am very happy, that I have you!!! I love you, Harry, and I want it to repeat hundreds time! I love you, Dear!!! I am very strong you I love. Only do not turn away from me and do not ignore my feelings to you because it is the truth!!!! I can not without your warm gentle letters, I can not without your sincere words, I can not without you!!! Mine dear Harry, I want sometime to see you in real life, to talk to you, to look in your perfect eyes, to feel your smell, and to remain with you I hope, that we shall meet sometime soon or not so soon, but at want to look in your eyes and to tell that I you I love most of all on light, you mine unique!!! Harry, I have told to the parents, that I have met one very good man and has grown fond of it, she has asked as it call and I have told that it call Harry!!!! I already spoke by them about you, you told that the very interesting and lovely man! They ask about you very much frequently and I am very glad to this. I think, that you too have liked by them. My girlfriends too are very glad, that I have found the good man because them was not lucky in a marriage, they wish to us with you all good and that the life was sweet as a strawberry At us in Russia it is impossible to find the good man. There can be it already custom I do not know but all Russian men drink very many alcoholic drinks. At first they speak that love and then begin to do very bad unpleasant things, therefore in Russia there are no good men. And I want that I with you had good happy future together, number for ever. I so long would search for such man to which I could tell all that it wants to know. And at last I have found you! I so am long about you dreamed Harry! I do not want from anybody to hide of the feelings to you! I dream of you each moment!!!! I hope that you will answer to me with reciprocity my love! Recently I have met the mum Masha and she has told me that Masha and Antonio really will get married in 3 weeks, and before wedding Masha remain at Antonio. You are glad to this news? I am very glad to this!!! Thanking Internet there were also we you my love! Thanks God!!!! I am so happy my dear Harry!!! I do not have words to describe the happiness. But I simply know that you understand me and love. With each minute I want all to be closer and closer to you and to feel you. I am very strong you I love dear mine Harry!!! I would write to you thousand of words but the sense would be same. In three words I LOVE YOU!!! my darling, at this point I finish my letter to you, I wait forward your letter with my honest love!!! You have to know, Harry, how I feel so happy myself when I read your warm messages my darling! So I have to go now honey, I will think about you Harry a lot, I love you, and I want to be with you my love Harry!!!!! With great love, Hugs and kisses, Only yours,Natalya

Hi my love Harry!!! I am again very glad to receive your letter! It so is necessary for me! How your businesses? How mood? Has become missed of me? I too have become missed very strongly, like would pass not enough time, and I aJlready strongly have become missed! I so dream of you each moment my darling Harry! I can not live without you any more! I so want to be with you and to listen .. To enjoy your words which you whisper to me on ear, I love you Natalya, I very strongly love you ! It would be so is healthy, to be with you in real life my dear Harry! You already integral part of my life very necessary part and you now most important for me the man, honey! To me today in morning again have spoiled my good mood. Today again boss has shouted at me and again not for the correct reason. Speaks, that I badly work. Also that I do not complete very many important businesses. And I have told it that it not my work and it, itself let and does. I receive for the 80 US dollars per one month which with the difficult work I should not work also for him. It receives in some times more than 80 dollars instead of wants to work even for itself! But all like would be found out also it even itself has told to me that has appeared is not right. And then has apologized before me. Has told that at me will not shout because of his outstanding businesses. I hope it has told the truth and I shall not cry any more because of his unfinished businesses. But the mood mine was improved when I have received your warm letter. I was so is happy, and gradually has overlooked about the problems mine favourite Harry! I very much love when I receive your letters and I very much love to you to write the letters my Harry! Now I write you the letter and is very happy! You will receive it and will think even more of me, to think of our meeting, to think that you to me will tell at our first meeting. It so is wonderful! This very pleasant feeling, when you think of me, when you care of me! By the way I called in a passport-visa service to learn all about trip to you, but I could not phone yet. The telephone was constantly engaged. I shall try to call tomorrow or today later. I hope, that I shall phone even tomorrow. I want to be with you mine favourite Harry! I can not wait of that time when we shall be together, when we shall dream our future, to speak about our feelings, to think of future. Mine the mum and daddy constantly ask about you, as your businesses, as your work, as our relations. I speak them that all very well and I hope so will be always. They ask when we with you shall be seen. I have told them, that is very speed. I sincerely wish it my lovely Harry! I even have removed profile from a site of acquaintances because I already have found the love is you and I want to  be with you up to the end the life. You know that this love is you! I want to feel your care of me each day, each hour, each moment my Harry! Please, allow me to finish the letter on it, you should know that I very strongly love you, I miss, I wait for your answer and our meeting! Warm kisses from mine the mum and daddy. Thinking about you so much, Harry, Wait to hear from you as soon as possible, Sincerely,  your love Natalya. I love you so much! 

