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Elena Petrova: E-book
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There are no magic tricks about it. You don't have to be rich, or famous, or handsome, or have a body like Hercules. In fact, your appearance and money mean nothing. You must just know what Russian women want - and give it to them. ANY man can do it!

Elena Petrova

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Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Reader's comments 

Outstanding book. Although I am seriously considering looking for a young Russian/Ukrainian bride, I actually think your book should be read by anyone in the U.S.A. to gain some real insight into the real Russia. Russians are proud of their country and are extremely kind to the individuals who come to visit there.

Yours Truly,
Charlie (USA)


This is a wonderful book! It's very informative and your personal story is very interesting to read. It certainly gives the reader some insight into the life of Russian ladies.

Some of the information given is completely different and unexpected.

Thank you very much for your help and your great book!

Yours sincerely,

Dear Elena,

I found your book to be entertaining and well worth every penny and more. Your advice and insight contained in "How to find a girl like me" are priceless.

The advice regarding content of introduction letters, formatting etc. and how to respond after receiving replies is something I have spent considerable time and energy and more than a few dollars trying to find and finally I feel like my search has been rewarded. This may well turn out to be the best purchase I have made.

Your  insights on agencies especially that offer free profiles and the pitfalls associated with so called FREE PROFILES is dead on and yes I figured it out the hard way I wish I had found your book a few weeks ago but it is a not a great tragedy just an unpleasant learning experience which hopefully having the benefit of your book will help me avoid in the future. 

On one hand I hope not too many of my competitors find this book :) on the other I think it qualifies as a must read for any Man who is serious about finding his Russian Bride.

Les Alton (USA)

Dear Elena,

After about four months of writing to Russian women, I was becoming a bit frustrated. It got to the point that I was about ready to totally forget Russian women, not because they were unworthy, but because I could not understand what was happening. If I had read your book first I would NOT have made those mistakes, and I realize now how some of the women must have thought of me. 

Now, with your book, I will be successful in my quest, and I will not cause any unintended discomfort to the wonderful women I will come in contact with.
Your book has provided me with the practical techniques and basic understanding of the Russian psyche that I need to make it work. 

Thank you, Elena

Most Sincerely,

For someone that has never been there or does not know the culture, I promise that this book will save them a lot of difficulties and hardships. Read and learn. Read and understand. Read and realize that this lady you are about to meet is different from any woman you have ever met. Honest, truthful, respectful, loving, devoted to family and husband, most importantly, she will be the Cat's Meow and the love you will get will far exceed the few dollars you invested in the book. The book will indeed save you a lot of hardships and keep you on tract.


Hello Elena,

I have been reading your e-book. Thanks for the nice info. What you say makes a lot of sense

Wayne Utting (Australia)

Hi Elena,

I just read your book. It was entertaining and provided me with some good tips. I am flying to meet my girlfriend in Moscow in three weeks time, she is from Pervouralsk and is traveling to meet me in Moscow then we will travel together to Pervouralsk. I am very nervous about the language and etiquette things and your book has given me more confidence.
Thanks for that.

Brent (Australia)

Hello Elena,

I must say first that without doubt, the book is excellent, well written, it had me completely hooked as once I had started reading, I didn't stop until the end.

Thanks and regards,
Robert (UK)


I just took a break from reading your E-book which I purchased yesterday. It is very well done and is very informative. You have very good insight to human nature and your explanation of what should be done or avoided in finding a Russian woman makes great sense. I have learned a lot.

Andy Panish (USA)

Hello Elena,

Compliment for your book, it seems I know the Russian ladies better now, very useful tips!

Henk (Holland)

Dear Elena,

I have just read your ebook, "How to find and marry... ", and enjoyed it. I read your book about scammers before my trip to Ukraine, and now I wish I had also read this one!

I spent 10 days in Ukraine, and learned some of the things you wrote about for myself, the hard way!

