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Outstanding book. Although I am seriously considering looking for a young Russian/Ukrainian bride, I actually think your book should be read by anyone in the U.S.A. to gain some real insight into the real Russia. Russians are proud of their country and are extremely kind to the individuals who come to visit there.

Yours Truly,
Charlie (USA)

I have just finished reading your e-book and I am so impressed! When I bought it a few days ago I felt it's a bit expensive for a guide, but now I feel that it's priceless. No one should even start thinking about dating Russian women without reading this book! 

Amit (Israel)
Thanks to you I have found the love of my life. We have both emailed each other and talked on the telephone. I emailed you a while ago re: appropriate attire for our first meeting. Your suggestion was right on the money!! I met my Nadya in Orlando, Florida on November 20th!! She is quite a remarkable woman!! It definitely looks like marriage around the corner. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your help.

Jay (USA)
The book was very informative and definitely taught me some things about Russian culture I would have never known otherwise. The information could save many a man (including me) from making certain mistakes that could affect his search and ultimate success.



I have to thank you.
After putting into effect your advice on how to write introductory letters I have had a 99% positive response rate. I am actually having trouble keeping up with them all. I am positive the rest of your advice will be equally valuable as my search progresses to the next level.

Thank you again,

I am sitting here right now with my tickets in hand to go to Siberia on 31 July. I will be there for 9 days and will visit only one lady. I have great hopes for this visit. She will meet me at the airport and I go with ring in hand.
I have followed your book to the letter and it works. ...In other words, I haven't heard Olga complaining about me moving too slow or not showing up. Her first comment to me in her first letter was that she hoped that I was serious and was not just wanting to write letters. I spent the last 6 months convincing her that I am serious. Keep up the good work!


I realize you must receive many letters about sucesses. I too like so many men tryed corresponding through different dating sites and none of them seemed to lead anywhere. I found your site and bought your book.
I could see where I had made my mistakes in contacting a serious woman for marriage. After reading your book I met Maria from St Petersburg. I will be traveling to her in May. Elena I know that she is the woman for me through our letters and phone calls. To all men out there don't give up. Maria is not only beautiful but very intelligent as well. It is worth the effort to read Elena's book and open your eyes to a world of beautiful, educated and of course seriously marriage minded women. Thank you so much for the book and the advice. 

Yours truly

Dear Elena,

I am writing to say that I found your e-book very helpful. Thank you for all your hard work and research, the publication is so useful and I would recommend it to anyone. 

I am at the early stages of my search. I wrote to five girls and received no replies at all, then I read 'How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me' and sent ten more letters. I have since had 10 out of 10 positive replies! 10 girls wrote back to me and said that they liked my letter and photos, they are all interested in knowing more about me. I am so grateful for the advice that you were able to give.

I am now at the stage where I need to decide which girls are the best for me, and I look forward to the day that I meet the girl of my dreams in Russia. When that day comes I shall remember to thank you for all your help and for your excellent service.

Yours sincerely,
Mr J. M. Upfold (age 22)

I had some concerns as to your book at first. I found that each time I read it I understood a bit more. I have traveled to Russia three different times. The first on business. The second for business and to visit friends. The third was just for me period. 

I fell in love with the culture and had a number of questions as to why things are as they were. I gave a dozen (12) flowers to my friend's mother. I made sure to do this right and made them Yellow. Wrong on both counts. Your book explained the reasons and now I understand.

Your book opened my eyes on a few things with the lady I have fallen in love with and it has helped me through some rough times with her. 

Money, gifts, expressions, and feelings. Dress codes for men and mostly just the correct attitude to take with her. I am going back in one week to see her. Our letters stopped over misunderstandings in writing. She mailed me a letter to my home and appealed to my common sense. I got the letter in 8 days from the Ukraine. When has that ever happened so fast? After I received her letter I understood many things. The most important was that she loved me and I had talked about money with her and that upset her very much. I should have read the book first! She is not impressed with money. Much to my happiness, she was only interested in ME! 

I learned through your book to let her be her and let me be me but talk about the differences between us and work them out. For someone that has never been there or does not know the culture, I promise that this book will save them a lot of difficulties and hardships. Read and learn. Read and understand. Read and realize that this lady you are about to meet is different from any woman you have ever met. Honest, truthful, respectful, loving, devoted to family and husband, most importantly, she will be the Cat's Meow and the love you will get will far exceed the few dollars you invested in the book. The book will indeed save you a lot of hardships and keep you on tract. I am lucky. I got a second chance with my woman. I am very lucky.

Thank you for letting me write this but I enjoyed your book very much. I am a better person for having done so. Please feel free to use this note about your book should you choose to do so. Also, I will tell you what she said about the ring I am about to give her next week. :) Good, NO, great job on the book and thank you for the truth.


Dear Elena,

I have to say, right up front, that is by far the best information I have ever seen or even heard of about getting to know, date, and hopefully marry and Russian woman. My cousin's wife is Russian, and he met her when he was living there, and I have been told things, but you are so very clear, and wow. 

I really wish that I had not been such a tire kicker when I started looking a few years ago, on and off. I search the internet and your website was very high, but I tried the oldest one, and that was a waste of my money, plus, there were so many people trying to scam people. Because I started off as a silver member a year ago, I read your whole website, including, another that was rated the same as you. Everything I have read, I have started using, and I am very shocked at how well it worked at getting a response. This book took it one step, or one big leap forward, in the knowledge you must have when you are trying to find true love. You cover all of the traditions and customs, it is so amazing that Russia is like this, it was for the most part the way I was raised, but with things I am not used to, like being assertive. 

I really want to thank you, and if I could tell anyone who is looking to find a woman from Russia to marry, they better buy this book, or they might not find what they are looking for

Thank you again, it was like you were sitting here with me and telling me this in person. You are so very clear about everything that someone should do if they really are looking for true happiness, and I am so glad that you have found it too, and are able to share this with the people who are truly looking for love. You have made me start looking for different thing to start learning the Russian language so that I may better communicate. I am going to leave this here and head off to bed for a short night of sleep, this book is going to stick with me.

Thank you so very very much,


I want to take a moment to thank you for the information that you have written in your book "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me".

I began reading it last night and became very quickly absorbed in the straight forward style in which you have written it. Unlike many books on relationships and dating which get into many of the psychological explanations for things,
you have written your book and a very straight forward and to the point manner that many men need.

I was amazed to learn that in many of the different topics you discuss, these same topics apply even to women in the western culture and in some ways has helped me to see where I failed in previous relationships with western women.

I grew up as a 2nd generation American in a family that taught traditional family and marriage values. But these are fast disappearing in the western culture as society changes the roles in which men and women participate. I know now that for me, to find a woman with similar values to my own that I can spend the rest of my life with, I will most probably have to seek outside of American society, be it in Russian or Europe.

Your explanation about cultural differences has reminded me that the rules I was taught about being a nice guy and gentlemen didn't mean I would finish last and in fact were rules still appreciated in other parts of the world.

I finally know that I am on my way to one day having that permanent relationship I believe all people desire.

With warm regard.

Ron (Memphis, TN, USA)

The book is very informative and is proving to be very helpful. Only time will tell how successful I am in finding the right woman. I really enjoy reading the book!!! .....over and over again!!!

Best regards,
Wow! I just finished reading your book! I started reading it last night around 9 pm and read way past my normal bedtime. I picked it up this morning and just finished at 3:30 pm at my business. It is truly amazing the differences in cultures. I know for sure I would have offended someone if I had traveled to Russia without the knowledge you so clearly laid out. I might still offend someone! ;) The more I find out about Russian values the more I find it alluring. The number one problem I find with people in America is they are selfish. This seems to be the number one thing Russian society is against. Perfect!

Thank you again for the insight. This book is so packed with psychological nuances that it is worth having even if you don't go to Russia. I really enjoyed it if you couldn't tell! ;)


Todd (USA)

PS BTW, I am a 32 single white male looking for my second half to start a family. Russia is definitely on my list of prospects!

Dear Ms. Petrova:

I want to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the time and 
effort you put into this book. Not only is it informative and helpful but was a true pleasure to read! I was very moved by your personal story and found that part of the book the most impressionable and advantageous to me. 

There is no substitute for an actual experience which you have so thoughtfully used in every facet of the book! It makes all the information so much more meaningful.

I know what you say is true, due to the fact that I have had some experience with Russian women. Your descriptions and insight into the culture are true and genuine. I also learned a great deal more than I already knew. I also found your letter writing chapter very helpful but you also add so much through the information presented in the rest of the book that I have found that just as helpful in the letter writing practice as well. I have had to refine my letters several times, but now I am now getting 100% response

I really think this also has to do with the woman finding me interesting no matter what I wrote about myself. I was not having success at first but I stuck with it.

I think what you are doing is a wonderful thing and anyone who works so hard for the happiness of others is truly a commendable, amiable, and honorable human being Ms Petrova. Please keep up your passion for this. You are going to make a lot of people happy and I do not think there is anything better in the world than what you are doing! Thank you so much! I hope to be one of your success stories very soon and I will not quit until I find her! (I have several promising prospects already and I have a "gut" feeling your site will be where I find her! :-))

One more item I would like to share with you and I will try to keep it brief. Maybe you can use what I am about to tell you or it may be just an interesting story none the less.

I met a Russian woman on another site and started a correspondence with her. One of the things I did in the letter to her was do research the city she was from and ask her things about her city that only she would know, I also tied it to her interests. This works very well not to mention I am interested in it anyway. I use it in my letter writing on your site and it works along with your letter writing tips! It makes the letter unique. This was something she mentioned to me when we began to correspond further.

Sadly it did not work out. I spent four years with this woman and it just ended in December. I wish I would have had your book to help me, but I did learn a lot from the experience. I am not a bitter person and try to  learn from what has happened to me. I hope through what I have read in your book and my experience with her will work out for the best this time.

My heartfelt wishes to you, your husband, and family for continued happiness!

My Best Regards,
Rodger (USA)


I have purchased your book "How to Marry a Girl Like Me" and read it. All I can say is, WOW!!! I wish I had this book before I first went to Russia to meet another "Elena". In your courtship section, I did EVERYTHING wrong! I could not have offended this poor girl more if I tried! I did not know our cultures were so different! 

I have to say, this book is more than a help for those who wish to date Russian women. It is CRUCIAL. It is as important as air to breathe, for success in this endeavor! 

Very well done Elena, you have saved all who read this book from a certain broken heart!

Jory (Washington - USA)

Dear Elena,

Thank you so much for your book and all of the good advice that you give in it.
I read the entire book in one sitting as soon as I purchased it. It was not only informative, but very entertaining, and it had me laughing out loud at times. You have a very skillful gift of getting your (sometimes painful) point across in a humorous way. 

You know, I've been at my search for a year now, and you could easily re-title your book to: "Everything Alan Has Done Wrong, Point-by-Point, Over the Last Year". In fact, feel free to use that title for future editions.:-) Some things I had already discovered on my own the hard way, but there was also loads of new information for me that will save me from future mistakes. I had to cringe at times while reading your book, thinking about some of the impressions I must have given, all due to pure ignorance on my part.

The only area I could even slightly disagree was with the concept of chemistry, as seen from a man's point of view. While I agree that the physical looks of the woman are a HUGE portion of it (by far the majority), there are many nuances that may be important to a man that are impossible to tell until the personal visit. Small simple things, like how she treats a waiter, her walk, and personal mannerisms can all make a difference in the attraction that a man feels for a woman, or maybe that's just for picky people like me.:-) 

All of that being said, I really took your point of only visiting one woman at a time to heart, as I was struggling with that very question for an upcoming visit. I have witnessed on the message boards time and time again the phenomenon of guys going, meeting many, but not connecting with any. I myself already had the experience some time ago of trying to tell a sweet girl that I had been corresponding with that I was planning on coming, but visiting a few girls besides her. Are you familiar with the expression "It went over like a lead balloon"? Well, that's about how it went, and for the life of me, going over it my head later, I couldn't come up with a way to say it that would have made it any more palatable to any self-respecting girl. I'm not even sure how I would prepare myself for such an emotional roller-coaster. Anyway, I want to thank you for that and so much more of your valuable advice. Keep up the good work with your books and your agency. 

Snoqualmie, Washington, USA

P.S. By the way, I know you know this already, but your title is a work of marketing genius! How could any guy not want to buy such a book? The best part is that it delivers everything it promises.
Dear Elena,

I bought and read both of your books "Complete No-Nonsense Anti-Scam Guide For Men Seeking a Russian Wife" and "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me".
I must say that they were both worth their weight in gold. From reading your "Anti-Scam" book, my eyes were opened up to the tell-tail signs of "mail-order bride scams" - what to look for in "her" letters, what to do, and what not to do. I was able to detect that two Russian "girls" that I was writing to at that time were scams. Unfortunately I didn't know this valuable information 3 years ago and was taken for $2200, not to mention suffering a broken heart as a bonus gift. Needless to say, thanks to you, it's not going to happen again.

From reading your "Find and Marry" book I gained the confidence that I really can find and marry the girl of my dreams. I don't have to keep knocking my head against the wall and wasting my time with superficial encounters from the big "free-bee" singles websites that have gotten me nowhere;
I don't have to settle for less than a dream girl; and I don't have to be alone the rest of my life. With the knowledge that your book gave me I believe I won't have to ever again. That alone is priceless.

I think that the $50 that I paid for the two books was
the best $50 investment I have ever made in my life. Thank you so much.

Very sincerely,
Brad C.
Hello Elena,

I have been reading your e-book. Thanks for the nice info. What you say makes a lot of sense.

Wayne U. (Australia)

Dear Elena;

I have just read your e book and would like to offer you this feed back. First i would like to say thank you. Your book was very interesting and informative. I will add a bit intimidating also. Let me explain. You may know that the "dating ritual" here in the U.S. can be very brutal. As i read your book I became more and more in tune with the Russian culture. When i read the chapters on courting rituals it set me back in my chair. Not out of surprise but from the realization that this is what is missing here and what i have looked a lifetime for. The more i read the more i fell in love with a Russian woman i haven't even met yet ha ha. I was thinking to myself wow this is what i am looking for and haven't been able to find here. It is funny how certain "trigger words" make the light come on. When you made the comment of falling into the dating syndrome yikes i thought that's me i want more than anything to have a woman to love that loves me back simple right???? eeeeeeeeeeh wrong out of fear of what women here learn and the way they treat men i would not let myself get close to them because they lacked something and i am not even sure what it is. Now i read of Russian women and what they are looking for and think holy Joe this what i am and what i am looking for. So it is a bit scary ,fear of the unknown, but yet exciting that there is real loving women out in the world. I have often thought to look for a woman in Russia but never proceed out of fear i guess. If i mention this idea to others i get mixed reaction, your myths of the media thing. I have made the decision "well jack the pond here is all fished out time to drive the boat to a better pond". That may sound a bit crude but it is accurate.
I wanted to read your book first before i went and stuck the proverbial foot in the mouth and quite frankly i would have ha ha. There is a saying in the martial arts teachings it goes something like this. When you set out on a new endeavor you NEVER say you CAN'T do it you either do or you do not simple. It is similar to something you said. I truly look forward to find the love of my life with your help. I now think it is possible to fill the biggest goal i have ever had in life and that is to find the one special woman and make her the happiest girl on the planet. Sounds a bit mushy but honest. Everything else in life has been pretty much accomplished but i always strive to improve. I consider myself a decent man not rich by any means but successful and respectable. I am the family man without the family, Kids are grown I am divorced and alone. A wonderful Russian lady with a child will make me feel like a whole person again. I have not yet read your husbands book but i am sure it will be interesting as well (tell him that). It will be interesting to read the other side of the story ,no offense, ha ha.

I think i am feeling now more like a man sitting in a rocket waiting for someone to push the button and send me to the moon. Maybe a strange analogy but think of it like this a new adventure in an unknown place to me, with the possibilities of filling the most precious dream of a lifetime. It is exciting ,emotional and petrifying all at the same time.

Thanks again Elena i look forward to working with you.... so push the button....................... 

Jim U.S.A.

Hello Elena,

I have just finished reading your e-book, from "cover to cover" so to speak. I enjoyed it thoroughly; it was exceptionally relevant, detailed and illuminating. There is just so much to absorb!

Kindest Regards,
Brenton Nicholson

I just wanted to tell you that just yesterday I purchased the book. I was not happy because I wanted a hard copy. But once I started reading it yesterday I could not stop and read it in a less than 24 hours. I even took notes like I was still in college. I am sure it will really be a help to capture the one girl I have already decided will soon become my wife. I will send wedding pictures when the time comes. 

Your book is as fascinating and valuable to read as your website.

You are like a "wise sister" who has
helped me to understand women a little better.

A Russian lady at work pointed me in the direction of looking at internet personal adverts (I am a South African living in New Zealand). Buying your book was my way of saying: "Thank you, Elena!" and to encourage you to continue to be so generous and helpful.

Kevin Snell

I enjoyed your book-and I read some parts 3 times! As soon as I find someone to meet, I will probably read the section on courting etiquette 5 times! I want certain things that you wrote just to become part of the way I think.