Hello my love, my dearest Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so am glad again to receive your letter!!! I so love you, I am very strong you I love and I can not be from you so far. My Harry, you are my life!!! I want to embrace you each moment, to kiss your beautiful eyes, to feel your care and to feel your protection. I know that all will be very good between us! We shall be happy together! I very much frequently think of you and I present our life together my Harry. I feel that you such close to me. I am happy when you are happy! I think that our hearts will beat in one rate when we shall be together, because we like each other my love Harry!!!! I know that it mutually, that you too want with me also to be strong as well as I. I know that you will understand me without words! To me without a difference where to live with you, the main thing is to live with you and to love you, the place has no importance. I thank the God that I have met you and has grown fond. I for a long time expected this feeling! I never trusted what probably to fall in love on Internet. But all the same it is possible! I so am glad to this! Probably it is destiny! As we could meet in this large world, it is exact destiny! We should be together always!!! Harry, my dearest love man!!! I have a good good news for us my darling Harry!!! I today went in a passport-visa service to learn how many all this costs. Me have told that it is necessary to do the tourist visa B-2. Because other visas now at all do not give. Very many people leave from Russia and in the ministry are very much excited with it, they lose very many experts. And the people from here leave because here very bad to live, they receive small money for the large work. Visa costs 120 US dollars. But besides the process of registration costs 60 US dollars. To me have told in a service that, for example, the visa the bridecosts 660 US dollars, it without any analyses and all rest. It is very xpensive! My love Harry, I want to ask you about one very important for me of a  thing, Harry, I want to ask you about the financial help from your party. I already wrote to you about the salary, it at all does not suffice to make all necessary documents, and money to life here is still necessary to me. This money does not suffice and it is necessary them to save. My dearest, my love Harry, I have a great desire to come to you, to see you at last and only recourses separate us from each another. I love you so much, honey, and I don't want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. Of course, I asked my parents help me with this charges on the necessary documents for my coming, but my mother and father doesn't have such money though they would like to help us, Harry. My dearest Harry, in general I'll need for 330 USA dollars. It's certainly large money, you probably have thought what is it more than the total price of the visa and visa's registration, but I will must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 60 US dollars. Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 50 dollars. And of course I will need to pay for the coming from Saratov to Moscow City, I have learned about the price of the airplane ticket Saratov - Moscow, it will be 1230.00 Russian rubles or it is around 40 US dollars. But I am trying to find a cheaper prices of the air ticket for the flying to Moscow. I want to ask you, Harry, what is the nearest airport (name of the airport) from your city? Also, please, tell me about the approximate price of the airplane ticket too, ok? I need this information because I will have to find a cheaper air ticket! I so happy from this so happy news! But now I should collect all documents necessary make the visa. 330 dollars are necessary to me. If you will send me this money that you can send them through Western Union. I asked in a service how better to send money. They have told that there comes money on Western Union much faster. It is more safe I know, that Antonio sent money through Western Union for Masha. For this purpose you need to know my complete name. In my opinion, you should know it. My complete name Natalya Usolova. And city in which I live you precisely should know. But on any case I shall write to you once again Saratov. My dearest Harry, I need to ask you, when you will sent this recourses 330 dollars, it will be necessary for me, that you must to send me an important information which required at a parcel of money. In a service me have told that I am necessary send 10 nambers control number without which you I can not to receive your money. This number will be given you by the operator in bank (MTCN). My dearest Harry, you will must to send me this so important data in e-mail. I close my eyes and I am imagining about this so happy picture. My love, I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands my love Harry. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend a more of your time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much! I want to be with you very much, so much my love Harry! I love you Harry, and I miss you my dearest love Harry! My dear Harry, I want to say to you that I have spoke with my mom and dad about us again and again, especially about my coming to you. They are very glad for us. They are so happy because we love each other very much, simply they have said me that we will happy with you and they wish us a large happiness together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and they understand me that we with you can't without each other and wish us a great love in this time and our future life too! Simply great greetings from my family to you, Harry, please, accept the love from my parents, they love you as a relative son! Well, my love Harry, let me to end my e-mail my dearest Harry, I'm waiting for your messages so much my love man Harry!!! Want to be with you so much my love Harry, Truly, Kisses and hugs to you, Natalya.