Your discussion of sexual expectations is very much appreciated. Of course, every man wants to have sex, but that is not what I mean. I want sex to be in accordance with what she expects, and comfortable for her. So this was something I wondered about quite a bit, but it is not something that is easy to get good information on! Your straightforward explanation was most useful.

Kevin Andrews (USA)

I loved your ebook. I understand Russians and Russian women much better now. Your book really cleared up and addressed some questions and misconceptions. Times have changed on the dating scene and the world is now much smaller thanks to the internet. I now view finding a wife this way as simply an option that was not available to me a few short years ago.

Will (USA)

I enjoyed your book immensely. It gave a tremendous amount of very useful information that is easily digestible. You point out what is right and proper and how to go about doing what is necessary to become successful in a search for a lifetime partner that will make you both suitable for each other and how to overcome problems that might arise

E.C. Goodman

Dear Elena,
First, I would like to congratulate you on your success in finding your dream man! I have read both of your stories and they are truly beautiful, I can only hope to be as lucky as you and your husband! I wish you both happiness enduring.
Secondly, I have ordered your new book and it is fantastic; the knowledge I have gained from it most definitely gives me an advantage. Not to mention a little confidence. You answered all my questions and then some, plus I have a new found respect, and admiration of the Russian people! Thank you for enlightening me.

Don G.
Omaha, NE USA

Let me close by saying thank you for this valuable information and advice; for all the time and effort you put in to presenting it in such a way, which is so easy for a man to understand. You know sometimes we just don't get it! :-)

Chad Trader

I have found the information you have provided to be very useful. The cultural Differences between that of Eastern European women and the west are many and sometimes subtle. A man can quickly get lost when over in Eastern Europe and I would suggest to any man going there to read the book.


I purchased your book "How to Find and Marry...' via the internet last week. I enjoyed it very much, especially the parts about how Russian women think and what they like in men. I have been on a 2 year+ search for a Russian wife and have visited Ukraine and Belarus in last 2 years. Neither girl was right, but I plan to travel to Russia in next 2 months to visit either one of two ladies that I have been corresponding with. Again, good book and I learned a lot from it.

Best regards, 
Bob Perry USA

I found the book very interesting. It is a very well written APPLICABLE GUIDE, a "Hat" for a wife seeker.

The Author has the intention of me getting a Nice Wife from East Europe. 

It nice to know she is well qualified to write up the technology. It was written in a concise and easy to understand format.


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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Elena Petrova. I am Russian. In 1998 I married a western man that I met through correspondence, and now we have 2 beautiful kids, a boy and a girl. I have master's degree in philosophy, and worked for many years as a manager in marketing and advertising. 

Soon after I arrived to the west, I started my own online business - not knowing anything about Internet. Today my site is one of the most popular places for the information about Russia and Russian women and I own a successful Internet dating agency that helped hundreds of people to find their love. My articles and interviews were published by many newspapers and magazines in Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, Ireland, Finland, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Germany, and of course on the Internet. I've appeared in a few TV interviews as well.

I was thinking about writing this book for a long time. This book is very different from any other book about "dating Russian women", or your regular 20-page "E-Book".

It's 160 pages of practical, deep and useful information on all aspects of your search for your Suitable Partner and The Love of Your Life - she may be Russian, or Ukrainian, or Belorussian, or Kazakh - and this book will still work for you. I update this e-book regularly, adding new topics and information, and it is always up-to-date.

  • Every day I receive comments from my visitors that this book was more than they were expecting and the information was truly eye-opening.

  • Apparently, most men are doing the same mistakes when dating women from the former Soviet Union, and it is those mistakes that prevent them from being successful.

  • You can avoid making the same mistakes all other men are doing by getting this unique information - and also learn how to do it THE WAY IT WORKS!

Understanding what other party wants and how to deliver it, is the key to success in any venture.

The same is true to dating. When you know what those women really want and how to give it to them, your success will come naturally, like a sunrise. Other men may have to try hard but for you, it will become easy.