Reading your book was a great place for me to begin my search for a nice Russian woman. If you are an engineer, you need to study calculus, if you are musician, you need to study scales. If you want to be successful in searching for a wife in the FSU, you need to learn about what women are looking for, what to do and (especially) what not to do. This information sounds best coming from you, a real Russian woman who has been through it all AND has extensive experience working with couples.

By the way, I currently have your staff translating my "Long" letter because I agree with your method of introduction--sending someone you're interested in a long letter in Russian. I even thought about your book a few days ago. I emailed a guy on a newsgroup who just got back from Kazan. He met 4 women that he was corresponding with and none of the 4 worked out. So, just like you said in the book, the one he really wanted to meet knew he was coming to meet others and she was disappointed, which killed the "chemistry."

Thanks again, this was definitely
money well spent!!!!

Ray Olczak

Dear Elena,

Thank you so much for writing your book. I do wish I would have read it a long time ago. The information you have supplied has really opened my eyes and has provided me with a much clearer path to follow.

I have been searching for a nice lady from the FSU for 3 years and have had a few adventures, and quite costly ones at that. 

I first became acquainted with a person who was on your blacklist page. I went to meet her in Kiev and found out that I had been "taken" when she did not wish to see me. I was escorted on a city tour by my translator and was stalled most of the time. I did manage to see my "lady" for about an hour at a pub but by then I was feeling too foolish to even have anything to do with her. I then wrote to a couple more gals whom I found out were also on your blacklist (thanks for saving me!). I finally met a woman on another match site who was not on your list and whom I thought was a keeper. We corresponded for 6 months and I went to meet her in Lugansk. We did manage to spend some time together but she had an emergency at her job and had to work through the weekend that we were supposed to spend together. We did have some quality time though and got along well. We decided to start the visa process for her to come to the USA. This is when she started telling me in her letters about her little girl and her mom being "sick" and her need of $$$ for expenses. We had become so close (or so I had thought) that I felt obligated to help her. Anyway, after a considerable outlay of cash and a botched trip to Warsaw, I finally met her and her daughter in New York City. After a long trip home she immediately started finding fault with my home and my city. She became homesick and decided after about a week that she wished to return to Ukraine. We did get along great and she treated me like a king while she was here. I tried to make her feel at home but with her 5 year old daughter sleeping with Mom, it seemed very strange for me to sleep in the same place, another problem! She went home after 1 1/2 months.

Bill Elberson

This book has a lot of helpful information and I wish I would have had it sooner!!

Sincere thanks,
Bill (USA)
Thank you for your book. If only they gave Nobel prizes for dating manuals.... :-)


When I first began reading your book, I found that I could not put it down until I completed it. Your insight has already been useful. I have been corresponding with a woman from Ufa, and requested her postal address. If I had not read your book, I would have never understood. Sure enough, on my third request she did provide her postal address along with an explanation why she was reluctant to give me that information. I have subscribed to your ladies catalogue, and I am in the process of writing my introductory letter. I am hopeful that I will discover my future wife. Thank You!!!


Zdravstvuite, Elena!

I am already practicing some of your advice in "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me." :)

I purchased this book only a couple of days ago and have read the majority of it. What an eye-opening experience it is. Your book not only goes over common ideals such as being respectful and curious to one another, but also goes deeper into how Russian women think and how they perceive the actions of men.
There are definite cultural differences that any Western man would need to be aware of before proceeding to begin a relationship. One of the main lessons I have learned from this book is that when I am lucky enough to find someone, she will not want to be with me because I am from the U.S., but rather in spite of it!

Russia and the former Soviet countries have such a rich culture and it is a shame that many in the West are not exposed to it. It seems that Americans pride themselves on being culturally diverse, but actually know very little about the outside world. I grew up in the 1980's, when the Soviet Union was referred to as "The evil empire". Unfortunately, I don't think much changed after the fall of Communism in the minds of many Americans. I, too, am ignorant of many customs, but I am fascinated with Russia's heritage and read as much as I can about it. Through my "education", I have become equally fascinated with Russian women, specifically the importance they place on family, children, and a desire to nurture a strong relationship with their husbands. That is why I am here, to show my sincerity and desire to have a relationship with one of these fascinating women.


This is a wonderful book! It's very informative and your personal story is very interesting to read. It certainly gives the reader some insight into the life of Russian ladies. Some of the information given is completely different and unexpectedThank you very much for your help and your great book!

Yours sincerely,

Dear Elena, I just downloaded and printed out your book and it is very interesting. First of all as I told you before, I was married with a Russian woman and now I can not imagine my life without a Russian woman. I decided to buy your book to confirm all the steps I did in the past and how to improve.

I am very critical with myself.
Your book is very interesting. I think you must promote it more and also could be convenient if you can translate it to another languages. My country is full of people they can not believe how marvelous are the Russian women. My advise is if you can translate your book to Spanish, you will be successfully. 

The problem is most of Spaniard are lazy and they even don't try to learn some language

Yours sincerely

Angel (Alexei) Kaiser
Madrid - Spain
Dear Elena: 
I have been corresponding with a lady from St. Petersburg for nearly a year now and I will be going to visit her next month. I did not purchase your E-book until just recently, but I have to say
it is right on to the "T". Although most of the early chapters I had already experienced and your book was very consistent with what I have experienced so far. The section about Russian customs and courting etiquette could very well turn out to be a lifesaver for me. I live in California and it appears the way we dress here would be totally unacceptable in Russia.
I loathe to be an embarrassment to myself and to anyone I go to visit, in addition to that it would be even worse to not know why. Most all of my questions were answered, and I can see now how it is necessary to ask a lady 3 times certain things, and how the women will refuse some gestures when what they really want is for you do keep asking or just do it.
So, thank you for the useful information which I found very easy to understand for anyone, and I now believe I will be well prepared for any situation that may arise during my visit to Russia.

Dave (USA)
Dear Ms. Petrova:

Здравствулте! Just wanted to send a short note to tell you I have been unable to pull myself away from the computer for the past three days after having found your websites and purchased your book. I "bumped" into the website much the same way it seems your husband did (I'm reading his website now); I was looking for something else. I'm 32, never married (just haven't found the right Lady yet), and I have printed out every grain of information I could find at womenrussia.com, filled my favorites list at elenasmodels.com, and am determined to make a go of this!

I never gave serious thought to finding a Russian wife before. There is no way I could compress all the wonder and amazement I have felt as I have learned from the book (and from the FAQ files on the website; the two have many similarities) into a short note and have it all make sense (or tell you anything you do not already know), so I hope it will not be saying too much if I say that if all the ladies who respond to me are as intelligent, compassionate, and lovely as they appear to be, I will be a fortunate man indeed if I manage to catch one's eye!

Your guidelines are amazingly comprehensive, and having examined (or having been accosted by, is more truthful) some of the other sites I'm convinced yours is the best agency and website available. While I did not come to them with too many stereotypical ideas, thanks to what you've shared on the website and in the book, my assumptions have either been confirmed or corrected (to my great pleasure) and my horizons expanded.
Thank you for your generosity in sharing with hopeful bachelors like me the unique insights and tips only a native Russian could provide!

с сердечным приветом,


P.S. I hope I did not use the wrong idioms in greeting and in closing; they pretty much exhaust what I remember of the two semesters (1 year) of Russian I took in my first trip through university (although for some reason I can still remember most of the Soviet National Anthem). I will certainly make use of the translation services in my letter(s). :-)
Zdravstvuite, Elena,

I have just recently decided to seek an eastern European woman for marriage. Your book was filled with
important information about Russian women and their culture, that I would not have otherwise known. I am certain that the knowledge you have provided will prove invaluable as I embark on this important journey. I think it appropriate to offer my sincere thanks, as what you have passed to me is not a plate at dinner, but tools that will change my life, as I seek to "marry a girl like you". :o)

All the best,
Dear Elena,

I did enjoy your book very much and you did a very good job writing it.
It is one of the best guides for dating and relationships that I've read.

Thanks again,
Lynn Price
I loved the book. I found the dating etiquette very interesting. I would have committed several errors while thinking I was doing the right thing. I look forward to capturing the heart of my future wife.


Hi Elena,

I just read your book. It was entertaining and provided me with some good tips. I am flying to meet my girlfriend in Moscow in three weeks time, she is from Pervouralsk and is traveling to meet me in Moscow then we will travel together to Pervouralsk. I am very nervous about the language and etiquette things and your book has given me more confidence.

Thanks for that.
Brent (Australia)

Hello Elena,

I have not read all of your book in detail, but it's clear that
I was making the common mistakes I suspect any man would make. Please stop selling your book as I want all the Russian women for myself!

Thanks for writing your book, the information is very helpful!

Michael (USA)
Your book is excellent, thank you for suggesting it. I'm sure I'll use a lot of your suggestions for what to say and not say in a letter. I think it will help me when I actually visit the FSU.

Zdrazvyute Elena Petrova,

I am 36, a business owner, and a minister in the US. I have a very deep church life and faith. Over the past few months I have become more impressed with the quality and professionalism exhibited by your organization. I recently purchased your ebook "How to Marry a Girl Like Me" and was fascinated by
the depth and detail provided. Thank you for adding value to my search.

Philip (USA)
Your book has opened my eyes to certain things that I was not aware of and which could be devastating to the uninformed. I hope that in the coming weeks and months I will be able to tell you of my success story.

Terry ( USA)
Hello Elena,

I enjoyed the book very much.
I wish I had read it long ago. My first letter was to a woman living in Ivanovo, Russia. She was very convincing over 4 weeks of every day email. We traded pictures, life stories and family stories. I ended up sending her money for a visa and then two weeks later money for a plane ticket.

I knew nothing of the rules. She had told me the agency that help her with visa that she had to buy a plane ticket through them. And that they would not take a credit card. I knew something wasn't right, but I did it anyway. I did everything your book warned me of not to do.

So after reading your book I am very particular of the dating agency I chose. I have contacted three women and all three had replied positive. I also get eight to ten contacts a day from women living in Russia and Ukraine. I feel sad that I can't keep up with the letters and have a hard time who to write and what to say.

I liked your book very much.
It was a big learning process.

Thank You
Kenny Ernst

Hello Elena,

I have purchased all your online books about last month before my trip to Saint Petersburg & Vyborg Russia. I have read them all and learned some mistakes I was doing and also used lots of great ideas and tips. I learned more on the Russian traditions and way normal Russian women view things when meeting American men. I will say that your books have great information and I would have gone very blind, if I did not read them first before my trip. This was my first meeting with the woman I have chosen and plan to be with. We have been writing, sending photos and phone calls for sometime now, and now we got to meet and got concerns or any misunderstandings resolve. My trip went very great and we both had a wonderful time. Thank You for all the very good information in your books.

I cooked for her and her mother and I impressed them both so much that they just stood there watching me all the time I was preparing a typical Spanish Cuisine called "Paella". I purchased flowers every day for her and to include her mother in between days and again I blew them out of the water like we say here in the USA. I watched her body signs and they were exact like you mention in your book and many other things you talk about. I think your book is a must for anyone that wants to understand more about Russian Women.

Thanks You


Many thanks for your wonderful book.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very informative, even to the point of revealing some points, common to all women anywhere in the world. Points that only know I understood about my relationships with "local" women.

Although I am Portuguese, I grew up and lived in South Africa for 20 years, so I fully understood it when you said that there is no public transportation there. Now in Portugal, there is, but the "rules" are still very different to that of in Russia.

"Baie dankie en tot 'n volgende keer …"
(you will have to ask your husband to translate that for you).

Fernando (Portugal)

Hi Elena, my name is Chato and I am an Australian man who has just downloaded your book. I have not done anything more than browse a few websites thus far but as I am reasonably certain that a Russian woman will be my future bride I bought your book as I have been unsure as to how to get started. I think that the first money I have spent so far has been on your book is a good omen,
without it I would be lost. So far I have only read your story which I did while I was waiting for the book to finish printing. I must say it both made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye, your husband is a lucky man. Already you have cleared up a few misconceptions I had, but in a positive way. Many doubts I had have now been removed. I had to print the whole book straight away as my computer would not let me save it, I don't know why. I have printed the whole document without any problem so it is okay. I have heard of Russian women who left their husbands a short time after marriage, but I have always believed that this is probably because the man was too jealous and perhaps physically violent rather than because the Russian woman was insincere. In such cases my sympathy lies with the woman and not with the man, although it pays to be careful when seeking a long term partner. I am only thirty one years old and would like to marry a woman in her early twenties. Many Australian women consider this to be too large an age difference so I am glad that you think this will be acceptable to most Russian women. When I have read more and contacted some women I will be sure to let you know how well your advice has helped me. Good luck with your marriage and I hope you enjoy living in my country, 

Chato (Australia)
Dear Mrs. Petrova:

I purchased your new e-book "How to Meet and Marry a Girl Like Me" last Friday, April 2, 2004. I read the print-out over the weekend. I wanted to say Thank you. I view the process
in an entirely different manner.

I ran your advice past a friend who spent time in St. Petersburg, Russia teaching and has a Russian minor. My friend whole-heartedly agreed with you.

Well, I am planning on going to Odessa, Ukraine in July/August 2004 with A Foreign Affair. I planned the trip in advance of doing research about the dating process, expectations, cultural differences, etc. I was fortunate enough to secure a CD-ROM and to learn a bit of Russian before going.

Thank you for your book.
Darren H.
Dear Elena:

I just finished reading your E-book, (How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me) and found it to be very helpful. In the past I had been corresponding with several Russian women (not at the same time) and for some unknown reason they would stop corresponding with me without explanation. I now see where I had been making mistakes.

Thanks so much for your book, I believe it will be a tremendous help in my future endeavors.

Greg Mitchell

Hey Elena,

I bought your book, and I enjoyed very much! I am actually using your advice for Brazilian Girls.

Thanks once again,


Dear Elena,

I bought your book "How to find and marry a girl like me" and thank you very much for the advices you are giving there. Apart from knowing, that such thing as "ordering a bride" does not exist, I found your own story and the view to the "inside" of Russian women very helpful. I have a few acquaintances, who are married to women of the FSU.

Kind regards

Jürgen Schmidt
Betriebswirt (VWA)

Hello Elena,

I found your e-book titled "How to Find & Marry a Girl Like Me" to be enlightening on several different issues. I've been doing personal research into the "mail order bride" phenomenon for about two years now. I find it interesting that many people who do not understand history are quick to condemn the mail order bride concept.

Many of the things I read in your "How to Find & Marry a Girl Like Me" e-book were things I would like to share with family and friends before bringing a Russian / Ukrainian lady home.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all us single men and women.

Rob Mende
Author & Entrepreneur
Success Quest Enterprises


This was a well written, very informative book. It is MUST reading for any guy who is seriously interested in marrying a Russian lady. I highly recommend it. Well worth the 30 bucks. It covered all the bases.

Thank you for all your help. I wrote the most beautiful introduction letter thanks to your guidelines. I currently am corresponding with a wonderful lady from the Ukraine. After reading my letter she told me that she wants ME to be her ONE AND ONLY. WOWWW!




Thank you for the message. You are as sweet and considerate as you are beautiful.

I enjoyed your book. My neighbor read it and suggested that I do as well. He met a wonderful woman from Russia. Her name is Luda and they are engaged. She plans to move here in six months or so. He said that your book was a such a big help to him.

I am not going to give up. Based on what he has told me about Russian women I plan to keep looking. I have no problem finding women here to date but I must admit that I am tired of the way many American women act. Family is not important and many of them are only concerned about themselves.

I thank you for your time. That was very nice of you. Take care.


Thank you so much, Ms. Petrova. I just read your book for the first time (of several more times, I'm sure). It was both interesting and concrete in its suggestions. I'm sure it will contribute to smoother future relations for me. I found the approach refreshing and candid. The language was clear yet often endearing in its cute variations from standard English; overall a delightful, informative experience.

Thomas Kinnaird

I have been corresponding with this girl for about 4 months. I am planning a trip to meet her this summer. I want to thank you for the advice, and the tips. I want to leave a good impression with her and your book will definitely help.

Zdravstvuite Elena,

I just want to say thank you so very much for this book you wrote. I just placed my profile with 2 web sites and I have had an overwhelming response of letters coming in. I am getting on average 7-10 new letters a day for about two and a half weeks now. And already I think I have found my second half. We have written many letters in this short time span. I just called her for the first time two days ago and I told her I'm not really interested in the other women writing me. She said that was good and that she would like me to come out to Odessa to meet her. I am in the process of getting ready to see her hopefully, at the end of May, 2004.

Elena, Thank you so much for all of your good advice since I want this to work out for the Oliya and myself. Now, with the help of this book I'll make sure I do not make any mistakes which could jeopardize this new found relationship, which will hopefully lead to marriage.

Thank You Very Much, 
Scott Y.

The book is an excellent guide to getting on with Russian women and I now see where I have been going wrong. It is a good read and very practical.

Owen S.
I purchased your ebook "How to find and marry a girl like me" about 3 hours ago, and I just finished reading it. I cried at the conclusion of your first story. Your tale of learning and finding true love was very inspiring. It truly touched my heart. I have not found any information anywhere else that is as useful and comprehensive as your site and book.

Daniel A. (USA)
Your book is excellent! It contains valuable information for any man searching for a Russian wife. Almost all the questions I had in my mind about "how to" , "when", "why", and "where" have been answered. Thank you for writing this book!