Greetings my loved Harry!!! I yesterday have been very much borrowed on work. And after work at me the head very strongly was ill. I could not write to you yesterday. In fact for us are necessary money for a meeting. I try to work as much as possible. I very much-very much want to be with you. You that person with which are very good to me. When I read your letters to me on soul to become very well. I present us together, only you and I. As we shall be together, only you and I. We shall be very happy family.  I shall conclude the contract with firm which does visas. They quickly do visas. They to search for tickets for me. They will do all. For me only are necessary money to conclude the contract. It is necessary 330 $. Masha did the visa in same firm. This firm reliable. They have made to it the visa for a week.  Here in Saratov it became cold. Around snowdrifts of a snow, ice. People constantly fall. Became more failures on roads. Machines collide, people perish. Many people act in hospital with obmorozhenijami. Harry you have written mine that bad weather can prevent to be to us together. There is no weather cannot prevent to be to us together! In fact the love can priodalevat any distances and barrier. Unless you with me disagree my love Dzherri? I shall go to church. You spoke that you beside have a conformist church. I shall wait for your letter. Yours Natalya. 

Mine Harry! I am healthy. My illness has departed me. At me the flu was. I have come to cafe after work. After that time as I was not on work, any work has accumulated a lot of. Now I should work very strongly. To me it was very bad, because I did not see your letters. Once I have told to brother Mishe that it descended in the Internet of cafe and have written to you the letter. I very much worried. I thought that you will throw me while I was not capable to write to you. Misha in fact has written to you? It was very pleasant for me when I have come to cafe and saw many your letters. To me that is pleasantly that you care of me. Houses me were treated by mum. I drink tea with honey and with crimson jam. Ate a heap of any tablets. I slept much. Because dream this best medicine!  How you have celebrated new year? It is very interesting to me as you have met it! I met it with a sick head in a bed. It was the most awful new year in my life. Tomorrow at us in Russia celebrate Christmas. In Russia tomorrow the day off. I cannot write to you tomorrow. Your Natalia My parents are called Tanja (mum) and Konstantin (daddy)

Olga Valik (Severodonetsk, Ukraine )

Olga uses the handle Olgavalik at  Olga #75165 at Olgakor01 at She says she is from Severodonetsk, Ukraine at and She says she is from Shakhov, Ukriane at Her email address is I am a 45-year-old, college professor who is more than reasonably sure that Olgavalik who signed her letter to me "Elena" is the same person, Lilya, who also signed her letter to John as "Elena." This means that she is and and that, quite possibly, her real name is Elena. Perhaps Elena Valik or Elena Velikaya. Lily and lilya are connected with Marriage Agency 'Nadejda' - Best Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan; their e-mail is: I am including some photos of her, but I suspect they were stolen. Both Lilya and lilckik are listed at several blacklist web sites.