This book will change the way you look at "mail order brides" and Internet dating in general. You will see how your misconceptions and lack of culture knowledge were preventing you from being successful - and what exactly is needed to succeed.

Once you learned its powerful techniques, you simply won't be able to do it differently. You will surpass your competition by miles. 

In fact, you will be able to use your competition to your benefit - the more guys have written to the girls of your choice before you, the more those girls will be attracted to YOU.

No tricks or magic potions - just KNOWLEDGE! You know that knowledge is power. And the power of this book is so dramatic that you will be able to attract virtually any woman - even if she seems to be looking for somebody slightly different than you.

This is what readers said about this book:

Most of the tips you give in the book work wonders. They are not magic, they are just reflecting a different reality/culture from what we (in the west) are used to.


This book (How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me) is so great, in my opinion! First of all, Russian culture is so different I find it fascinating. Second, your knowledge worked for me as well as you claim.:-) In a week's time I am so buried in beautiful women, and I know I can pick as I choose. The numbers of beautiful women is staggering, combined with the knowledge your book imparts, the number or quality of women I could get is unlimited, except for time! I really have an unfair advantage. I understand what a Russian woman's motives are, and how to deliver big time on those motives. I simply have no competition. It's great! Like you, there is one who seems to be The One. Her name is Elena too. I'm going to her in 3 weeks. The hardest part is all the incredible women I have to say "no" to!!! So , I thank you in advance for both of us. We're very happy.:-) 


Hello Elena

I know you have asked for feedback, regarding your e-book; "How to find and marry a girl like me". 

It is always said in life that you only
listen to people who have "been there and done it", well you are certainly in that category! 

I thought the book was generally excellent, very honest, direct and extremely informative. In fact, I think that for any man even remotely considering the possibility of marrying a Russian woman, your book could be described as indispensable. You write very much as "things are", and to accumulate such knowledge arbitrarily would be very difficult indeed.

There are so many issues to address in the search for a Russian wife, and for the future relationship, and you seem to leave absolutely nothing out, and I mean nothing


We have PAGES of testimonials like these!
Click here to read them

You might be the most educated person - but you still lack the knowledge that is necessary to fully understand what the other party really wants!

This book is a quintessence of my unique knowledge of Russia, the West (as it looks through the eyes of a Russian woman), the international dating industry, Russian women and - the most important! - Russian women seeking foreign husbands.

(I must mention here that the term "Russian women" is widely accepted to include women from all countries of the former USSR, and not only the Russian Federation. Therefore, this guide will be just as operational in the search for a Ukrainian, Belarussian, or Kazakh wife.)

Nobody else will be able to give you this kind of advice as a Russian bride who married a foreigner, went through the process herself, and then have had many years of experience of running a dating agency. This allows you to benefit from both my own experience and experiences of many other couples that met and fell in love via Internet. It is a powerful combination.

And I am really interested in helping you to be more successful in your search for your dream woman.

Some dating agencies are not really interested in marriages: the longer the man is searching, the more money he will spend with them. They give you some advice, and it is usually not a bad advice - but it is not complete. It is only partial. It is like saying that to make bread you need to plant wheat. Yes, you do need to plant wheat first to be able to make bread - but it is by far not enough.

What I give you in my book is a COMPLETE STRATEGY and STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE through the process of searching for a wonderful Russian woman. It is this strategy that will make you irresistible for ANY Russian woman, but especially for an honest and sincere person, and will also help to easily weed out undesirables and gold diggers.

I know the typical mistakes that men are doing in their search for a wife from Russia and former USSR, and I can tell you why it is wrong and what are the right things to do. With this information you will be miles ahead of any man who is competing with you for the attention of a wonderful Russian lady.

I know what impresses Russian women the most, and what can turn them off. And I am here to share this information with you.

I am a qualified philosopher, extensively studied psychology, and for the last years have talked to thousands (true!) western men and Russian women seeking international relationships. I have the unique chance to see not only the obvious - but the hidden, too. I know the process from inside, have gone through it myself and see hundreds of people going through it every year. Some of them are successful but many are not. Do you want to know why? I will tell you, with true-life examples and practical, easy-to-follow advice.