Ron Spina
Dear Elena,

Thank you for the translation. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate on writing such an excellent book "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me". It has helped me immensely. I have been a long time Russian bride supporter but have never got up enough courage let alone the knowledge how to write to any woman on the other side of the world. Your book has not only taught me what words to say but given me the 'kick start' I needed find someone special.
I am sure I will now find the woman of my dreams with your help.

Kind regards,
Ross Jennings.
Hello Elena,

Yesterday, I purchased "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me," and I'm writing to tell you that it's the best $25 that I have ever spent.

No, I am not presently interested in corresponding with Russian women (although I might be in the future). You see, two months ago, I met a Russian woman here in Montreal, Canada, and we have been experiencing serious difficulties in the last few weeks. So I did a Google search on "insight into Russian women character" and thus found your http://www.womenrussia.com website.

Perhaps if I had bought your e-book earlier, our relationship might have progressed further before ending. But it certainly would have ended anyway, because of your valuable advice in Part 2: "How to Start." I did create a portrait of my dream woman, and Marina did not fit it. Although she is very talented (a concert pianist and accomplished watercolour painter) and beautiful (quite shapely with get-the-fire-extinguisher red hair), talent and beauty were on my "nice to have" list. Respect and compassion, on the other hand, were on my "mandatory" list. When she started taking three or four days to answer my telephone messages and began a "witch hunt" to find my faults, I knew that our relationship had to end.

Initially, I had been enamoured by her attention to me, which may simply have been the standard Russian approach of treating guests as being precious, which you so clearly described. But I interpreted my treatment as a sign of true love, which was certainly a mistake. Perhaps if I had read your e-book earlier, I would have adjusted my expectations accordingly and saved myself much heartache.

I certainly don't want to paint Marina as being "bad" (she is in fact an extremely capable woman, but just not right for me) but I do want to express my appreciation for your valuable insights in your website and your e-book. After carefully reading your material two and three times, I can clearly see that your objective is to ensure that people find the right partners for themselves. In the Internet world, where everyone is trying to "make a buck," your value and integrity is truly refreshing.

So I send my heartfelt thanks for your efforts, and especially for sharing your own experiences in such detail. You are certainly a remarkable woman, Elena.

Kindest regards,

P.S. Although things did not work out with Marina, I have recently met
another Russian woman here, Vira, and perhaps things might go better with her. I will certainly keep your advice in mind. Thank you so much.

I loved your ebook. I understand Russians and Russian women much better now. Your book really cleared up and addressed some questions and misconceptions. 

Before I had sort of a negative view about men finding a wife in Russia. I will now refer to them as wives not "mail order brides". In fact, I now dislike that term "mail order bride" because it does a great disservice to the honest hard working Russian women that are trying to find a husband abroad, especially the ones on your web site. I know that many Western men probably consider it a game of trophy hunting. In America we call beautiful wives of rich jerks "Trophy wives" hence the term trophy hunting. 

But I do not consider finding a wife in Russia a game or a second choice. In fact I found myself tonight in a situation where I started to stand up for Russian women that have met their husbands this way. I was at a singles social and a person that I was talking with, an American woman of course, said she new of a Russian bride. She said how the American women had treated her and acted towards her. I found myself wanting to stand up for the Russian woman even though I do not know her. She said she was young and beautiful, you know where she was going. I then asked if the Russian woman had a college education. She didn't know the answer. I then told her that 60% of Russians have a college education. That was the end of the discussion about the "Russian bride", you simply can't go against facts. I may have been stretching the 60% mark, but I know from your book that there are more college educated Russians than Americans. 

I now want to learn more about Russia and Russians, because I have read your book. I also now consider finding a wife in Russia a definite option. Not because I'm a loser that has given up on American women and looking for an easy way to get a wife. But because
I now view the women on your site as hardworking, educated, and intelligent women that are searching for the same thing that I am. They just happen to be very beautiful and don't mind being so, and just happen to be from Russia. In fact not only do I now consider Russian women as an option, but I also consider other women from around the world an option as well. 

Times have changed on the dating scene and the world is now much smaller thanks to the internet. I now view finding a wife this way as simply an option that was not available to me a few short years ago. Luckily for me I'm still young, open minded, and healthy. Therefore I am willing to embrace finding a "wife" that just happens to be "from Russia".

Will, USA

Zdravstvyi Elena!

I am glad I purchased your book. I would like to suggest a change in your marketing. I would have bought it much sooner if I knew it was really a book (not just a few pages). There were so many interesting cultural differences in you 132 pages! I was a great learning experience. Your advice is filled with common sense that even an intelligent person might forget to use when thinking romantically. As always, I have the feeling that you are a wonderfully warm and earnest person who is providing an honest service.



I just finished your book, "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me." It was extremely informative. I have always thought of courting women in much the same light as walking through a mine field. One wrong step and BOOM!
I really liked your book because it helps me to keep from making foolish mistakes. The cultural information you presented in the book is definitely invaluable. Without your book most of those things would never occur to me. 

I have also read your Anti-Scam Guide. With the knowledge from these 2 books I feel much more confident in my endeavors. 

Sacramento, California

Hello Dear Elena,

I have just downloaded and devoured part of your e-book. I hope that by now you have got used to our western culture and so I am going to take the liberty to tell you that you are a genius of the first order. There were many things which I've been doing wrong but to tell you the truth, until your agency was recommended to me by 'Agency Scams' (Jim) I did not take the search very seriously for deep down I did not believe that my correspondents were real. Thank God for this intuition for it saved me from a lot of heartache and fraud. But I have bought an address of a lady from your agency and I am very interested in her and before I started to write my first letter I tried to search every possible aid so as to ensure a positive response from her. And then I happened to find your e-book and bought it as well. I decided to start reading it, but then moved immediately to the section of the introductory letter writing. Russians are so mysteriously different (I have always thought highly of the Russian people, and still do) that I had to read certain parts twice from that section. They are not obvious for us. Elena, thanks for your good work. Keep it up. We all appreciate an agency who is serious about its targets.

Warm Regards,
Paul Vella

I enjoyed reading your book "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me" and found the information to be useful. I purchased it about two weeks ago. I have been writing to a few women but feel as if I have been wasting my time. From what I read I know that I have made errors in corresponding with these women. Hopefully things will change with your advice.

Thank You,

Zdravstuite Elena!

I just finished reading your book 'Girl Like Me'. Thank you for all of the work you put into it. 

...I like your approach to this. A few years ago I tried making contact with several Russian women. But it was hard to get past certain practicalities, delays and even scams. Your information is sensible. I thought about it again because I will be spending time in Europe next year. My Ukrainian ancestry seems to be calling me. And then I thought... maybe I'll think about this again. Thanks for you site and the care you put into it.

Yours gratefully
In the most beautiful town in Alaska

Zdravstvuite, Elena,

Thank you so much for writing not only a highly informative, but also entertaining and reassuring book. I'm quite sure I won't be using the 90 day money back guarantee.

Not only has the book put my mind at ease, but it has also clarified certain subjects and helped me concentrate on the task in hand.

As instructed in Part 5, I have made my list of mandatory, desirable and undesirable elements. I was a little shocked to count 25 items! I'm tempted to rename this section "Part 5: How To Choose The Perfect Woman" :-D . I wonder if she exists? I hope so! :-) Although I'll settle for a 99% match ;-)

I'd like to tell you that Part 6: "How To Write Introduction Letters That Receive 9 Responses Out Of 10" is amazing! At first I wondered how this would work, but after reading your wonderful suggestions I can see how a letter should be formed to assure the lady that you are worthy of her effort, and she is of the writers, demonstrate individual qualities and highlight the benefits.

I have been inspired by your book and enrolled myself on a 60 hour Russian language course which starts soon. So far I've taught myself the (obviously) usefull Russian version of "Cat" and "Dog"! :-D I've learnt a few others too! Sadly, but amusingly at the same time, at this early stage my hand-writing looks like that of a small child who is just learning to write! :-D

On a light-hearted note, I was highly amused by the saying "A man should be a bit more attractive than a monkey" - I often joke that when I was born that I resembled a chimpanzee, albeit a bald one :-D

Thanks for all the effort that went into the book, it truly is inspiring, confidence building, informative and entertaining and definately money well spent :-) Once I've got over my writers block and created an opening letter worthy of being tagged "a masterpiece" I will not hesitate in signing up for a platinum membership.


Hello Elena,

I purchased your e-book and stayed up to read the whole thing that night. I found it interesting, fun, and well written. Best of all it convinced me that with your advice I will be able to find the girl of my dreams in Russia, and marry her, and I'm going to do it.

Thank you,
Matt Akers

Dear Elena:

I send this letter to you because I am not sure if you received the other one which presents my comments on your e-book, "How to Find and Marry a Girl like Me." I just recently changed my e-mail addresses and I wrote the last letter that uses outlook express connected to my old earthlink account which is no longer in existence. So, if you read that one, please disregard this one.

First of all, I consider your work referred to above, as
an important contribution to the search for the right woman in the former USSR. So much controversy has occurred as a result of the whole movement of men from the west in search of Russian/ Ukrainian/ Eastern European wives. Fortunately for guys like me, you came out with a publication that will set the record straight. For that as well as for other matters, i extend to you my thanks. I also look forward to working with your agency as I press on with my search for my soulmate in the CIS countries.

Your work contributes towards resolving the whole consternation over whether a single ought to seek his soulmate in the former USSR in the first place. You debunk the myths and exaggerations perpetuated from all sides of that issue. One the one hand you dispel the claims of the extreme naysayers who assert that "the whole business is a scam..." on the other it lays to rest the misleading promotional literature of several (not yours necessarily.) introduction agencies that give any guy of interest the impression that even a fifty-five year old (by the way, I am forty, have secure employment and a future, and am in good health) "washout" can win the heart of any twenty year old "Slavic princess." What you emphasize as important for me to remember also underscores your genuine intentions. It does so because much of what you advise seems well-grounded in common sense. Yes, the women from where you came do seek men who are somewhat older. However, not too much older. Furthermore, you make the point that while they do not regard physical attractiveness as important as most men do, they do expect (and have every right to) a suitor who has good health, in top condition and has a "tidied-up' appearance. To know that I meet and marry someone as exceptional as those found in your agency from applying these sensible criteria, comes as great news.

Aloha Elena,

I have enjoyed your e-book and take it very seriously. You have made the path to a future wife from the Former Soviet Union
much easier and less scary. Thank you for this valuable tool.

Dear Ms. Petrova,

I enjoyed your book immensely. It was very well written and very informative for everyone wanting to get involved and marry a woman from Russia and/or the form Soviet Federation. It gave a tremendous amount of very useful information that is easily digestible. You point out what is right and proper and how to go about doing what is necessary to become successful in a search for a lifetime partner that will make you both suitable for each other and how to overcome problems that might arise and how to solve them. 

I find that it appears women are the same everywhere, and only some cultural differences make how you approach them slightly different. I believe you are doing a great service for both the men and women in finding someone to be their lifelong partner and be happy with each other. 

Thanks again for a very informative "How To" manual or you could call it a "Survivors Manual" for success.
I would highly recommend this e-book for anyone who is considering finding a wife that will be happy with each other in The former Soviet Union. 

I would like to know what you think and would appreciate if you would get back to me.

E.C. Goodman 
Dear Elena,

I have to say thank you for the amazing book and thanks for the way you did write it. I did enjoy reading it and I have acquired a lot of useful information.

I am communicating with a girl - absolutely amazing girl - and I will visit her soon... at least we are making plans together.

Most of the tips you give in the book work wonders. They are not magic, they are just reflecting a different reality/culture from what we (in the west) are used to.

I don't know if you do read the e-mails personally or not... if you do: I wish you success and you can be sure to receive not only a wedding photo... but an invitation (before the photo) :)))

All the best for you and your family,


Dear Elena,

Thank you for your book. I've just read it and not yet had the time and the chance to check out anything of it. But reading your lines gave me the impression that you're doing something with a commitment, a heart, a creativity and probably a portion of your life time, that - regarding only obvious chances (as I said I haven't checked it out personally yet) your book is giving to women in the east and men in the west - is becoming an added value to this world and I want to encourage you and congratulate for this achievement.



Thank you for your great book, I enjoyed reading it very much.
I found so many aspects of it enlightening. I have been thinking about contacting Russian women in search for a wife for many years. In fact I did once a couple of years ago and of course got scammed. It would not have happened if I read you book before hand. So now I am ready to try again. I have purchase 15 or so addresses for your site and have constructed a letter following your insightful and helpful criteria. Now I will sit back and wait for any replies. I have been looking at many different agencies for the past year trying to find the best or one that I could trust. Elena I am putting my trust in your agency because it certainly sounds the best. You have the most helpful information and you really sound genuine and you obviously know what you are talking about. I know that I will be contact you and your agency when I am ready to travel to Russia, once I find the right lady to visit. 

Thanks again and I will let you know how I go in my quest.


Dear Ms. Petrova,

After reading your book I am very glad I did. It all made perfect sense to me and I would like to think that the things you describe would be things that I would have caught and questioned but as you said I might have ruined a real relationship.

Sincerely Yours,

Hello Elena,

I just wanted to send you a quick note saying how much I learned from reading your E-Book. I should have read it months ago.


Hello Elena,

I really enjoyed reading your book and feel much more comfortable with the idea of finding a Russian girl now. I feel like I have a better understanding of the perspective of these women. This is something I couldn't fathom before, even though I heard all of the usual explanations. It just didn't sink in, but now it does.

I also wanted to say that I think you're a talented writer and I hope you keep writing. I think the book is intelligent, which makes it an interesting read, charming and funny (sorry about the multiple adjectives and superlatives!).

Following your instructions, I drafted and sent an introduction letter to the girl who got me interested in this whole thing last week. I also sent a letter to two other girls for good measure.

As I have looked over thousands of profiles this past week, I was really struck by how nice all of the ladies seem and my heart goes out to each of them. I really hope that they can all find someone. I think that this is what I really learned from reading your book.

Thanks again and best regards!


Hi Elena

I have purchased and read most of your ebook "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me" I have read it other than I did skip the section on myths of Russian Brides as I had satisfied myself on those issues on your website.

Needless to say I knew very little about Russian Ladies until I found your website but I had responded to a Yahoo Personals ad to what appears to me to be a very fine Russian Lady. In the initial stages I did some of the dont do's and did not do some of the do's listed in your book but I think she has forgiven me for them or overlooked them one of the two.

Your book has been very helpful and will probably be the difference of success and failure. We are in the process now of trying to get times and phone numbers coordinated for a phone conversation.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for both your website and your book.

Best Regards,
Chalmer Ditmars

Hi Elena

First of all I want to congratulate you on your book. I really enjoyed reading it. I have been surfacing the Russian websites for the past year and finding your book, by chance, on the net is the most constructive thing that has happen to me yet. I don't know how long more I will be able to continue searching , I will certainly try for a few more months , but in any event your book is going to become my "Bible" of my search.

Now after reading your book I don't think its such a good Idea meeting all these ladies together at one time, anyway I have signed up and I think I will go anyway and I will just trust in God to fine a nice girl while I am there. I wish you Gods blessing,


Hi Elena,

I found your book very useful and interesting. Even though I was very serious in the past with a woman from Russia (who was already in the U.S.), I learned many things and it answered many questions.


Hi Elena,

Thank you for writing this book, I have told a lot of my friends here in Dallas Texas and some women friends in Russia about you, Elena. I was in Russia last year and met and was in love with a beautiful lady like yourself, at first we both where in love we thought until I left Russia and made all the mistakes you talk about when I returned home. I met her in Russia and we started dating, this time I'm taking your advice and writing to different ladies, and getting to know them, I was in St Petersburg Russia for a month I really like the people in Russia and can't wait to find the right lady for me.

Thanks again,

Dear Elena,

I purchased this morning a copy of your e-book 'How to find and marry a girl like me'.
I have read it once and started reading it again! I am amazed by your frankness and honesty and the book's insight into how women think. 

We are never to old to learn and perhaps I can now see how I went wrong in the past, nearly right but not quite there. It has given me the conviction to try once again. So thank you Elena.


Greetings Elena. =)

I have to thank you from bottom of my heart for making such a wonderful book. I think it takes a truly special person to help other men and women find love and happiness! Your book was simply amazing and insight, advice, and information about Russian culture was worth its weight in gold, printed of course. ;)

To give you some background I am recent college graduate from Southern Illinois University with Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies. I have always struggled with meeting QUALITY women, someone that I  could some day settle down with, get married, and have children with in the future. In college this type of women was extremely hard to come by, I felt much as Russian women do, all the good ones are taken long ago. Unfortunately, the only single women were "bad girls" who wanted to party and have wild sex! Guess I am not typical guy because they didn't interest me in the least bit. One night stands are never a good idea and sex is meaningless if its not someone you love. My first day on campus we were told by older student leading us on school tour that our college was in one of Playboy's top 10 lists. When I asked the lady giving the tour to explain further she said my college was in the Top 10 colleges for sexual transmitted diseases! (STDs) This always haunted me throughout my college years. 