What Happened Over the Christmas break, I decided to spend some time getting to know a pretty Russian woman, so I joined I sent out a few introductory emails, and Olgavalik was one of the first to respond. She told me up front that she did not speak english well, but she seemed to speak it quite well during our instant message session in which she asked for and received my private email address. I sat there like a fool for about an hour waiting for a letter to arrive. She sent me the letter exactly 24 hours later. We had already exchanged a couple of emails through the emailbox at the site before I received her letter, "Is this right?" in my private email box. I responded that it was right, asked a bunch of questions about her, and sent a reply. The next day, exactly 24 hours later, I received a duplicate copy of the last letter I received from her before we exchanged email addresses during our instant message session. 


Hello! It was pleasant to see your profile and I have decided to write you. It is very brave step to write to man, don't you think so?  I have to tell about me, because to see only photo is not enough for  relations. My friends say that I am very warm and affectionate, I am very doting  and once I fall in love I will give everything I have to make the other  person sit on top of the world. I am very romantic, love candle light  dinners, cuddling and caressing. The only thing I hate about people is  when they lie, are not honest and play games. I am 25, I have wonderful boy and I am thankful for God for giving me  such gift in my life. I have been married and after several years our family's boat was broken and we decided to leave as friends. I work as a teacher of music and enjoy teaching of children. They are the most  happy, funny and interesting people in the world. I don't know English  while and but it is in my plans now. I like to care about flowers,  gardens and play piano, of course. So, if you are interested I will tell you more about me.Olya.

I replied to it with another letter in which I asked the same questions about her. Olga sent me another non-reply the next day. She was happy to receive my letter, but she did not answer any questions. This is when the problem started.

The problem The previous letter I sent Olga had a poem in it. She responded with three poems she had found for me. The poems were so fantastically romantic that I was mesmerized by them. Being a professor of literature, I wanted to find out who had written these marvelous works and if there were more where these came from. So, I typed the first couple of lines into the search engine and found a page of links to Russian blacklist sites. On one of these sites, I found a letter to John from Elena that contained an enormous amount of text that was an exact match to my letter from Olgavalik--same poetry, same exposition linking them, same font, same spellings, and same all caps at odd times:  


The bulk plagiarism was obviously cut and pasted into the letter she sent me. Being somewhat naive, I thought she had stumbled onto the poems the same way I did, liked them like I did, and copied them to send to me. So I emailed her and said:  Dear Olga, What's going on? I was all set to respond with "YOU ASKED ME HOW MUCH I  LOVE YOU. GOD, WHERE DO I BEGIN?" then, all of a sudden you call me  John and sign it Elena. What's up with that? I was joking until I received this reply from

Dear Sir, big pardon,it is my guilty, please, leave this accident between us. With respect, translator. 

I replied to the translator:

Hello Translator, From where were these poems copied? I have reason for concern, and I  will explain it to you after you have answered my question. Cheers, Dances with Foxes

I was hoping to hear from Olga that she had copied these poems from the web site where I found them. She says she doesn't read English well. Perhaps she did not realize the nature of the web site on which she found them. But, the next day at the usual time, I received this in my inbox: 

Hello, it is Olga, I was told what have happened with my letter to you. Translator didn't send my letter to you, instead of this she send you letter of another girl, it is terrible!! As for poem, I have asked at Internet cafe some poems and i have chosen one. So, it was translated and I have decide to devote it to you. What are you thinking about? Write me please.Elena.

Notice that she signs this letter Elena just as she did the letter to John. She forgot who she was for a moment. 

I informed of this situation, but they did not respond. I am not a member of the other sites, but I plan to contact them. I just wanted to get as much info published as quickly as I could, hoping to save some men some bucks.  Sincerely, Wilbert

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