After reading my book you will understand Russian women, probably, better than they understand themselves! Women seldom try to analyze their motives and feelings; I will analyze their behavior and show you WHY and HOW, so it makes sense for you.

I understand and will explain to you the reasons and the consequences, expectations and real results. I will show you what Russian women dream about and how to meet their expectations. Moreover, I will show you the way to succeed easily.

I can honestly tell you: ANY normal foreign man can attract attention of virtually ANY Russian woman, even the most beautiful one, if he meets some of her basic requirements and knows what to do. (The thing is: he never knows! He is only guessing!) 

In most cases it is possible to attract her attention even if he does NOT possess many of the virtues she wants to see in her future partner.

There is NO man that would not be able to find a nice, pretty, educated, and honest Russian lady that would be happy to become his wife. ANY man can do it!

There are tactics that would work wonders but men have no idea about them, and would not try. My information will give you an unfair advantage in winning hearts of Russian women: you will know what response your actions will have and how to respond to her actions, and you can make her fall in love with you, no matter what. You will be the only man for her in the whole Universe.

As you read this, you will start feeling a great desire to get this book right now and meet the woman of your dreams. You know that all you need to do is to click on the link to buy now and this information can be yours in just minutes. You will know that you are doing the right thing because you are opening a new page in your life, and it's a good thing.

YOU, my reader, you personally can meet a beautiful, educated, honest, and family oriented Russian Lady. I am going to show you HOW.

With this information you can find your dream woman and make your dreams come true.

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Why is this name for the book, "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me"?

Well, it's not that I am big-headed or think I am a dream of every man!  

The reason for this name is the fact that for the years that I am working in the dating industry I received hundreds of letters that said "I wish I could find a woman like you", and even more that said "Your husband is a very lucky man".

This is why this book is about finding a girl like me.

I feel that most men seek the same qualities in their potential mates: honesty, integrity, intelligence, faithfulness, kindness, the desire for mutual cooperation rather than competition, and of course physical attractiveness.

The criteria of what a particular man finds attractive differ from man to man but the ultimate criteria of what a man desires in a wife are universal. 

None of the men I have been in contact with ever wanted to meet a woman who was dishonest, tricky, stupid, selfish, unfaithful, wanted to compete rather than cooperate, and was physically unattractive. No one wants a wife like that!

This is why I am confident that a book that teaches men how to find a mate that is honest, kind, caring, faithful, intelligent, unselfish and at the same time physically attractive, will be of great value for any man seeking a long-term relationship and marriage with a Russian woman.

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Why MY book?

There are dozens of books available on the Internet that are devoted to dating Russian women. Why would you want to buy this particular book?

The most important reason is that I am a Russian woman who went through the process of marrying a western man herself, and who at the same time has the unique experience of being an owner of a large, successful dating agency.

When it comes to searching for a wife in Russia, there are many people who would readily dish out advice, no matter how successful (or unsuccessful) they were. Many of those advisors believe the very fact that they have searched for a partner for a few months (1 year, 2 years, 5 years) makes them experts. 

They will tell you things like, "I have been to Russia/Ukraine twenty times seeking a wife there, and this is why I know the best". Twenty times and they are still NOT married? Sure this is the type of people you want to learn from!

If the same thing happens with you time after time, there must be a reason for that. I usually follow the wise advice, "Stick with people who live what they teach". I find a person who did what I want to do, and was successful in it. Usually you only need to make a small adjustment to get it right. I learn what successful people are doing and do the same. This way you know you can be successful, too.

With this information you will know how to avoid possible traps and dead ends in your search for a wife in Russia. From the beginning to the end, from browsing personal ads to bringing your fiancee to your country and settling down, it leads you step-by-step, so you know you are doing the right thing.