I am very modest person. I don't feel the need to brag about myself but I do feel I am attractive young man. I am 29 years old, 6'4" in height, weight approx 240lbs, I have broad shoulders, athletic build, size 16 shoe, big hands, deep voice, and 100% Italian! =) Even with all these desirable traits even I have trouble finding QUALITY women. So I can only imagine the frustration older men go through as they have far less women available. Like them I decided to broaden my search and not limit myself to women just in the US. To be honest I never really considered marrying abroad. I did however used to joke with friends "I just might have to go back to the old country (Italy) to find my wife" =) Truth is I meant what I said but for the longest time thought it was a pipe dream to be honest. It wasn't long ago that I was online reading about exotic locations and reading about places I hope to travel to one day. One of my greatest passions in life has always been world history. Of all the countries in the world Russia has always fascinated me. How could such country of such size, limited resources, economic disadvantages, lacking in technology, and other important areas compete with Germans in WWII and later the US throughout the cold war. Like anything else in life, never underestimate human spirit, sheer will, and internal fortitude to overcome overwhelming odds! So because of my love of world history I recently began reading about more modern era in the former Soviet Union.

What really caught my eye was when the author explained there are 10 million more women than men in Russia today. Why??? That burning desire to know led me to read much more. Later I thought about it, I was deeply saddened when I realized this means there are 10 million women who will never know love, never be married, and never have children. This is when I had my epiphany! These women deserve happiness, love, and chance to have children like anyone else. I was outraged! Life is not fair, but I will not ignore such an opportunity, and do what I can to make someone very happy. :)) Now every day I spend hours pouring over profiles of Russian women. I registered on several Russian dating sites and yours is by far the BEST one. Like other men I ran into problems with other websites and had bad experiences with both the women and apathy the business owner showed towards its customers. After coming across your website I could tell right away you were running very successful It did not take long to realize both you and your business are sincere and your intentions are sincere and genuine and most of all wants to help all men and women to find love and happiness! Alot of other companies out there to be blunt are exploiting both American and Russians need for love, companionship, and most of all marriage. Like other men the idea of spending for some "romance tour" where your just a number to the business owner is not appealing. I think it was several weeks before I found your website. In the time frame that kind of money per trip made me loose all hope of finding Russian bride. Men, listen up, what separates Elena from other International dating/marriage agencies is she only charges a fraction of what large "romance tours" are charging. She's only covering the cost of the interpreter! The rest is up to you, not everyone needs champagne, 5 star hotels, and lavish accommodations. Besides, who wants to find the love of your life in that kind of setting! How could you expect to me quality women in what is essentially "high class bar hopping" where you're meeting women who might get the impression you live like that every day. Personally I would much rather spend my hard earned money on women of my dreams and not giving it to a business owner who really doesn't care you really finding love and happiness. Forget those Romance Tours guys, spend that money towards that special lady you hope to fall in love with. This is what makes Elena's business stand out from all the rest! =)

I have just started my journey but I have already found what I feel is very special lady. I found her with help of Elena and I am already researching what it takes to make my dream come true. These women on Elena's website are truly world class women. You will be amazed sheer number of quality women you can see here. It really has to be seen to be believed, like me you will wonder how on earth are these women are single! They have it all, brains and beauty, college education, love of art, history, music, poetry, etc. Russian women have the same problem we have guys, they can't find quality men! They want what everyone wants, to be loved, to find someone they can spend rest of their lives with, and to have children some day. Disregard anything you have ever heard from the media. We all know the only good news is bad news. These women are nor passive or submissive. They are not interested in your money, what kind of car you drive, where you live, or any of that nonsense. These are not American women, these are Russian women. They have whole different culture and view on life than what you are used to. They just want love and happiness. I strongly urge anyone considering Russian women as their future bride to read Elena's book! Your lack of knowledge into Russian culture and courtship will put you at serious disadvantage and ultimately have to learn the hard way. You only get one chance to make a first impression! Make sure have done your homework gentlemen. Best of luck to everyone out there and thank you Elena for giving me the knowledge to make my dream come true! Please, feel free use my story on your website and as a reference for anyone that has questions about finding love abroad.

Sincerely yours,
Ben (MO, USA) 

Zdravstvuite Elena,

I purchased your e book on "How to meet and marry a girl like me" and have sat down and read it through twice. I found it very enlightening, informative and full of very useful tips and information. I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to make available this e book. 

I am aware that the information that you have made available is meant as a guide only and is not set in concrete. As you are speaking from "first" hand experience having gone thought the process and being a "mail order bride" (I know you dislike this term) and obviously having done a lot of research I can and will use it with confidence. I know it has helped me and that it will help me in the future.

I have recently started looking seriously at the prospect of finding my one and only partner and to pursue it hopefully to a happy ending. I started my search at another site (the "pink pages" I will call it, I think you will know which one) and picked a few girls (For some reason I find my attracted to Ukrainian girls. I can not find a reason for this. Most of the girls I have picked out from this site and yours are from the Ukraine) and purchased two addresses and consequently wrote to these girls. This was before I explored your site in more detail and found and started to read all the information that was available on the "myths", what not to do, how to do it, the why's and all the other very good reading that you have available on this subject. In some ways,
I wish I had read all this before I had started, for I know would have started my search differently and written my letters a lot differently. Having said that. I sent letters to two girls (via snail mail). Both of the letters were in body the same, with only a few changes made to the introduction to suit each individual girl. They were only two pages in length with an introduction, a brief description of me personally and another description of my character and then where I lived and finally a short closure. I enclosed a photo of myself and some post cards on my city and surrounding area. One I had translated for this girl had poor English skills the other was sent in English. I made some errors in writing these letters, using superlatives and writing to the picture more than the person. 

Last week I received one reply from (would you believe this, the first girl I decided to write to. Hers was the first address I purchased. She was not the most "beautiful" girl but some thing really appealed to me about her) the girl I wrote to in English. Her reply was positive and we will for now, till we find out if we are suitable for each other, continue to correspond. I am realistic in my out look and am well aware that it may amount to nothing, but one has to remain positive and believe that it may also work. That is for the future to determine. I am not setting my hopes to high for the present. 

There is a euphoric feeling about receiving a reply from a very pretty girl from the other side of the world!

Now you may wonder as to why I have gone to such detail. Having read your e-book and taken on board some your points, ideas and gaining a lot better knowledge about this subject,
I am now a lot more informed, and in a better position to change my outlook and the way I approach my search and write my letters. I have taken a step back and considered what I have read and learnt. My next letter to my friend will have a lot more detail and substance and I will know how to ask the right questions to gain the information required to form a judgment on us being suitable for each other. This letter I will have translated. 

Elena, I would again like to thank you more for your e book and other articles.
It was money well spent and I am sure it will save me a lot of time, money and heart ache. I feel that you are willing to try and help people if they have questions and or need advice. 

Yours truly,
Phil Jones

Dear Elena,

I enjoyed your e-book, How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me, immensely. Your intelligence shines through on every page. Your style is fresh and crisp, and you are exceedingly credible in that yours is a voice from outside our culture. Except for Biblically oriented advice, I personally do not find American "experts" expert on much of anything concerning the relations between men and women. Another way of saying this is that I feel myself somewhat disenfranchised from the greater American culture as portrayed in the movies and especially on television.

I am a lawyer, and in the days before going to law school, I used to teach German, which language I speak rather fluently. When I got my degree in languages, I had also taken in the period 1965 to 1968 many courses in Russian. I can, accordingly, speak, read, and write the very basics of Russian. Since my divorce in 1999, I have become interested again in my Russian studies. I deeply desire to have a meaningful relationship with a person of the opposite sex, and the evolution of Internet technology and the disintegration of the Soviet Union has caused me to become intrigued with the idea of meeting a woman from the former Soviet Union. Although I was married for some 27 years and have 3 wonderful children - my "babies", 18, 23, and 26 - , I have analyzed and reanalyzed the causes for the demise of my marriage, and, of course, it was not all the fault of my ex-wife. We are still rather good friends, but a marital relationship is not quite the thing between us. My mother and father had a great love affair which lasted until he died. I had a marvelous mother until her death at the age of 88 in 1995. In short, I have become somewhat skeptical of American culture. Your writer, Solzhenitsyn, upon giving the commencement speech at our Harvard University criticized Americans by calling us too materialistic. This angered many Americans, but he was correct. More accurately, I would say that we as a people are undisciplined. Materialism is only a symptom of a more underlying malaise which is really a lack of self-discipline.

I can not agree with the assertion that American women are spoiled. My mother was not by any stretch spoiled. During our Great Depression, - 1929 - 1939 - , she supported on her small salary, her mother, father, her two sisters and their husbands. In my practice as a lawyer, I meet many, many women who struggle to support themselves and their children, or themselves and their children and their either lazy or disabled husbands. What I do find to criticize is a total unappreciation for the value of self-discipline either in eating, spending time, spending money, organizing one's career, reading, thinking, or .... on and on. Additionally, what I do find is that since the 1960s, there has been almost a total breakdown in family values. This is merely one of the ripples from our country's bad Viet Nam experience. One of the byproducts of this is feminism. This is the idea that a woman does not need a man. Another idea is that children can be raised equally well without a father as with. And this is where your e-book shines like a beacon on a cold night through the fog.
The very idea that there are women who recognize that although a woman does not NEED a man to survive and be economically productive, life with a loving person of the opposite sex is QUALITATIVELY superior to any other. When I read all the profiles of these beautiful woman on your site, the very idea that these intelligent, wonderful creatures would give up all with which they are familiar to travel here to live in this culture of excesses is astounding. They show a courage which, as per Alexander Solzhenitsyn, is the most important character trait one can have. Scan the profiles of American women on the Internet who seek men, and a significant proportion let it be known up front that they will not relocate.

I intend to follow your instructions and establish a long lasting relationship. I do so with a sense of awe. I have read many times the history of your country especially that with regard to the period of 1940 to 1945. According to Richard Overy in Russia's War, a well-regarded history, Russia lost 25 (18 million soldiers and 7 million civilians) million because of Germany's invasion. Counter factually, I believe it is safe to assume that because of the successful Great Patriotic War, the lives of countless Americans and British were spared. I have read also in Ovary, op.cit., that 80% of the Wehrmacht was lost in Russia. At any rate, I am convinced that the Russian people are a very tough people while at the same time being very, very bright, intelligent, and cultured. While I am aware of the dangers of over romanticizing and generalizing, I would nevertheless be more than a little honored to meet one whom would be my wife.

At present, I am being tutored in Russian weekly by a gentleman who teaches European History at our local college. Valery is from Moscow and has a doctorate in history from Moscow State. He has lived here since 1992 or so. We have had many discussions concerning the above, and he agrees with most of what I told you. He has in fact helped me form some of my opinions and in part pa russkey.:))

Most respectfully yours,
Ted (USA)

Dear Elena,
I applaud you and your excellent work - as well as your ability to use effective marketing!
I do love the way you insist on straightening out some pipe-dreams and (to be honest) dismissive and chauvinistic attitudes toward Russian women:  all people are people and deserve to be treated and respected as equals.
Your work is not only a useful guide, it is also a sociological statement: one I happen to agree with and appreciate immensely!  This paragraph from page 12, for example:
"I have to disappoint the man who is seeking a Russian "mail order bride" - they do not exist. The Hollywood "mail order bride" only exists in movies and media articles.  In reality, women are seeking partners for marriage, no more, no less."
. . . just made me want to shout. "Yes, Yes, YES!"  (Though I would have looked rather silly if I had!)
That is exactly what I am seeking, too: a partner for marriage, and I just love the Russian way of talking about marriage, that I think I read on one of your web pages: "to join our lives together" - how much richer, how much more all-embracing, how much more satisfactory than the poor, reserved, insipient English near-equivalent idiom, "to share our lives".


Dear Elena,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such a wonderful book.
I have already got two responses back from my introduction letter. I think that love may be in the air at long last thank you. 

Your new friend for life,

Dear Elena,

Thank you. I have been reading your book and I think I am beginning to understand. It will be most helpful in my search for a wife. You are my hero.


Dear Elena,

I would like to take this time to say thank you for what you're doing. 

Your book is changing my life. I read your book and did what you said to do in writing letters; I have sent five letters to five beautiful women with 100% return. My letter is very long, at least I think so, four of them have written longer letters than I sent; I had these letters translated, just like you said, and these ladies have really opened up to me, I feel like I know them for a long time, one has already captured my heart, we have so much in common. 

Elena, I spent a month in Saint Petersburg, Russia, last year and made all the mistake you talk about in your book, but now I really have a problem which one to chose! The one I think is right for me, her name is Elena also.

If anyone who is truly interested in finding a Russian Lady will read your book and follow it in detail, and then put their heart and time in writing a letter, the rewards are far more worth the time and energy than they invest in it. I know I have just started but if it doesn't work out with these ladies, I am more than confident I will get the same response [again]. Of the five that responded only one didn't think we were a match but had only nice things to say about my letter.

Elena, I will keep you posted on my progress. I started this journey to find a Russian wife one and a half years ago. With your help I'm very close. If people read your book, they can do it in less than half the time I spent.

Elena I would like to give something back to you if there's anything I can do to help you please don't hesitate to ask.

God Bless You
Don Fann


I enjoyed your book so much I couldn't stop reading it and I was at my desk at work. I hope my company doesn't mind too much. I didn't know the Russian culture, but I have a much better understanding, now. It was so informative and interesting. I hope to go to Russia this summer and apply what I learned from your well written e-book.

Thanks so much,

I bought your book 'How to find and marry a girl like me' because I'm serious about marrying FIRST a worthy woman and as a SECOND requirement, and I mean it, a beautiful one. I found your book very practical, full of informative advice, nicely organized and pleasant to read. I think any honest man should thank you for writing it!

Briefly, I finished your book in one go and I think it's really worth it! I also enjoyed very much that you shared with us your personal experience in such a detailed way. I found myself identified with you in many respects.

On the other hand, after reading your book I found that, instinctively or rationally, I had been following a vast number of your advices without knowing them. This applies to chapters 1 to 8 (introduction, correspondence, what they want and don't what and how to win her heart). Still I underlined many of your advices.

Anyway, in my case I found of an exceptional interest your explanations about matters there's no way I could figure out. I mean chapters 9 to 12 (cultural, courting etiquette, personal meeting, etc.) especially if you never met any Russian. I truly hope they will work out because we'll have a personal meeting next summer.

Alex (Spain)

Dear Elena,

I have not only downloaded your book now but have corresponded with some Russian women who melt my soul. If they all talk so sweet then how do you decide? I am just kidding. It seems kind of crazy that I am a good looking guy with a good bit of property, young, ambitious and I am doing this. I have lots of dates with lots of American girls. Why am I coming home to do this? Russian women seem to see beauty in everything around them. They are optimistic and willing to create the life they want. I have never been so turned on as to listen to what one woman told me about how she felt when she walked next to the sea. I started doing this because I was bored with the women at home, but now I think I will pursue it and maybe find someone wonderful.

Thank You Elena,

Atlanta,Ga. usa
P.S. I will read your anti-scam book also
Dear Elena,

I have read you book twice now, and I found it very interesting and enlightening. Thank you for your insight. I plan to put your ideas into use very soon, and hopefully, I will find the "woman of my dreams" in the near future.

Thanks again,
Dear Elena:

I want you to know that I purchased your book. I have found it interesting and informative. Thank you so much for being such an example of what every woman in the world should strive to be. 

Sincerely, Edward
Denver, Colorado USA 
Hello Elena,

I have to say that I enjoyed your book very much. I have learned a great deal. There was so much that I did not know about the Russian culture, and I am intrigued by it. I am talking with a Ukraine woman know that I think has possibilities, I also work with a Belarus woman here in the States for women from Belarus, though not having much luck with that. I do want to thank you for writing your book, it has shown me some things that I need to work on.

Thanks again,
Charlie Wagner

I have enjoyed your book very much. This is the most useful guide to anything I have read in a long time. I am very pleased with the content and the explanations you have provided.


I enjoyed your book a great deal and found it highly informative and useful! Your information is in-depth and extensive, and presented with wit and humor. I have browsed many discussion sites with advice and information regarding the search for a bride from Russia, but you have convincingly presented valuable insights that are to be found nowhere else. Hopefully I will be wise enough to benefit from your help in my search. Thank you for taking the effort to go beyond that which is merely required by good business practices in your aid to your clientele!

Zdravstvuite Elena,

I loved your story and your tips, and especially liked the addition of your husband's viewpoint of his trip to Russia. :-) Although your "eBook" was about the same cost as a regular hardback book from a bookstore,
it was worth every penny. You provided wonderful advice along with much humor, and I greatly enjoyed reading your E-Book.

Ron Dotson

Hi Elena,

Well, I finished your e-book "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me" in one sitting and I'm impressed.
Your writing is insightful, and thoroughly covers the potential - but key - cultural stumbling blocks to success with Russian women. In truth if I had this information at 25 years of age my life would have been much happier and much less lonely for the past 27 years, which is how long I have been seriously looking for the right girl. Much of this is what we called simple romance back when I was younger, but it is an art mostly forgotten in Australian society and rejected by many now as "too old-fashioned". But reading it came naturally and brought back the lessons I once learned on gentlemanly behavior. It also neatly explains why my writing to the Russian girl who contacted me (another Elena, by the way) has been received so well and why she continues to write to me regularly.

