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One of the arrested scammers

Russian brides turned to be... men!

The Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia is investigating an unusual criminal case of "Russian brides". The case was initiated because of several complaints that have been received from the citizens of USA, Canada and Australia, who tried to find a romance with Russian girls via Internet.

The scheme of the scam was wonderfully simple. On the Internet were placed photos of beautiful girls that were claiming to look for foreign husbands. Brides from Russia are so popular in the world that there were no problems with men looking for relationships. Correspondence via Internet lead to the desire to meet in person. Gullible grooms were sending future wives from Yoshkar-Ola money for travel expenses. And this was the end of the correspondence.

"A citizen of USA applied to the Ministry of Home Affairs complaining that a Russian woman received from him more than 2000 US Dollars in a fraudulent way", - says the press-secretary of the Department "K" of the Ministry of Home Affairs Anatoly Platonov.

After receiving numerous complaints detectives of the department "K" arrested 4 people in Yoshkar-Ola. The most interesting thing is that it was not the women that were corresponding with foreign men but the 2 guys. The "beauties" were only to receive the money transfers. They were paid $50 for receiving each transfer, does not matter how big it was.

"The investigation is to find out how long this group was operating. One men of this group was formerly charged according to the article 28 of the Russian Criminal Code "for computer crimes"", - says Platonov.

According to the investigators, the financial damage made by this group to foreign citizens can be hundreds thousands American dollars. 

According to the latest information, there are 20 more women on the investigation list, who were receiving numerous money transfers from abroad. The investigation team will continue working in close cooperation with banks and Western Union. All scam victims are requested to contact proper authorities with information and complaints. Click here to see how to compile your complaint.

The story about Russian Brides scams was later on the many news channels, including Sky News and CNN. 
Read the original story in Russian and see video and photos at: http://www.rtr-vesti.ru/comments.html?id=7077&date=20-06-2002

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