You will find out about Russian women's beliefs and values so you will understand what they are truly looking for, why and how to ensure their attention. I am not telling you that all Russian women are the same - quite the opposite; and your will learn why they are different and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. You will know what type of a woman will be right for you, and where to look for her. You will be able to give Russian women exactly what they want, and still be true to yourself and them.

You do not need to change yourself - just change your approach in your search for your dream woman!

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With this information, you can:

  • Change the way you see Internet dating;

  • Learn what you must know before contacting Russian women, or your search is doomed;

  • Understand what Russian women REALLY want, why do they want it, and how you can give it to them;

  • Use your competition to your benefit;

  • Search for your dream woman at the right places and avoid the wrong ones;

  • Write letters that receive responses 9 out of 10;

  • Get ready-to-use letters that drive women mad... about you;

  • Make such a striking impression on women that makes you the only man they can think of;

  • Select the most suitable partner from all the beautiful girls that want to be with you;

  • Learn how to check that the woman's interest is genuine;

  • Progress your relationship from the first letter to marriage;

  • Find out what Russian women fears are and how to deal with them;

  • Avoid hidden traps of Russian courting etiquette;

  • Find out how you can unknowingly destroy your relationship with little or no action at all, and how to avoid it;

  • Learn what is the best way to organize your personal meeting;

  • Find out what is the biggest turn-off for Russian women in their relationship with western men;

  • Discover what Russian women expect from a man who is courting them;

  • Learn the most important things about giving gifts and shopping with Russian women;

  • Find out which popular western phrase can destroy your perfect relationship in an instant;

  • Find out how to detect if she is ready for sex;

  • Learn the right way to start a sexual relationship with a Russian woman and how to avoid embarrassment if things don't work the way they should;

  • Find out about marriage proposals to Russian women;

  • Glide your way through marriage visas and ways to bring your fiancee into your home country;

  • Learn how to survive visa application period and use it to strengthen your relationship;

  • Ensure the woman is getting married to YOU and not to your country;

  • Find out what women feel when moving to a new country to marry a foreign man, and what she expects from you during this process;

  • Prevent regular problems of adaptation and homesickness;

  • Get practical, easy-to-use advice on do's and don'ts on every stage of your search, from beginning to the end, to GUARANTEE your success.

All in all, with this book you will get all the know-how that enables you To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me - intelligent, educated, honest, and of course physically attractive.

With this information, you will have this comforting feeling of certainty and clarity in your mind, and you know you are doing the right thing because it makes sense.

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I will also tell you - for the first time! - my own story of searching for a husband abroad, and what my future husband did that I had chosen him from hundreds of other men

He managed to capture my attention and all other men simply could not compete.

I will tell you what exactly he did to attract my attention and ensure I will continue being interested in him, and what impressed me about him during our personal meeting that other men did not do.

It is not surprising he did not even realize what exactly he did that I have chosen him!

It's not easy for a man to understand aspirations and dreams of a woman, and how she makes her decisions. He does not even know why it happened the way it happened!

I have specifically asked him about it, and the answers he had given were not anywhere close to reality.

He thought that he was doing right this and that, and this is why he managed to secure my attention. But in reality, those were different things - small little things you would never think about.

So even the men who managed to attract the woman of their dreams don't really know how it happened!

But I will tell you - WHY and HOW.

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Will this information work for YOU?

This information a proven record of being an effective and practical guide to finding the Russian woman of your dreams. It is sold in thousands of copies and according to ratings, it is the most popular book about dating Russian women.

As the author of this best-selling book, I was invited to be a contributing author of the first book of dating experts "28 Surefire Ways To Instant Dating Success" . Only the authors of the most popular dating E-books were invited. I am the only Russian dating expert with its own chapter in the main volume of this highly successful dating guide, and the reason why I was invited is because I authored "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me". Buying this book you are buying from a world-wide recognized expert.

This book is so widely popular that some competitors try to steal its ideas (or even its name)!

I was shocked when I discovered some people tried to copy this book. At first I was angry as you become angry at somebody stealing your ideas but then I realized that it was actually the highest recognition I could get! People only steal the things worthy of stealing!