The only downside is that with this bit of extra information and reinforcement I feel more confident with all women generally, and they are noticing it. So I will need to be very determined now to stick to the lovely lady I'm corresponding with. I have highly recommended this e-book to a 40 y.o. single guy that I know and will continue to do so with others. In actual fact what I said to him is this: "If you don't buy this e-book you're doomed to spend the rest of your life wondering why you're alone."

You have done a great service for all men, and so I thank you.

My only complaint is the title, which is somewhat misleading. You are truly unique, there is unlikely to be another like you.

Hello Elena

I found your book very insightful and
I wish that I had the opportunity to read a book like this two years ago.  Now I kind of have an idea why my visit to Donetsk, Ukraine didn't culminate into marriage.  Thanks for showing a man from the show me state exactly what he done wrong.

Incidentally, I'm not going to quit my search until I find the one for me because I simply fell in love with the food, country, and people of the Ukraine.

With my sincerest thanks,
Dear Elena,

I wanted to say thanks for your helpful and rewarding book.  I started my search months ago, and I go to Rostov, Russia in less than eight weeks to meet the girl I have grown quite fond of. Your website and especially this book, has been most helpful. I do not kid you when I say that I have read and re-read this book at least five to six times.  I have even quoted you on numerous occasions.

Again, thanks for your help, and please wish me luck!
Sincerely, Jeff McDaniel

Dear Elena,

I think it is time I update you on what is happening on this side of the world. I have been to Russia this past December visiting my Russian lady friend whom I met over the Internet (and if you can still remember, I asked your advice on several occasions regarding her). My visit exceeded ALL of my expectations!! We became engaged in Russia (I took the ring with) and personally asked her father's permission to do so and now it is only two more weeks before she arrives in South Africa, on a visitor's visa which will give us three months to get married and for her to become a permanent South African citizen. I must however add that the e-books I bought from you did help me immensely and without it I am sure I would not have been engaged today to the most beautiful girl in all of Russia, to be married in the immediate future.

Once again, tons of gratitude for your support via your e-mails and specifically your e-books.

Warm regards,

Hello Elena,

Thank you for an excellent book!
I thoroughly enjoyed it and find it filled with practical advise, terrific insight, and even some plain old fashioned wisdom. On top of that, it was interesting and fun to read as well. And, I must admit that I was rather skeptical. I hang my head in shame, but I expected to find the book sappy and filled with platitudes and self-serving stuff that I would want to hear.

Your chapter about why Russian women would consider marrying a western man really resonated with me. That is, to find a better quality partner. At once, I understood not just why they will do it, but why I would even consider doing it myself. As a divorced, single father of two, I've found the dating scene here in the US to be difficult to the point of being nearly depressing. I've actually dated more than when I was in high school and college, and yet I've found few women that I even wanted to have a second date with much less consider as my future life partner. Either they've really not taken care of themselves physically, or they have poor attitudes or character or both and this manifests itself often in the first few minutes of the very first date. 

You also struck a chord in me in pointing out that for the most part the things that a Russian woman wants in a man are pretty darn close to the things that any woman wants in a man. To me, the flip side of this is that a Russian mercenary/gold-digger is going to be looking for the same things as an American one or one of any nationality for that matter. So, if I can spot a US one (and I can), I can more than likely spot a Russian one too. This gave me some confidence.

In my case, one day, I stumbled across a site dedicated to Russian women. It seemed too good to be true, and I've had lingering doubts ever since even though I've been corresponding with a Russian woman for over a year now. Sometimes it helps to know that you're on the right track, and your book has helped me to see the good things that I've done and appreciate even more the goods things that I sense in her. I also see that I've made some mistakes along the way, but she seems to have been very patient with me about these. This too makes me appreciate her even more. I will make improvements, and who knows... maybe we'll be sending you a wedding picture soon! And, oh yes, I'd have made several significant mistakes in etiquette and would have misinterpreted many things when me meet in person later this year.

I also liked what you said about reading body language. I think that's really important. I think a lot of guys get wrapped up in their own interest in a woman and don't pay attention to how much interest she's really expressing in them. Much of this is not verbal either. As you say, body language is not easily hidden or disguised.

I also liked what you said about marketing yourself. This made me think even more about myself and what kind of man I am. In turn, this made me think about what things I do to improve myself because I wanted my marketing to reflect the real product. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

I really enjoyed your section on sex. I had to go take a cold shower while reading through it! ;-) 

Thanks again for a fantastic book!!

Best regards.
Mike (Georgia, USA)

I am a 30 year old man from Ireland who is corresponding with a wonderful Ukrainian woman. We have already made plans to meet after a few months of corresponding. Your e-book has proven itself invaluable, and will continue to do so, I am quite sure!

Al (Ireland)

Congratulations on writing a winner. The book really gave me a lot of insights about all women and about a very charming Russian culture.
For anyone considering doing this, the book is just full hard-hitting psychological truth. Amazing.

I am a bit curious about finding an Eastern European woman myself. Now, I really like a lot of American women. Many of them are very beautiful and have sweet personalities. However, I am not so thrilled with a lot of the social programming that they receive. It's not good for them or for their men. In some regards, in my culture being single carries the same kind of stigma that it does in Russia, particularly for women. But in some ways it's worse. They are often taught by culture that they should be ashamed of their intelligence and their desire for a man, and that women only go to college to get a MRS degree. All of this seems 
self-contradictory because it is. This is not universally true, and I have met many bright women who were psychologically healthy enough to chase their intellectual goals and were also healthy enough to express their attraction to a man, but our culture in America represses both men and women.

In America it is hard for people who don't have great resources to get a college education. Tuition can be high and financial aid not plentiful enough. It's all a part of the class system here, and I really don't like it. I was one of the fortunate ones, however. My parents never could have afforded to send me to Auburn University to get my Civil Engineering degree, but I was fortunate to have very good grades through high school and make a very good SAT score (1470 of 1600 total, with a perfect 800, which is an anomaly, on the mathematics part), for which I was awarded a full tuition scholarship. I was able to secure departmental money from the Civil Engineering group and the music department. Along with these funds, student loans, and the help of my parents I was able to get through school. Because it was so expensive, I had extra incentive to take my studies seriously, and really did. I made A's in more than 90 percent of my classes and never made a C. (Half of the students who start in engineering fail out.) I took a fellowship to UC Berkeley, the top Civil Engineering school in the US, where I have finished my masters' degree. I am going to finish my PhD at Vanderbilt University, a very well respected private university, on monies from the Federal Highway Administration and the National Science Foundation. But most people get their education only at great difficulty, and there are many Americans who either are not educated or who are so rich and spoiled that they don't appreciate what they have. I'm just lucky to have had the opportunities I had.

Once again, your book was one of the best written and insightful books I've seen in a while.


I found your book extremely helpful for me. I am just beginning the correspondence and
your book saved me from making very common mistakes. I will take your advice on writing my introduction letter very seriously and cannot wait for the responses!! If things go well I plan on taking a trip to Russia sometime in the summer. I am very optimistic since I know what to do and what not to do. I feel a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders, knowing what to expect in most situations will greatly reduce the pressure of the meeting and allow me to be myself.

Thank you again,
Hello Elena:

I just finished reading your book and I must compliment you on such a well written book. As a retired school teacher I found your book very easy to read yet extremely informative on critical information necessary to be successful in finding a Russian Bride. The book was extremely helpful in recognizing important factors in Russian culture that help you to understand view points of a Russian woman and how they perceive things. As a American I would never have been aware of some of the keys to gaining knowledge on just how to approach such a delicate matter in such a wise way. The book was extremely interesting to read even if I was not searching for a Russian wife because of knowledge and insight that you pick up on dating in another culture and society. I am fifty-four and wish I had found your book much earlier in my life but I am as pleased as could be that I found it now. 

Again thank you for the opportunity to gain such important information as I did from your book.

Sincerely yours,



Dear Elena,

First, I would like to congratulate you on your success in finding your dream man! I have read both of your stories and they are truly beautiful, I can only hope to be as lucky as you and your husband! I wish you both happiness enduring.

Secondly, I have ordered your new book and it is fantastic; the knowledge I have gained from it most definitely gives me an advantage. Not to mention a little confidence. You answered all my questions and then some, plus I have a new found respect, and admiration of the Russian people! Thank you for enlightening me.

Don G.
Omaha, NE USA 


Thank you for sharing your experiences in this book. It is very well written and easily understood. I have been thinking for about five years now, on the prospect of going to Russia and looking for a wife.
I have been researching Russian culture and customs through the internet to know how to present myself to Russian people in the correct way, your insight and advice is going to be very helpful to me in August when I make my first trip to St.Petersburg.

Also been corresponding to several women over the last month and I've had a very good response. There is one lady in particular that has risen to be my favorite. We have been corresponding via the internet for almost a month and the last few letters were starting to get short prior to me starting to receive your 9 simple rules emails. Then I was able to use your advice to examine my intentions more closely.

See I was in the frame of mind to just go to St. Petersburg on a romance tour to check this phenomenon of Russian women, and see for myself if it was for real! After a lot of research I decided to put my profile on the internet, just to see what kind of response I would get. Well let me tell you I was not ready for the amount of emails I started receiving. Anywhere for 20 to 30 a day!

Let me get back to my original thought before I go on to much! After examining myself and really deciding that, what I am looking for is a wife, by the advice in your book I've decided to focus my attention to the one lady out of many correspondences (35 different women) that is the best candidate for me. She is the only one who I have called on the phone and now we are emailing each other directly through regular internet. She will not be home for a few weeks to finish college but after that we will be able to have more phone conversations. I have a real good feeling about her and think that she is feeling the same by her emails.

After reading your book yesterday, I went over all my letters to her and was amazed that purely by accident, from the beginning of our correspondence; I have done almost exactly what you say in your book as the correct way to do this thing! So you see what that means to me is a confirmation that I am on the right tract! And have decided to go to Russia to see only her. This is in great part by the advice from your book. It is sound advice when you stop to think about it!

Let me close by saying
thank you for this valuable information and advice; for all the time and effort you put in to presenting it in such a way, which is so easy for a man to understand. You know sometimes we just don't get it! :-)

Chad Trader

Dear Elena :-)

I have found the information you have provided to be very useful. The cultural Differences between that of Eastern European women and the west are many and sometimes subtle. A man can quickly get lost when over in Eastern Europe and I would suggest to any man going there to read the book or at least the 9 steps that you provide... I was In Kiev last year and met a pretty woman from Icq of all places. It did not work out for the two of us sadly. Strangely though The Girl who had provided me with accommodations when I was over there became my best friend. It is like talking to a part of myself and I go back there in three weeks to be with the best friend I have ever had. Thanks for your advice. I believe the things you say are genuine and hope Guys read it before they go. Don't necessarily look for beauty when you go over guys, look at the heart you are going to be with. Its not the outside of a diamond that necessarily causes the sparkle. Good luck to all who go there. Its worth the trip!


Hello Elena-

I purchased your book "How to Find and Marry...' via the internet last week. I enjoyed it very much, especially the parts about how Russian women think and what they like in men. I have been on a 2 year+ search for a Russian wife and have visited Ukraine and Belarus in last 2 years. Neither girl was right, but I plan to travel to Russia in next 2 months to visit either one of two ladies that I have been corresponding with. Again,
good book and I learned a lot from it. 

Best regards, 
Bob Perry USA

Hello Elena

My name is Michael and I'm a native Englishman currently living in Amsterdam, Holland. I have just read your e-book 'How To Find And Marry A Girl like Me' and I have to say that
I was surprised with the wealth of insightful and pertinent information for a man such as myself who has decided to travel down this road. I really have no suggestions on how you can improve on it apart from maybe having a more extensive section with more examples of standard introduction letters. Though to be honest you provided a lot of good examples. 

Once again - great book!  


Dear Elena,

I want to thank you for the advice that I received in your book.
It was so helpful in meeting a gift from God! I had met a woman on another site and was able to use the information in your book in understanding Russian women. She speaks very good English, this is helpful. I am learning Russian and want to speak Russian in the home as she has a six year old son, and we do not want him to lose his language. I traveled to The Ukraine in September for 20 days then returned in January for two weeks. I will be bringing her here on a Fiancée Visa in September if all goes well with the Embassy (I see no problem).

But I wanted to give some feed back on the book.
It was very helpful in finding a true princess. She is so beautiful! And she has two University degrees. I have been very good to her and have sent flowers in this past year maybe 25 times.

I rarely find that I have gotten my money's worth from a purchase - but your e-book "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me" is definitely worth every penny, and many more on top of that.

Given your typical clientele that you speak of on your site and in your book, I would venture a guess that I'm definitely not the average one. I am but 24 years old right now, but have already gotten my fill of western, and to be more specific, American women's ideas on relationships. It's easy to see that they aren't compatible with me - and the ones that ARE compatible are already taken!

Seriously, I have given up on finding an American woman who appreciates me for me, and isn't incredibly materialistic - I've proposed to two different women in my life, and both times, I've been flat out rejected due to materialistic expectations. They all want a rich guy, and aren't satisfied with someone who CAN provide a comfortable middle class life. Their loss, and a Russian woman's gain, as far as I'm concerned.

I do not see myself being in the position to actually start courting a woman from the FSU anytime soon, and it will probably be at least two years from now before I actually start. But I cannot thank you enough for the information you have given or sold me on your site - it has made my mind up as to where I can find a woman who is the most compatible with me, for marriage and building a family.

I feel that with reading your e-book,
I HAVE the information needed to make this a successful endeavor, and not waste my time or any woman's time either.

I look forward to sending a wedding photo of my Russian bride and I in the future, when it happens!

Sincerely and Respectfully,
James A. Boyle
Aurora, Colorado, USA
I found the book very interesting. It is a very well written APPLICABLE GUIDE, a "Hat" for a wife seeker.

The Author has the intention of me getting a Nice Wife from East Europe. 

It nice to know she is well qualified to write up the technology. It was written in a concise and easy to understand format. "Uchen Horosho" 

I found your book extremely informative. It really helped to "clear up" a few things I had noticed in my lady's behavior. 

For me right now, the most relevant part of your book is the "proposal of marriage" chapter....that's what I'm considering right now.


Zdravstvuite Elena,

What a revelation! Thank you for your advice not only in this book but your book on scams you probably have saved me thousands of dollars and lots of frustration.

Thank You Again.
I recently downloaded your two books. I have found both very helpful. I particularly enjoyed reading your story and found I did not want to put the book down once I started reading it!

Derek, UK

Dear Elena,

I wanted to thank you for writing such an informative and insightful book! I enjoyed reading every word from beginning to end, and I recognized many mistakes I have made in the past in your advice! I have been an avid participant in Elena's Models since the year 2000, and have contacted many wonderful ladies from the site. Several I have made contact with have been wonderful women, however, after writing for a short while we would lose contact, and some I never had contact with. After reading this book, I realize that the reasons why this type of contact took place could have been because of some of the reasons you pointed out in your book. Things such as sending my letters in English instead of Russian and not explaining my reasons in the proper context were most likely reasons for this happening. I realize that now after reading this fine book, and I have a completely new outlook on how to approach and speak to the ladies of the FSU. I have much work to do and have a renewed confidence in finding the lady I would like to spend the rest of my life with. I also have found a much deeper need to learn even more about Russian culture and language than I had before. I am grateful for your advice here in this book, and hopefully I can receive even more advice from you in the future concerning my correspondence with these wonderful ladies!! Thank you once again,

Sincerely, Danny

Dear Elena,

I've just read your e-book from cover to cover. This has to be the single greatest resource I've seen yet for anyone who is even thinking about finding a Russian wife. I did not know and could not believe the amount of differences between my society in the UK and Russian culture.

I especially found the differences in Russian dating etiquette very interesting and to be honest, in light of what I've read,
I can't see how any foreigner successfully gets married to a Russian girl if they don't have this insider information before they even write their first letter. (Unless the girl is VERY forgiving and understanding of cultural differences.) Though I also think there should be a compromise and acceptance of cultural differences, to a certain degree, on both sides of the relationship.

(Now I'm going to go off on a tangent here so bear with me as I don't mean to moan and complain, but..) I personally would never intentionally do anything to offend a lady no matter where she comes from, but the impression I got from your book made me feel that if I put a foot wrong while I was dating a Russian girl, she would be offended, take it thick and that would be the end of that.

Dating western women is already hard enough because they already think a man should be psychic to their wants and needs (because they never say what they mean, where as a man always means what he says), but if a girl is going to become offended because you aren't following her cultural etiquette and she thinks that being from somewhere that has a different cultural etiquette and you don't know any better isn't a valid excuse, then I'm sorry but that's wrong and very arrogant.

Perhaps I have mis-read your book but this is the impression I got from it. And I definitely agree with the examples you gave of women rejecting men, those men were very rude and inconsiderate to them, they deserved to be rejected. If they were going to treat a lady in this inconsiderate way just by visiting her, imagine how they would have treated her if she had married them.

On a more positive note, I definitely enjoyed the book and it has halted me in my tracks and given me food for thought before going any further with Russian dating.

Most western men will browse many online personal sites before they browse an international introductions site. The two look very much the same. Photo profiles and a description of the person and what they are looking for. But there is a definitely different set of expectations and attitude between the west and east profiles that is not apparent to the casual surfer. There's no doubt now in my mind that a guy's attempt to date or even communicate with a Russian girl will end in failure if they haven't read your book.