And anyway... 

Why would anyone want an imitation when they can get the real thing?

There is only one "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me"!

You know that books don't become popular for nothing. Books become popular when they give you what you want

This information has proven itself by years of practice. With this information, you can find your perfect Russian woman with less hassle and more understanding of what's really going on. You can virtually slash your competition!

We have pages and pages of testimonials from men who used this information with overwhelming success (click here to read them). There are no confusing charts or long explanations - every chapter of this book is practical, operational and easy-to-use.

It is also light and entertaining reading. In fact, it is so captivating that once started, you may have trouble to put it down! 

Some books fail to clear up your doubts and don't deliver what they promise - but not this one. This book can have you hooked up from the very beginning till the very end. You are not only absorbing its useful information - you can also have lots of fun along the way!

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How much this information is worth for you?

This information will empower you to save thousands of dollars in your search for your dream woman by helping you avoid unnecessary expenses and showing where to look for better deals. 

Too often men are paying for what they could get for free, or even paying for the things that are counterproductive for their search.

With this information you can find out how you can avoid costly mistakes and get it done right the first time - this information alone is worth thousands of dollars!

But how can you put a price tag on Finding The Love Of Your Life?

This book is NOT about saving money.

It is about understanding the whole process and its every stage, and making a faster progress, with GUARANTEED results.

If you want to marry a woman from the former Soviet Union, this is the book you want to have for yourself, and keep it for your reference through the whole process.

The information in this book is unique and you can only find it here, on this site.

This book can make a world of difference in your search. Russian culture and western culture are different. You can either learn to use this difference to your advantage, or it will destroy your relationship.

This is what the readers said:

I have purchased your book "How to Marry a Girl Like Me" and read it. All I can say is, WOW!!! I wish I had this book before I first went to Russia to meet another "Elena". In your courtship section, I did EVERYTHING wrong! I could not have offended this poor girl more if I tried! I did not know our cultures were so different! 

I have to say, this book is more than a help for those who wish to date Russian women. It is CRUCIAL. It is as important as air to breathe, for success in this endeavor! 

Very well done Elena, you have saved all who read this book from a certain broken heart!

Jory (Washington - USA)

I've been at my search for a year now, and you could easily re-title your book to: "Everything Alan Has Done Wrong, Point-by-Point, Over the Last Year". In fact, feel free to use that title for future editions.:-) Some things I had already discovered on my own the hard way, but there was also loads of new information for me that will save me from future mistakes. I had to cringe at times while reading your book, thinking about some of the impressions I must have given, all due to pure ignorance on my part. I have witnessed on the message boards time and time again the phenomenon of guys going, meeting many [women], but not connecting with any. 

Snoqualmie, Washington, USA

P.S. By the way, I know you know this already, but your title is a work of marketing genius! How could any guy not want to buy such a book? The best part is that it delivers everything it promises.
We have PAGES of testimonials like this!
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How much an unsuccessful trip to Russia would cost you? $2,000? $3,000? $5,000? This information can greatly improve the odds in your favor.

The only thing you must remember is that you must use it AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE in your search, because the foundation of a successful meeting is laid long before you dismount from the plane. The earlier you read it, the better will be your result!

There is a saying that all trades are a conspiracy of professionals against the layman. In regard to dating, this information will enable you to become not only an expert in Russia and Russian women but also an expert in "what women want" - all women, of any nation.

One day a guy told me that if he knew what women REALLY wanted, he would write a book and retire rich.

This is THE BOOK.

If what women want is still a puzzle for you, you will find the answer here. This information will allow you to understand why Russian women want what they want and how you can offer them exactly what they are looking for.

By now, you know how much more successful this information can make you, and the only question you have is:

How much this information is worth for you?

A straightforward answer to this questions would be: PRICELESS!

I am basically giving it away!
The price of this book is
only $89.95.