Personally I think most guys who initiate contact disappear because they weren't serious about the girl or marriage in the first place and just take the easy way out by cutting communication with her.

I've also realised that I went to school in the wrong country ;-)  Students are about £13000 - £20,000 in debt by the time they leave university in the UK, as they have to pay for it. They then have to spend the next couple of years paying it back in their first job.  Some can never afford to pay it back.

I found much of your personal story quite funny as I can associate your situations with things that have happened in my own life and the old saying "what CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong". But things usually all work out in the end. There's nothing better than reading a story with a happy ending.

If you wanted feedback on how to improve the e-book, I would say page numbers and get the document split into chapters within the PDF file for faster reference. You could probably outsource it to somebody on elance.com who knows how to do such a job. I'm sure it's not a big job.

I hope this feedback helps.

All the best.
Best regards
Jonathan S.

Zdravstvuite Elena.

As you can see, I have been reading your book. And I did enjoy it. You are writing about
a lot of things that a man from another country never would know. Before I got your book I have already got replies from some girls. ( I must have done some things right :-) ). But I will for sure be using your tips in my future letters. What will be coming out of it I don't know yet, of course. But if there is a happy ending I will let you know.

This is some really good education. I was skeptical at first but I am no longer ashamed of my intentions. Most of the people who say negative things about this are just jealous of guys who have enough drive about them to go after what they want regardless of borders. That is the sex appeal of these girls too, they create the life they want. I am glad I bought the book.



I purchased your book "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me" on Friday and spent the weekend reading it. I actually read it twice taking notes the second time. I found the book to be fascinating, enlightening and entertaining. I learned a great deal about what the Russian Woman expects and what Russian cultural and courting norms are.
I believe that for anyone contemplating a relationship with a woman from the former Soviet Union that this book is an essential and I highly recommend it.

I am currently in e-mail correspondence with a beautiful lady from the city of Kazan and so far it is working out very nicely. It is my hope and dream that we may all find our other halves.

Thank you for writing the book.


Dear Elena,
Thank you ever so much for taking the time to compose your e-book. It has been a pleasure and a joy to read. When I first decided to purchase it on-line my rational was if you get just 1 or 2 'nuggets' of wisdom it will be worth the price. Having been to Russia, I am wary of being taken advantage of financially by a Russian woman, but went ahead and bought the book since I was writing a young lady from Murmansk at the time. It seemed wise to gain some understanding of other party and what their thoughts and experience was like.

Elena, you have exceeded all my expectations - the book is delightful, very candid; extremely insightful. Best of all I feel like I have met a new  friend (you). Believe it or not, having read only to page 55, I have gleamed 26 nuggets of wisdom (I write them on a notepad for further use). Things like - Russian women generally stay home with the child until 3 years old. Well, as a man, and a future father I need to know this and be prepared to offer a prospective Russian wife the opportunity to do just that and not expect her to earn income for our home during those early child rearing years.

That's it for now - again, THANK YOU. I'm looking forward to John's story as well. And thanks for all you are doing to help guys like me find our dream girls.
All the best always,

Dear Elena,

Thank you for taking the time to put down on paper
the information I think will help me find the right woman at last. I have had a great deal of difficulty wrapping my mind around the fact that the women I am instinctively attracted to and describe the partner they are looking for in terms that I fit in to, are at least 10 years younger and often half my age. I'm 45 going on 25 by most accounts and I mostly spend time with people who are younger and have more zest for living. I need someone who can match my optimistic attitude, physical and mental energy. Hopefully the insight from your book will enable me to follow my heart and use my head at the same time. Wish me luck! Thanks 


Hello Elena,

Where to begin, firstly your ebook is worth it's virtual weight in Gold, I swear it! Your website (www.elenasmodels.com) is equally as valuable. I sincerely state that even if I find no wife from your site the boost to my ego and self belief is already (less than 24hrs) worth every penny of my Gold subscription. I could not have and never would have recovered my battered metrosexual manhood in such a short time. I declare easily you and your husband are a remedy on battered Western men!

Why? Most Western men are taught to behave like Women, I mean that in the most disrespectful way. We've been taught that we can't behave like men. Strong, macho, liking to bed women and so on. Yet your book reminded me of my masculinity, actually I am strong, yet I do want to look after my partner, protect my children, work hard, be the bread-winner, take my place of honour in the World, in short be a man.

Don't get me wrong I don't want to be inconsiderate or rude! No, I want to be a strong shining Knight in armour, acting in chivalry, compassionate and respectful, I want to open doors, I want to pay for dinner, I want to give my beloved more than she dreamed, I want to look after the one so precious to me. Not what many Western men think being a man is, a drunkard, dishonest, unfaithful, the opposite. But I'm a man, I don't like shopping, I can't cook to save my life, etc. but can you say that in England, not on your life!

I was loosing faith, thinking 'can I not just be man, hold my partner as the reason for life and valiantly give her all she dreams of?' your site, the ebook and your fine husbands ebook have given me new confidence.

The women on your site, I was convinced it must be fake. So many beautiful women, I mean that, I spent almost all the weekend stunned, it was like surfing soft-porn! I picked women that I thought would not respond, some have porn-star looks others I looked at their photos so long, one I even dreamt about. I am stunned, truly. Would not respond? Check my inbox!

Tonight I received 14 emails! I'll end this excited, hopeful email as I began it. I sincerely state that even if I find no wife from your site the boost to my ego and self belief is already (less than 24hrs) worth every penny of my Gold subscription. (If any man is thinking about subscription, stop. Subscribe now, it will be the best money you ever spend even if just for the huge grin you'll have.)

Elena and John, may God bless you both, and may God bless the one lady I saw on your site first and who has unbelievably responded, oh my, I feel a change coming on!


I found your book very interesting. I am sure with the knowledge I have gained from reading your book I will definitely stand a better chance to find my soulmate.


Hi Elena

My name is Tommy. Read your book,
I would describe it as having a road map in a city you never been in and are trying to get to a place. You can most likely find the place but it will take you a lot longer with a lot of mistakes and you will probably not enjoy the trip. Thank you , I read your book right through and reference back to it often.

Thank-you again for your books ... Tommy
Hello Elena,

I just wanted to say thank you for your ebook "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me". I have recently met a young lady over the internet from the Ukraine, and have started to exchange messages and your book will be a great help to me in improving the communication between us. I certainly understand much more now than before, and now feel I can write to her with
greater confidence and self-assurance. I am from Australia, but I am living and working in London, and you hear the term "mail order brides", and the stigma attached to it. It was comforting to realize that Russian women want similar things in relationships to everyone else. I would also be interested in using your service to translate my letters from English into Russian.

Thanks Again
Nathan (UK)

Thank you for your book and thank you for your website.

I first found your website trying to find information on letter writing and was planning on using your Letter of introduction - Russian translation service. After reading your book I found that
I would have made the same mistakes alot of other people have made. I am currently rewriting my letter with your tips and suggestions and I think I have learned well from you. I am still planning on submitting my letter for your translation service.

The only negative comment on the book is technical. I normally read PDF's with the bookmark section open I would have bookmarked the table of contents. Other than that the book is a wealth of knowledge.

Great exceptional reading, can tell you wrote from heart. I was under impression Russians were poor and starving, was I wrong; thank you. Can tell Russia has changed a lot from my nsa days under cover in Russia. Wish you and your husband a long happy life.


Hello Elena

I want to thank you sincerely for your e-book. It has given me the confidence to seek a women in Russia when some of my friends think this is not a sensible thing for me to do. 

Your e-book worth its weight in gold with local and relevant advice that comes out of your own experience. I took your advice and did not go for the most provocative photographs and I am corresponding with a very pretty Russian lady who I think will make a very loyal and suitable partner. I am planning to meet her this summer.

Even if I don't succeed this time I know that there is Russian lady out there who will be happy to marry me and we can make each other very happy.

With Kind Regards
Allister (England)
Dear Elena,

thank you very much for this excellent book! 

I have a profile on your website but I am not a member yet. I haven't decided yet if I would look for a potential wife in a distance of several thousands of miles. I am still exploring local possibilities (with little success). 

I am sure the book will help me avoiding mistakes and will raise my chances when I should decide to go for a Russian lady. But beyond that, I've learnt a lot about women in general by the book! I am 57 and not inexperienced, but
I've really learnt a lot about women, whatever country they come from

Such books are usually written by psychologists. I don't like their artificial and manipulative ideas. You write about LIFE in a straight and humorous way, very well organized and practical, showing great workable knowledge and experience. If I recall I never read any self-help book so efficient and helpful like yours!

Altogether you handle your business in a way which clearly shows your high ability and your good intentions. I greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

Zoltan (Germany)
Privet Elena,

May I say I enjoyed reading your book immensely. I found it a very interesting and helpful. I was also very glad to see that a lot of the hints and tips you gave I am already utilizing. I have met one lady through another dating agency, Blue Saphires, and have also let her know that I have discontinued communication to other ladies. 

We have been communicating for 3 months and write to each other once a week and this is where I found your book indispensable. It has given me a platform on which to base my letters and all the time without falling into the etiquette of dating or falling foul of the way in which Russian women think and how their value systems compare and contrast with my own.

Many, many thanks
Kind Regards
Trevor Watson

P.s. If this relationship does not work out I will be enlisting your services with the utmost confidence!

Thank you for your e-book. I
now understand my Russian Fiancee much better. We met in Ekaterinburg 3 January after CNOVIM GODOM on Red Square. We fell in love at first sight. On 6 March we met in Paris where I proposed to her overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I was unable to understand some of the things she said to me during our time together in Ekaterinburg, and even more so during our time in Paris. I did not understand at first why I would have to ask her more than once regarding whether or not she would desire something. And the chore of shopping in Paris. Now I know why she said to me "Sometimes I need to have some time apart." What she was referring to was the shopping. If I would have known then, I would have given her some money and went wandering the streets for a couple hours. Another instance which was just today, I had to offer in English and finally I asked her in Russian how much money she needed for the translation paperwork so I could send Western Union. Since I read your book, I was already expecting an initial refusal. I now know more of what she expects of me as well. For the best advice I could give to any man seeking to converse with a wonderful Russian lady, learn to speak her language as well. I could not believe how much she values my efforts. Our relationship is now growing stronger than ever thanks to your excellent lessons. 

Hello Elena

I just read your book about finding a Russian woman to marry. It's excellent. Very informative and interesting. I am composing a letter of introduction today, based on your advice and suggestions. The book was well worth the money.


Elena and John,

Hello to you both and a sincere blessing on your family!
A cross Cultural marriage is a challenge beyond what same Cultural ever could be, which at once is both a sobering thought, yet fascinating. 
However, such persons, such as yourselves, that determine there is no stronger bond than Love beyond a horizons cannot help but be encouraging to your readers.

It is much to your credit Elena that you have opened so many closed doors to men such as I outside of the Slavic woman's world, her motives and reasoning. We are forever in your debt. 

And to John, so many men I have read from, written to, and have known, missed their chance with an FSU lady, not knowing why (I among them, until now!), congratulations Sir, for winning the hand of such a lady in marriage.

I go now with a much better depth and it is all a credit to your efforts, both of you. These books are to me wonderful guides to what I can say marks a successful man in this world, to know Love rather than to hope for it. 

Теперь, я имею Веру!


Zdravtsvuite Elena, 

Hello! Thought I would practice my new and one and only Russian word that I know! Laughs! 

Thank you so much for your wonderful book. I was very impressed, both with your knowledge and insightfulness, as well as writing skill and articulate thought. You use what I learned in school in the American literature Honors and English honors class, as power writing, stating things in a powerful persuasive manner, such as "It IS" as opposed to "it is similar to". I got a very positive feeling from your book.

So've read your book, twice, and John's book as well. I even took many notes, 28 pages of notes on your book to be exact, and 3 pages of notes on John's book.

I even wrote a paper to clarify my thoughts entitled "§why do I want a wife"¨ and I did it BEFORE you suggested it in your book. Many of the ideas you listed in your book I had already thought of, but of course there were many I hadn't thought about as well. I see you have given great thought on the subject, for wisdom comes not with age, but effort.

Most difficult for me to assimilate immediately and effortlessly, was your unique insight into appealing to a woman's EMOTIONAL side. I could immediately see its irreplaceable value and importance, but I must admit as a man I guess I just simply don't think that way! Well I can, I just have to switch into a different side of my personality. But I felt your Guidance to seeing through a different window was priceless.

And of course I will take your advice and BE PERSISTENT! I have learned persistence alone can take a person to places where all the brilliance and talent cannot. I heard a very nice saying once that said "always allow a lady the dignity of saying no at least once". Grins!

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed your book, both for its complete honesty and sincerity, and straightforwardness. You write in a simple but overwhelmingly powerful way that is convincing.
I am convinced the simple reason why your writing is so powerful is simply, because it is truthful.

I knew you know what you are talking about, because unlike other so-called 'experts', you actually have a happy and loving marriage! For example my mother is an astrologer and professional marriage councilor with over 20 years experience. However I never seek her advice on relationship matters because she has had 3 marriages and none of them were happy. She is the most man hating and bitter woman I know! So naturally if a person wants advice on how to lose weight, they would be wise to seek advice from someone who used to be over weight and is now thin, etc.

It was very touching to read how you described your feelings when you started thinking maybe God doesn't have plans for you to be married and happy so you decided if you're not married by 33 to adopt a child, he will be your family and you will be his. I very much know that feeling right now very intimately. My greatest fear in life would be to live a wasted life, the life of a liar and a selfish coward. But my second fear is that I will always be alone, despite how sincerely I try to be good to the world. 

Yet I persist, and your example has given me more reason to hope and have faith.

Previously I have received letters from 4 different Russian women, and was appalled to find out that 3 out of the 4 were Scams! Receiving the exact same letter word for word from 2 different email addresses with 2 different photos was rather educating. It was most disturbing.

Thank you for your many efforts to bring happiness into so many people's lives. I know God is watching.

Dear Elena, thank you most kindly, for your efforts for others happiness.

James V.

Zdravstvuite Elena!

I will thank you for a very interesting and instructive book.

I couldn’t imagine there is so much to think about and
how much can go wrong just because the different culture. 

It’s also a very easy reading book even for me who am not so good in English. 

Many good tip and advice to use with searching for a woman from Russia. 

What I also like with your book is how you explain everything in detail. 

I also read the book from your husband and I learn myself very much from that book too. 

Thank you Elena and John so much for everything. 

I appreciate people like you who try to help lonely people to find someone for love and marriage. I am one of them.

I am in the beginning of my searching and I see that I have done wrong at the most, after I read your book. Anyway I must have good luck when I got an answer from a girl I contact. We have correspondence in three month, we have also had our first meeting in third country. 

I’m not sure yet if she is the right woman for me. There were a few surprises with the meeting. I could avoid these surprises if I read your book before. 

Thank you again for your very good website.

Crister from Sweden
Dear Elena,

Thank you so much for such an informative book, and so beautifully written.
I can see that it was written from the heart and your own experiences, I can learn a lot from such a publication, as I too am interested in a foreign wife as soon as I am settled in my new country, the UK originally from South Africa. I have also started a website where I recommend and write reviews for the Dating and Matchmaking industry, it is still in its infancy but growing steadily, your site and book will definitely  be reviewed and promoted on the luvseeker.com website.

Again thank you for such a brilliant book I wish you the greatest success.

All the best
Alex Clegg

Hi Elena,

Well, I have just finished reading your book!

Yes, I laughed and chuckled in many different places.. not at the way that it was written, but more the fact that my later father remarried a Spanish Lady (my stepmother).. and many of the ways that phrases were written from the Russian perspective, sounded very similar.

So, what prompted me to purchase your book..? I know, you didn't ask this question, but I wanted to answer it nevertheless! I, too, registered on one of the global 'dating' sites and was very surprised a couple of days later when I happened to check back that I had an email from a Russian Lady. I was flattered, but soon became suspicious! And, I have already used the online translation service to re-send a recent email in Russian. Ha, I felt good doing that. I think that I have been scammed..? YES. BUT, I didn't send any money. If I receive a telephone call.. well, maybe there is still a potential future.

But, the whole experience of the emails and reading your book has made me hungry to try and meet a Russian Lady.. perhaps, a lifelong partnership, relationship and wife. I could almost be in my 20's again.

Back to your book. I thought it was very useful to read of the different cultures. Before I had read of your suggestion to make notes... I already had a page of notes!
I found your book humorous and informative. I also confess, that I have redrafted my profile as it will appear on your website.

Am I glad I made the purchase.. so far, Yes. Of course, many of things that you write about and suggest, I did naturally. But, now I must think of if I DO actually want to take the next step, which I think I will do.

One last comment for you ... when I registered my details on your website with my very indifferent photo (all I have at the moment, but it will change!!) I was very surprised to receive 9 emails for my attention.. and, I hadn't even written anything about myself, my aspirations, etc., this I found a bit unnerving! Maybe its just the Russian Lady style to pounce first and quickly! :-) ..?

I doubt that my comments are radically different from many other fellas that have purchased your online book before me. But, perhaps I will make you smile when you read mine..?

Best wishes
Richard (UK)

Thank you for your wonderful book! It was a pleasure to read. I bought it this morning and have just read through it all. I would like to follow your best advice on how to go about finding the one with whom I wish to spend the rest of my life. I appreciate your educational and career background and feel you are highly qualified for your field. I don't think I could do better than to listen an expert and follow her advice so that's what I plan to do with yours. 

I'm a graduate student in medical physics with good job prospects upon graduating and I would like to get married as soon as I start work in this field. Although that will take at least a year and a half I would like to get started as soon as possible. I'm not sure when to start writing prospective spouses but I plan to glean all the advice you have to offer in all your books. I feel
your approach is the most systematic and well thought-out. The combination of your academic credentials and experience in the field give me a lot of confidence that your advice is sound and I think the best thing I could do is follow it. 

A few impressions about your book: I also find the term "mail-order bride" somewhat repugnant and misleading and will consider it strictly for outsiders. I'm not out to convert them and I certainly don't have to adopt their language. I can do things they can't and live in a way they will never know. More power to me. 

I also agree completely about going to meet just one woman. Benjamin Franklin once said about those who advise not to put all your eggs in one basket that it's better to put all your eggs in one basket then watch that basket. Similarly Warren Buffet, the famous investor says " Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing." So you are good company!

I appreciate the way you bring up the subject of sex, too. It will be great to try out your advice on this subject as I certainly plan to "go forth and multiply." If I have a daughter I think I would like to name her "Elena"! Thanks again for writing your book and caring about others to do such a good job of it. It's people like you who make the world go around. God bless,

David Murray
San Antonio, Texas
Dear Elena,

Your E-book "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me" is really invaluable. I gives me so many detailed information, hints, and suggestions, I found that Russian women in general are great, Russia and Russian people are great. 

I am a 50-year old sensitive, soft and kind hearted man. I took time reading your E-book slowly, now I read to page 87, at some sections, I was moved in tears, and some sections, I laughed. It is really interesting to know Russian culture, customs and practical ways of doing things in Russia. This E-book is a must for those gentleman who intends to find a Russian woman for marriage.

Jon (Australia)

Dear Elena,

Thank you for your wonderful book. I have been communicating with Russian women for a few months already and now feel very comfortable with the knowledge that you have provided me.

Your guide gives great insight into the customs, psychology and motivation of the women of the FSU. Hopefully, I have learned and understood your lessons concerning our selfishness and the necessary adjustment to the Russian woman's priorities.

As you promised, the cost of the book was insignificant in comparison to its value.

For any man that has even the slightest curiosity about Russian women, or about anything that has to do with Russian family dynamics, your guide is indispensable.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the sophisticated and very professional writing and printing. I am a former journalist, and I could not find any real mistakes.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Mark Menachem

The book is great. Anyone who is seeking romance in Russia should read it.

Chris (USA)

Your ebook "How to find and marry a girl like me" is invaluable for anyone who is considering a woman of former USSR background. I have used the material and had recent confirmation from someone recently (<4 years) married to a Russian lady locally as to how factual and on target your information is. He was surprised at how much I knew about the situation in Russia and proper dealings with a lady from the former USSR and I can say that 95% of that came from your book. Thank you a hundred times over. 


I just finished reading "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me". This book is a captivating read. It is filled with eye opening facts and dispels many, many myths about Russia, Russian people in general, and Russian women in particular. Any American man that tries to marry a Russian woman without the knowledge that you so eloquently outline in your book is most likely doomed for failure. Considering the substantial expense of international courting in general, it would be foolish to not invest in this book. You do a great service to the woman of your country and also to the men who pursue them.

Many thanks,
Hi Elena
What a wonderful book.
I would certainly recommend it to any man contemplating a relationship with a Russian woman. You covered every topic very well. You have done a great service to us all and made a daunting task easier. I look forward to the future when I can put your invaluable information to good use.
Many thanks
Bolshoe Spasibo

Hi Elena,

Your book has helped me understand the Russian woman I write and talk to. It has been an amazing relationship of 3 months and we have decided to meet in 2 months in Barcelona. She lives in Izhevsk. Your book prepared me for the questions she would ask, and the correct way to reply. I've never met such an open, honest, and sincere woman in my life! She is a diamond who has been left undiscovered… until now. And I won't let her go! Now I'm starting to believe in soul-mates because I believe she is my one-and-only.

I have read your book from cover to cover and have explored your website thoroughly. The Russian culture has been most fascinating to learn and now I'm learning to speak Russian. I never would have discovered the inner beauty of Russian ladies if I hadn't found your website. I discovered your website when I got an email from an "Anastasia Osipova", a scam artist. I almost sent money, but found Internet sites with the same emails I was getting. This was humiliating, but at the same time I found Russia intriguing. I read your, "9 Simple Rules for Dating Russian Woman" and then "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me" because I was planning to use your site to meet a REAL Russian lady. I was most impressed by your book because my girlfriend showed all the fears you mentioned. She also asked all the questions you said she would ask. Thank you so much for preparing me for this. We have a solid relationship and I'm looking forward to meeting her. Is she my soul-mate? I'm starting to think so. Our phone conversations are getting easier. (We have talked 4 times)

In an email, she asked me if there was anything from Russia I would like. After much thought I told her I wanted to hear her voice. She surprised me with a phone call from Russia! I was in shock thinking how thoughtful and sensitive she was to do that. And she did that for me!

Although she treats me like a king, I feel I am getting the better bargain and she is my better half. She is a most considerate, intelligent, insightful woman with a wonderful personality and good sense of humor. And on top of all this she is 29 and beautiful. I am 42. I am taking your advice and considering proposing to her on our last day (or next to last day) together in Spain if this relationship feels right. I'm not going to waste any more time! There is every sign she is the one, and I feel like the luckiest man on Earth.

Paul (Idaho, USA)
I have finished reading your great book. I enjoyed it very much and I learned a lot. I never made the faux pas that are typical of men when corresponding, but I have a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, so I know how to relate to people -- I hope. My introductory could have been better, and would have been, if I had read your book first. I should have translated it to Russian, too. My photo should have been newer and clearer, and I should have been dressed better in it. 

The content of your book does not have to change at ALL. I do not think that you could improve it, unless something comes to YOUR mind. My mind does not have any ideas, as you exhausted all of them, and I thought that I was an expert on human relationships. You made perhaps 10 grammatical errors that NOBODY who is a native in English would catch, except someone who is an expert (or a fanatic), such as I; they do not detract from the book, but I have nothing else to tell you to change. :)

If I had to write a review of the book, here is how it would go. You 
could use it on your website or discard it, but I wanted to tell the world 
(and you) about how outstanding your book is:

"HOW TO FIND AND MARRY A GIRL LIKE ME by Elena Petrova is an informative, educational, entertaining take on international dating that is also a pleasure to peruse. The subject matter is covered in an uplifting and invigorating manner that makes it appropriate for social scientists and laymen alike, especially those who are reticent or gauche, which encompasses about 90% of the males in both groups.

The candid book has a unique blend of statistics, quotes, opinions, and examples, and is colorfully illustrated. The most valuable assets, though, are the author's grasp of human relationships and her ingenuous self-disclosure, the latter of which is priceless and highly instructive. The content is thorough and provides a step by step guide to success in courting Eastern European ladies. More importantly, the life story that unfolds is honest yet far from boring, which is a welcome relief and undoubtedly is a first for a work in this particular field--or any other, on second thought.

After reading this nonpareil tome that is destined to become the last word on Internet dating from cover to cover I found myself twice as knowledgeable about Slavic women and their customs than I was before. Now I must buckle down and implement my newfound wisdom."

Dr. Dawk Ziti, 
Satirist and retired counseling psychologist (USA)

Hello there...I want to thank you for your continued information. I have read your on line book and followed it exactly and now I am corresponding with 12 beautiful woman, there were many more and it has presented much good news as bad. I have to start narrowing my choices down and it's really hard, they are all so beautiful, honest and caring and wanting to correspond and so lovely to chat with. Thank you so much for the advice... this is a great problem to have though I think I can honestly narrow it down to three or four and go from there. Your book is awesome. I will be traveling to Russia this summer to meet with them. The facts is your book is so accurate, I would have failed without reading it and several of the chapters many times....  I feel bad since I sent out many letters in hopes of finding someone and almost all of them were answered!!! I guess that's good and bad as I will end up leaving such new friends behind and they don't deserved to be hurt and my intention is not to hurt them.

Richard ( Phoenix, Arizona)
Dear Elena,

What a great book for all men, not just the man seeking a Russian bride. I seek the Odessa woman, and wished I would have read your book before I met her! Yes, I am trying to repair what I did. Had I known about your book, I would not have made these mistakes! I am hopeful that I can repair (repair: good topic for your book) my damage. I have embarrassed my girl, and now know what I should have done. Do Russian (Odessa) girls have room for forgiveness? I would love to know (what does your husband think about this subject?)?

Thanks again for a great book! 

Gary (www.SundayisFunday.com

Dear Elena,

What a fascinating book! I was riveted to reading it, I started reading it when I got home and it is now 4.30 in the morning and I have to go to work in a few hours without any sleep. I could not put the book down; thank you, it is brilliant.

I have been writing to a beautiful lady in the Ukraine for 3 weeks and we are about to meet for the first time in 6 weeks time, we are both very excited and looking forward to the meeting but Anna is a little worried as you state in your book that she might not come up to my expectations, now thanks to your book I can answer her in a more reassuring way.
This is the most valuable book I have read in years.

Thank you very much for all your useful tips and may God bless you and your family.

Yours Respectfully

Dear Elena, 

You asked for comments about your book... 

When I bought your ebook, I had responses from 78 ladies using the Absolute Agency as my primary source. It was the only one I subscribed to, although somehow I received several letters from God-knows-where. I was swamped by contacts, and I suspect I had been had by two or three gals before I found you and your books. I probably lost 3,500 dollars to scams or mistakes... But Elena, I count that money as the cost of doing business, i.e., I would have spent that kind of dough on ding-bats here in the States going on dinner dates or evenings at the opera before I found out what was going on with them. 

Perhaps I should interject by telling you I am writing from the perspective of having finished ...A Girl Like Me for the third time.... 

First, I skimmed for points I was mainly interested in. I put it down. I was surprised that I could give too many compliments to a woman... I thought  that was a well a man could never fill up. Or that one should offer three times before giving up, etc. 

Then, I practiced what I could recall from the skimming in my correspondence with the next set of ladies... but it was hard. I was in contact with so many attractive ladies. I got mixed up and sent the wrong letter to the wrong address. That way, I wiped out two candidates at once, and I did that stupid trick twice more, before I found a way to file and keep track of four Marinas, six Svetlanas, and five Olgas, three Innas, etc. 

Then, I studied your book carefully and picked up a dozen things I had been doing wrong... by this time I lost a dozen really nice  ladies... probably my fault for not reading your book earlier... 

Finally, I have narrowed down the field to five. One seems crazy about me, a 57 year-old surgeon. Another who is a 48 year-old psychologist who is very reserved but sends me warm drawings of flowers she does while thinking of me; she is in almost instant contact 10 or 14 times a week by email. A young, thoughtful art design student of 24 who writes the longest, most touching and thoughtful personal letters daily. A 44 year-old garment business owner who is a stunning beauty, and is the most articulate writer of English of them all, and finally a 53 year-old lawyer, historian and philosopher who has an extremely pleasant countenance (not beauty), but perhaps the best educated and most intelligent of all. All of these, including the art student, have been previously married. None of them have Instant Messaging. 

What am I going to do....? Well, I will travel there late this Summer or early Fall. I have completed lesson 18 of the Pimsleur conversational Russian course of 90 lessons. By Fall I will have finished it. I have read two history books, and I am looking for more, especially on the Ukraine. I want to spend, maybe three, months getting to know country and language of the one and only. At this point I am happy with all five, although I have a strong preference for the 24 year-old art student...Yeah, I know she is terribly young...! But there is something so special about her. 

Who am I? Well, Elena, I am a retired, thrice divorced USMC Major, a writer, a sculptor of Presidents, and past president of a couple national organizations...I am athletic, physically fit, financially secure, and certainly not rich. And I am 74. 

I have presented myself exactly as I am including moles and warts because I am sincerely interested in finding the right woman soon to spend the rest of my life with... Life is too short to lie or obfuscate. And I am happy to find so many intelligent, attractive, well groomed, educated people from which to choose. 

Your book is a gold mine of practical insights to these charming people. I wish I had read it six months ago... I am sure I would be three months ahead of where I am in my search for a wife. Heck, I wish I had read it 50 years ago... 

G. R. 

Dear Elena,

I have read your ebook, "How to marry a girl like....."

Thanks to you I listed "mandatory" and "wishes", as I call it. To save time and work, I think there is no other way. I searched the Net for 5 years and I think now it is the time to do it the right way.

I have been doing exactly the opposite way before and wondered what was wrong. Now I know that I did the wrong way all the time, thanks to you and your ebooks.

I propably spent 10 000$ US, on something that wasn't going to lead anywhere - and it didn't. For the 2 books, "anti-scam guide" and "how to marry a girl......" I paid 60$US and I think now it is the best investment I ever made.

Thanks again,
Pelle (Sweden)

I have been doing exactly the opposite way before and wondered what was wrong. Now I know that I did the wrong way all the time, thanks to you and your ebooks.

I propably spent 10 000$ US, on something that wasn't going to lead anywhere - and it didn't. For the 2 books, "anti-scam guide" and "how to marry a girl......" I paid 60$US and I think now it is the best investment I ever made.

Thanks again,
Pelle (Sweden)

Hello Elena, recently read your E' book and I really enjoyed it, thank you. 
I think it is a must have for anyone who is interested or is currently pursuing a wife abroad.
And a lot of your advice will be remembered the next time I'm pursuing American girls as well.... :) I also want to thank you Elena and everyone who helps with your website and research, because when the time comes for me to find love and marriage, I will not just limit my search to my own back yard.

California, USA
Dear Elena,

I am sure you receive many glowing reports on your book, and this one will be of that category. There are many mistakes I have made up to this point, mistakes that were unintended, yet very foolish and with disastrous results. Your book would have made a world of difference to me.

After about four months of writing to Russian women, I was becoming a bit frustrated by:

  1. Not getting much in the way of replies back to my first letter, 
  2. Believing that things were going well when she would write and say she has fallen for someone else (and then her profile appears on another site, suspicious, but obvious!:-),
  3. My inability to understand some of the golddigger/scam issues.

It got to the point that I was about ready to totally forget Russian women, not because they were unworthy, but because I could not understand what was happening. If I had read your book first I would NOT have made those mistakes, and I realize now how some of the women must have thought of me. It is sad to think they ended up either thinking wrongly of my intent, or that their feelings may have been hurt, unintentionally.

From the bottom of my heart I say, "Thank you," Elena, for your book has made me realize that this can work out. My initial thoughts in beginning this adventure were true and valid, that now, with your book, I will be successful in my quest, and I will not cause any unintended discomfort to the wonderful women I will come in contact with.

I've memorized the Seven Truths, and they're becoming a part of my life. It was never for a lack of trying, but application, and your book has provided me with the practical techniques and basic understanding of the Russian psyche that I need to make it work.

Thank you, Elena

Most Sincerely,

Well I must say that your E-book was very incisive and helpful in better understanding Russian women.

I live in the USA and met a woman from Russia where I live, but unfortunately I had not read your book when I was trying to win her heart. Every day I regret the mistakes I made and just wish I could start over especially after reading your book.

Matt A. (USA)


I just completed your e-book "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me".  The information contained is priceless.
For the first time, I fully understand my failures with Russian/Ukrainian ladies. If only I knew about this book earlier. For the first time, I fully understand my failures with Russian/Ukrainian ladies. If only I knew about this book earlier. I can't "Thank You" enough for this. Time, money and most important, heartache was prevented from happening or wasted.

A Satisfied Customer,
Hello Elena,

I must say that without doubt, the book is excellent, well written, it had me completely hooked as once I had started reading, I didn't stop until the end, and thank you so much for writing it, because having made a good start with my lady a few months ago (without even knowing it I was doing all the right things), I now realize that I have recently been coming across quite badly and potentially ruining what I think could be the perfect relationship (we really are compatible and flight and hotel are already booked for 2 weeks at the beginning of June) because of all these cultural differences you have highlighted. Now I will know better.

Thanks and regards,
Robert (UK)

Hello Elena,

I just finished reading your book and your husband’s story and flying that it will be most helpful after I resolve my present situation which is one of over popularity and it is what prompt me to write.

I admired the candor with which you describe every facet of dating. Coming from a woman it is commendable. There is one important aspect not covered. "How to gracefully and graciously tell a Russian women that you (ME) are ending it because you ( I ) now feel committed to one lady only. Some explanations are required before you answer.

Your book made me realize and discover even more about myself. As I was keeping around 10 active correspondents, I have a good system, each lady felt they were the one and only. I made sure that I always and I mean always told the truth but I noticed that Russian ladies are not that curious or maybe I was very forthcoming. [The latter is the most likely probability]

You give a lot of examples on how to present many different situations to a Russian lady. Now I would like to see examples [if possible] all how to let go without hurting their feelings or as little as possible.

As you point out many times in your book, I do expect a reply from you. Not a canned, computer-generated response. I listen on your site with profile and picture and again the results were overwhelming.