Many men would pay ten times more to avoid expensive mistakes that they have made in their search for their dream woman. The cost of a 7-day trip to Russia, including tickets, accommodation and meals, can run into THOUSANDS. Imagine spending something like $3,000 and coming back home empty-handed...and heartbroken. And don't forget wasted time and effort!

Set yourself apart from these men.
You can do better.

You can have How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me working for you, and drive 100 miles an hour on a highway while others struggle through jungle.

I know the information in this book is worth much more than $89.95... but I am willing to go one step further: if you order TODAY, you won't have to pay even this (already ridiculously low) price.

If you buy this book TODAY, you can get this invaluable information for only $49.95! *

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* $49.95 is a limited time offer. This offer may be discontinued any minute.

I will be certainly forced to increase the price of this book in the future, to cover the marketing and administrative costs. This is genuinely limited time offer. It will not stay. I have increased the price of this book several times already, and I WILL increase the price of this book again; probably already tomorrow.

You can get this knockout book today and slay your competition in an instant! Every day counts!

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I know that by now you can't wait to get hold of this information that can help you to land The Woman Of Your Dreams. You feel that if this book is just half as good as I am saying it is, it's definitely worth the money.

But wait...
Here is MORE!

Yes, this is not all!

If you order before 12 p.m. Sunday, you will also receive a FREE bonus E-book "How I Met The Love of My Life" written by... my husband!

Your FREE Bonus!

John's book

"How I Met The Love of My Life" is written by my husband John and it describes all the steps he went through in order to meet me and make me fall in love with him.

This insightful book tells you about the real events that happened in our relationship and how they were perceived by my husband-to-be. The choices he had to make, the decisions and their consequences, all pros and contras, you will be able to uncover them all.

It will also give you a better understanding of Russia and Russian people, and what you can expect when travel to this part of the world.

Written in a conversational, informal manner, this book is a delightful reading and a wealth of information, too!

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Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Reader's comments 

I searched the Net for 5 years and I think now it is the time to do it the right way. I have been doing exactly the opposite way before and wondered what was wrong. Now I know that I did the wrong way all the time, thanks to you and your ebooks. I propably spent 10,000$ US, on something that wasn't going to lead anywhere - and it didn't. For the 2 books, "anti-scam guide" and "how to marry a girl......" I paid 60$US and I think now it is the best investment I ever made.

Thanks again,
Pelle (Sweden)

Dear Elena,

I just purchased you new ebook which I am promoting on my website. I have  also been a customer of many of the foreign dating agencies, including yours, and I wanted to tell you I think your ebook is a great resource for anyone considering a search for someone abroad. 

I had to smile, knowing what you mean, when in the ebook you mentioned a  website you found which reviews dating sites, where the woman reviewer joked  about all of the doctors, lawyers, and engineers found on the Russian bride sites. 

Before I was more informed, I read those comments at and felt that the ladies on these sites were mostly scammers, but I have come to realize that this is the exception, not the rule.

Obviously, it is that "reviewer" who is not very well informed. I am considering a new website for the review of only Russian and Asian dating sites. 

Thanks again for a really informative and quality ebook! 


Well I must say that your E-book was very incisive and helpful in better understanding Russian women. I live in the USA and met a women from Russia where I live, but unfortunately I had not read your book when I was trying to win her heart. Every day I regret the mistakes I made and just wish I could start over especially after reading your book.

Matt A. (USA)

Dear Elena,
Thank you so much for writing your book. I do wish I would have read it a long time ago. The information you have supplied has really opened my eyes and has provided me with a much clearer path to follow.
I have been searching for a nice lady from the FSU for 3 years and have had a few adventures, and quite costly ones at that. 

Bill Elberson

I have just recently decided to seek an eastern European woman for marriage. Your book was filled with important information about Russian women and their culture, that I would not have otherwise known. I am certain that the knowledge you have provided will prove invaluable as I embark on this important journey.

All the best,

This book has a lot of helpful information and I wish I would have had it sooner!!