I thank you for reading my letter, for a fantastic book and very special thanks for the openness you use writing it.

Respectfully yours,
Hello, Ms. Petrova. I wanted to send a note to share with you how much I enjoyed reading your book. It was most helpful and I read it all at once… I couldn’t put it down. I’d been looking for something that I could sink my teeth into that would help me understand more about Russian women and what I might be getting myself into. 

My intent is to use your book as a guide, establish contact and make as many journeys to Russia as necessary to find what I’m looking for. Thanks for your valuable assistance. I’m grateful and look forward to working with your agency in the future.

Hugh (Arkansas, USA)

I found your website and book after already joining another foreign marriage service. When I first posted my advertisement I had so many replies that I could not believe it! It seemed that all of the things that made me unpopular with women in my home city of Philadelphia made me popular with international women. I could not tell you how many women did not wish to see me because I do not drink, smoke or use drugs and I wished to have a family with children! Then there were the women who did not dislike me but did not like me because I held a good job and was responsible. They said I was not exciting enough! Most of these women got the type of men they wished for and found it a curse!

Due to these issues I did not go out on many dates and when I did I only dated one women at a time! After all, I only wanted to find one true love, not two. This is why I found it so hard to believe that I was so popular that 30 women wrote to me within a couple of weeks.

Over the course of the last three months that number has been reduced to 2 women but based on their letters these are special women either of whom I would be happy to have as a wife! One women is Ukrainian and lives in Moscow. The other is Romanian and lives in Galati. I do not know how to choose! I need help! I know that there will be costs involved in getting help and that is fine! After all, I need to decide on the future happiness for two people. 

I know that I need to travel to one of these two women soon. I also need help finding a good travel agent!

Please write to me soon and tell me who I can turn to for help!

Now for comments on your books. I found them to be extremely helpful. I had no preconceived notions as to what life was like in FSU. I assumed it is good quality and happy. The same as here. Your books confirmed that. What was of most value to me was the cultural differences. Learning about this helped me to write better letters that could be understood easier.
I recommend your book to everyone interested in international  dating, not just men interested in Russian women!

Thank you!

Peter (USA)

Let me start by saying that your book was very adequate. I feel it was well worth the reading. It has many details about what to do and not to do. That would be my response to someone that has not yet become westernized. Since you must understand western culture by now, I will say
it is the best book I have ever read on this subject. Not just on Russian women, but women in general! :) I found myself almost falling in love with you. If not for your very happy marriage, surely I would. Your personal struggles touched my heart. It is almost like a novel. It should be written about in length. It has everything, tragedy, money, love, disappointment and a happy ending. I am sure many people would be interested and it would help us understand your country better. We are not that different.

Hi Elena,

I would just like to say thank you for your very enlighting and informative books "How to marry a girl like me " and "John's book " also. Like most guys out there I was a little skeptical about the concept of getting involved and later marrying a foreign girl but after reading your book you can most defiantly call me a convert . 

When I first looked at your website { which I had stumbled across by accident while looking for information on another unrelated topic } I was amazed at the shear numbers and the beauty of the women there and found it hard to understand that they could not find a man in Russia. 

This got me interested in the reasons why and after doing some more research including your other website "Cyber Guide to Russian Women " I was stunned to learn why and that their motives were not as you would believe as written by the media, but driven by the need to be married and have children with a good man that they spend the rest of there lives together, basically to love and be loved .

I have known a few men that have married overseas women and they all are still married today which says alot considering the divorce rate in Australia these days.

As a side line I conducted a survey of some male and female friends of mine to gain a better overview of the idea of Australian men seeking women overseas and the women they were corresponding with .

The results were amazing and shocked me to say the least, of the women surveyed 80% regarded the men that looked for a wife overseas as { in there own words } losers , these were all Australian born women who had never lived outside of Australia or have parents that were born overseas .

Yet they were the first to complain that there were very few men out there that were interested in them, but when I asked what there priorities were in there future, 95% replied that their career and personal wealth was number one with family and marriage rated at almost 0, some that were married even thought of there husbands as little more than a stepping stone to getting what they wanted in their chosen career .

Now I'm not against a woman having a career, there is nothing wrong with that at all, I just think that family should come before everything else regardless if your a man or woman, call me old fashioned if you will but that's the way I think about it .

Of the men surveyed most were very skeptical {60%} as I was about the concept of marrying a overseas women { mostly due to what they have been told by the media , which as we both know is just a pack of lies } .
But what surprised me was that although most men were a little skeptical nearly all {90%} would look at going overseas for a wife without many reservations at all .

Most men were worried about being dumped and being used as way to get into the country or the idea that if they were to marry the woman they would have the woman's family to take care financially of as well. { I have seen this happen to some men that have married into Asian families but as we all know this does not happen in Russian families }

After all the research I have done on this I now look at it with totally open eyes and being a single unattached man I will also be looking for a Russian wife in the not to distant future, the ideals and the shear femininity of these smart ,educated, beautiful women appeals to me now very much.

Regards .....
Peter (Perth, Australia)

Dear Elena,

I read, understood and enjoyed your book. Thank you for information that can tip the relationship balance from positive to negative.

I like your book because you write basing on concrete facts that have occurred and you are able to learn and update on such a theme as Finding the Love of your Life.

You are helping people to achieve maybe the most ambitious project in every man and woman's life.


"Dear Elena,

I have just read your ebook, "How to find and marry . . . ", and enjoyed it. I read your book about scammers before my trip to Ukraine, and now I wish I had also read this one!

I spent 10 days in Ukraine, and learned some of the things you wrote about for myself, the hard way!

Having read your book on scammers, I was wary of women wanting gifts, and I still don't entirely understand this part of the culture. Fortunately, the woman I met in Ukraine is, I think, a decent and understanding woman, and tried to explain things to me. My camera died while I was there, and she thought it would be a good idea to buy a new digital camera, which I could use while there, and then leave with her to have when I am gone. Her request raised my suspicions a little, and I believe I conveyed this with body language. I should have simply said, "No, I don't want to buy it," as you suggest in your book. Instead, we had a significant conflict over this. Not because I wouldn't buy her the camera, but because she perceived me as being "greedy" (which I only later came to understand means "stingy" to her!).

We have had some other misunderstandings which could have been avoided by a prior reading of your book. Fortunately, she is very understanding, and I have been able to explain to her that we have cultural differences that I am trying to learn. Also, her mummy loves me very much and understands some of these things, and has helped me (us) out.

Your discussion of sexual expectations is very much appreciated. Of course, every man wants to have sex, but that is not what I mean. I want sex to be in accordance with what she expects, and comfortable for her. So this was something I wondered about quite a bit, but it is not something that is easy to get good information on! Your straightforward explanation was most useful.

Kevin Andrews (USA)

This was a great book, I have read it at least 3 times. And every time I reread it I learned something different.

This Book is a must for any Man that is planning on looking for a Russian wife.

John T.
I have used some of the ideas in my letters to the women and the responses have been the ones that I am looking for and not just someone who wants to be a pen pal.

Thank you....I will also be ordering some of the other books soon

Richard - Phoenix,Arizona
Hi Elena (do you prefer 'Lena'?), my name is John. 12 years ago I married a beautiful, young (now she's 39, I'm 56) industrial/chemical engineer from Moscow named Tatiana. Our story sounds like something you'd read about in an international mystery/romance novel (I used to fly for the first American woman pilot to fly a Russian supersonic fighter--a Sukhoy SU-27), but it's true. Tania and I met in Moscow, and the rest, as they say, is history. We have two beautiful, talented and gifted children, a very happy, romantic and still very passionate marriage that's getting even better over time, and a successful business. I enjoy your Web site not because I'm looking for anyone (if you'll send me your direct e-mail, I'll attach you a .jpg of us and you'll quickly see why). But a year or so ago I ordered your e-book just to compare notes between your advice with the experiences of someone (me!!) who's "been there, done that."

What I can tell you is that you've got it right! For me, you could have re-titled your book "The Twelve Rules John Wished He Would Have Known When He Met His Russian Bride." In any case, we had quite an adventure, but like Norwegian Antarctic explorer Amundsen said, "If you're having an adventure, it means you didn't plan your trip very well."

In any case, I think you're doing a great service to those sincere, loving but perhaps unfulfilled men who don't realize that there are thousands of sweet, beautiful, eager and loving world treasures waiting and hoping for them in Eastern Europe. I'm fixed up for life, but I'd advise any loving sincere man who's looking for the opportunity of a lifetime to seek out a Russian or maybe Ukrainian girl who's just as eager to meet him as he is to meet her. You write with integrity about a potentially hazardous but highly rewarding topic: finding the love of your life (I consider I lost my virginity figuratively, at 44!) in the former Soviet Union. Did I mention that you yourself are compellingly beautiful which just adds to the intrigue?

Please accept my sincerest compliments on your many achievements.

Kindest regards, JF.

Hello Elena,

I have just finished reading your e-books on 'scamming' and on 'how to marry a girl like you'. I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed them and how informative they have been. I am one of those men who was not searching for a Russian woman but was contacted through yahoo personals by someone alleging to be. I am almost 100% sure it is a scam but it has got me seriously interested in pursuing the chance of meeting a Russian woman for marriage. I have looked at a lot of profiles but never written to anyone yet but have now found someone who's profile and picture I really like and want to write to. Her profile was on another website and I simply bought her address. I have however contacted Elena's Models about translation and mail forwarding and feel confident that
I have the tools with your book to make a good impression and not cause any offence or mistake due to cultural differences or misunderstandings. Thank you once again for all the help and advice on your websites and in your books. I'm sure it makes lots of men like me feel they have a friend they can turn to for help and advice.

Brendan (Scotland)
Hello Elena,

I met the lady through your service ... Thank you again. We've maintained very regular phone contact since I first visited her in March and she has since arranged for me to come back again on a Guest invitation. All being well I will spend 19 days with the lady and her family in August and then she will come to Australia in November to see what she thinks of it here. We are both born in the same month and neither of us have children. While there is sixteen years difference in our ages, the interesting thing that is that I'm pretty sure our biological clocks both went "off" at the same time - Mine at 46 and hers at 30 - Smile - Presumably we both decided that if we didn't take some fairly drastic steps, we had reached points where remaining single and childless were becoming probabilities rather than just possibilities. (I work overseas in a pretty much all male environment and she has the typical issues with finding a compatible partner in Russia that you mention on your site.)

The lady is strong-willed, intelligent, extremely well educated and lonely while still being independent and extremely close to her family. And honest ... God, is she honest! While knowing the meaning of ' Vzyartka' at the same time - Smile! (At least this is my estimation.) 

If I could give some advice to Australian males (I won't comment outside that) seeking a partner from Russia, they are:
  1. Purchase Elena Petrova's book entitled "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me" and follow its advice. (And yes, yes, yes, please DO take the time to write a 10 page letter of introduction and pay the USD 200 or thereabouts to have a superior translation done - It is SO IMPORTANT.)
  2. Purchase Marina Smiley's book entitled "Your Russian Bride - The Shocking Truth" (THEN re-read it several times to REALLY let the information sink in - The insights that Marina shares in this book are essential reading.)
  3. Go to Russia with an absolutely open mind - You will see things that are very different to your COMPARATIVELY uncouth/uncultured Western ways! (Sure, Russian men spit a lot but then only the most abject Russian hobo would stoop to pick up a cigarette he'd inadavertantly dropped!!!) While it's my opinion that some things about Russia are not so good, others are infinitely superior to what I've seen "Westside" - So I can only assume there are still things about Russia that you personally miss Elena? (Irrespective there are differences, so be happy and accept - Hey, where else can you buy a beautiful lady a magnificent rose for AUD 3 [or USD 2?], live in a motel with cracked and missing tiles in the bathroom plus threadbare carpet and STILL have absolute masterpieces of art on the walls and staff who take the most genuine pride in the cleanliness of their establishment? Plus so much more!!!)
  4. Please DO make the most serious attempt to learn the Cyrillic alphabet and begin to communicate in Russian to the best of your very limited ability - Sure you'll be hopeless but it is a sign of respect. And if anything earns you "brownie points" (apart from being able to hold your liquor and showing a generosity of spirit - In things like splitting an apple five ways when there are five people present!!! You don't have to be "generous" (and probably are best NOT to be) in a blatantly materialistic way!), having a genuine interest in Russia, it's history, it's culture, it's politics and it's people (including their language!), your potentially new Russian family will open up to you in a way that I can only describe as humbling.
  5. Just a little comment but if an Ozzie bloke cares to look, I think he will find remarkable similarities between Russians and Australians. If we spoke the same language it is my personal opinion that Australians and Russians would enjoy an affinity that Australians have with no other nationality I know of. Our jokes are identical, our views on our political leaders are equally cynical, we both place immense value on freedom, booze and ladies (being brutally honest - Smile) and we both have a "make do" attitude in adversity .... So it wasn't hard for me as an Australian to like and respect Russians.
  6. And lastly, but a biggy .... Bite the bullet, get a psych test done and find out what characteristics YOU need to look for in a compatible partner. I did this and when the lady replied I went straight back to the psychologist and while she didn't match two of his "preferred" criteria regarding age and birth position in the family, she came in so strong on the "mandatory" criteria that he just said "Yep, you need to go and meet her!" (Plus which MY positive vibes were so strong that I'd pretty much determined to do just that irrespective of what the psychologist said anyway - Smile!) I'd searched your site about a month before and narrowed 249 "possibles" down to 9 "probables" but just didn't have good enough feelings about any of them to make contact - And then a few weeks later Natalia registered ....

There's much more I could say of course, with the major one being that I respect the lady immensely. But if you've read this far I'm sure you are in desperate need of either a sleep or a Martini - And probably both!

But one final thing -
I monitored "Russian Bride" sites (and other internet dating services) for
several years before taking any positive action and on everything that I've seen yours is certainly the best.

Best wishes Elena ...
Bevin (Australia)

Hi again Elena,

Just a progress report,
after using your techniques for less than one 
I am having trouble beating away so many lovely Russian women
that it is difficult to find the time to do anything else.
after using your techniques for less than one week I am having trouble beating away so many lovely Russian women that it is difficult to find the time to do anything else. So far I have had only one clear rejection, and she is a 30 y.o. internationally-renowned supermodel (I know her face from magazine covers, no kidding) who specifically did NOT want someone from either Canada or Australia. And even then, she couldn't find anything exactly wrong with me in her reply.

There is one girl I mentioned in previous email to you. After less than two weeks she wanted to jump on an airplane immediately to be with me. I cannot thank you enough, my lonely days are gone for sure.

Dear Elena,

I found your book to be entertaining and
well worth every penny and more. Your advice and insight contained in "How to find a girl like me" are priceless.

The advice regarding content of introduction letters, formatting etc. and how to respond after receiving replies is something I have spent considerable time and energy and more than a few dollars trying to find and finally I feel like my search has been rewarded. This may well turn out to be the best purchase I have made.

Your insights on agencies especially that offer free profiles and the pitfalls associated with so called FREE PROFILES is dead on and yes I figured it out the hard way I wish I had found your book a few weeks ago but it is a not a great tragedy just an unpleasant learning experience which hopefully having the benefit of your book will help me avoid in the future.

On one hand I hope not too many of my competitors find this book :) on the other I think it qualifies as a must read for any Man who is serious about finding his Russian Bride.

Les Alton

Dear Elena,

I cannot speak highly enough about your ebook " How to Marry a Girl Like Me "... I do not know if I have met my special someone , yet. With any luck I will be visiting Omsk this summer and we will find out...

I definitely feel and know that your book helped me focus my own thoughts and search and get down to it.

Your book is required reading, in my opinion, BEFORE anyone even thinks about posting their own profile and corresponding with women. I am amazed to see the profiles of some men after reading what you say in your ebook. At least my profile was close to what you suggest it must be. But that was luck. I think I look better in a suit and tie and dress that way for work. If I had to do it again, I would definitely have a professional take the photo.

I also think that your advice about writing your own life story really made me come to terms with my needs in looking for a compatible partner. There are things in our "makeup" that we cannot change and we must deal with it and be honest about it.

Once again, thanks for all your wonderful work. I didn't meet the woman on whom I am focusing all of my attention through your agency. If it doesn't work out ( I sure hope it does!! ), I would definitely use your agency in the future.

Yours truly,

Dave Harper
Black Creek, BC

You have read the testimonials.
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You are spending your time and money on your search, no matter if you have bought this book or not. You can just as well buy the book and save this money and your precious time AND become much more successful in your search.

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This book is like your map and compass in the sail across the ocean: there is a chance you can sail across the ocean without a map and a compass, checking your location by stars and sun, but the chance of making a mistake somewhere on the way is much greater. It is possible to make many mistakes and never even arrive to the destination.

I am giving you the map and the compass that will help you to arrive to your destination safely. Just imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean, without a compass and a map, and somebody comes and offers you the map and the compass and you are saying, "Well, I am not sure I need it..." This would not be too smart, wouldn't it?

I am giving you the map and the compass in your search. You may be already in the middle of the ocean, or you may be just starting your journey - in any case, unless you are already at your destination, having the map and the compass would be of great help, you agree?

In fact, having the map and the compass in the middle of the ocean or approaching the harbor is truly invaluable. It is even more important than in the very beginning of the journey.

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