Sincere thanks,
Bill (USA)

...It's clear that I was making the common mistakes I suspect any man would make. Please stop selling your book as I want all the Russian women for myself!

Michael (USA)

Your book is excellent, thank you for suggesting it. I'm sure I'll use a lot of your suggestions for what to say and not say in a letter. I think it will help me when I actually visit the FSU.


I recently purchased your ebook "How to Marry a Girl Like Me" and was fascinated by the depth and detail provided.  Thank you for adding value to my search.

Philip (USA)

Your book has opened my eyes to certain things that I was not aware of and which could be devastating to the uninformed. I hope that in the coming weeks and months I will be able to tell you of my success story.

Terry (USA)

I enjoyed the book very much. I wish I had read it long ago. I knew nothing of the rules. I did everything your book warned me of not to do. So after reading your book I am very particular of the dating agency I chose. I have contacted three women and all three had replied positive. I also get eight to ten contacts a day from women living in Russia and Ukraine. I feel sad that I can't keep up with the letters. 

I liked your book very much. It was a big learning process.

Thank You
Kenny Ernst

I wanted to say 'Thank you'. I view the process in an entirely different manner.

I ran your advice past a friend who spent time in St. Petersburg, Russia teaching and has a Russian minor. My friend whole-heartedly agreed with you.

Thank you for your book.

Darren H.

I will say that your books have great information and I would have gone very blind, if I did not read them first before my trip. This was my first meeting with the woman I have chosen and plan to be with. My trip went great and we both had a wonderful time. I think your book is a must for anyone that wants to understand more about Russian Women.

Thanks You

The value of your book, Elena, is that it applies to people in general, with specific hints regarding Russian women. Be clear about what you want, be clear about what you see, and stick to your priorities. And beware of falling in love with "the picture," even if it's standing right in front of you. Thanks once again for writing such an excellent book,

Julian (Canada)

I purchased this morning a copy of your e-book 'How to find and marry a girl like me'.
I have read it once and started reading it again!
I am amazed by your frankness and honesty and the book's insight into how women think.


Very enlightening and interesting reading, in context shows how different cultures and sexes view a situation.

Mark (Australia)

Dear Elena,
I've just read your e-book from cover to cover. This has to be
the single greatest resource I've seen yet for anyone who is even thinking about finding a Russian wife. I did not know and could not believe the amount of differences between my society in the UK and Russian culture.

I especially found the differences in Russian dating etiquette very interesting and to be honest, in light of what I've read, I can't see how any foreigner successfully gets married to a Russian girl if they don't have this insider information before they even write their first letter.

All the best.
Best regards
Jonathan S.


I purchased your book "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me" on Friday and spent the weekend reading it. I actually read it twice taking notes the second time. I found the book to be fascinating, enlightening and entertaining. I learned a great deal about what the Russian Woman expects and what Russian cultural and courting norms are. I believe that for anyone contemplating a relationship with a woman from the former Soviet Union that this book is an essential and I highly recommend it.

Thank you for writing the book.

Hi Elena

My name is Tommy. Read your book, I would describe it as having a road map in a city you never been in and are trying to get to a place. You can most likely find the place but it will take you a lot longer with a lot of mistakes and you will probably not enjoy the trip. Thank you , I read your book right through and reference back to it often.

Thank-you again for your books ... Tommy

I thank you for a very interesting and instructive book. 

I couldn’t imagine there is so much to think about and how much can go wrong just because the different culture. 

What I also like with your book is how you explain everything in detail. 

I am in the beginning of my searching and I see that I have done wrong at the most, after I read your book. There were a few surprises I could avoid I read your book before. 

Thank you again for your very good website.

Crister from Sweden

I couldn't put it down, I found it fascinating. Quick, to the point and
practical. If I had an image of Russian woman before, it has completely
changed. All the little cultural points make me more interested in a Russian
bride. If this is what I can expect, I am very excited. 

Very well written. Now I know why I haven't had much success.


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Don't even THINK about dating one without reading this book!

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