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ANTI-SCAM GUIDE: Read once, and forget about scammers forever!

Anti-Scam Guide

Hello Elena, 

I just read your entire Anti-Scam Guide and I am so glad that I read it. I have only had about 5 days of internet contacts with this person and after reading the guide, I realize that it had to be a scam. Everything you pointed out was in the letters in black and white. I feel a bit "stupid" for allowing this to happen but I would have been furious and hurt if things would have progressed as far as possible. 

Thank you for the great information. It was worth every penny. 
Ray Roberts

Dear Elena,

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for your "Ant-Scam Guide". I was in the process of being scammed and didn't even know it. I thought that I was smart (I do have a high IQ) because I had avoided a scam previously. But now (don't laugh too much at me) I think I am a dummy. I can't thank you enough for the valuable (and timely) information contained in the e-book you have. I must be a target for this kind of thing because I've had 5 different offers from 3 different e-mail addresses sent to me. One even used your name!! The on-line dating service they used was "". It is a Christian dating site. I have informed the site of the scammers. I am not discouraged. I realize that I will need your help when I begin to search again. Thank you very much. You are a God send to me. Since you have helped me in this regard, I now think of you as my sister, I hope you don't mind.

God Bless You,
Mike G.

P.S. You can tell the lady (Oksana) who wrote the letter in your book that there are some "good" guys out here.


Thanks for writing the Anti-Scam guide. The guide is a valuable resource that I wish I had read years ago! It would have saved me a lot of money and heartbreak with all the "dating" services that have ripped me off over the last twenty years! 

On another topic, I thought I would weigh in on; Is why men in the United States are attracted to Russian/Ukrainian women? Russian and Ukrainian women like being WOMEN, and that is very attractive to American men. It may sound like a simple reason, but I believe it to be true. It's important for a man to feel good about himself, and how a woman behaves has a lot to do with that!! 

I have been an active participant on the singles scene since 1972, and in that time I have seen women in the U.S. become hard, bitter and manly. American women are real "Ball breakers", and I can say that from experience, because I have dated a few and also came close to marrying two of them. American women need to lighten up from their days in the Women's movement, and realize that not every man wants to get them in bed! Plus, a lot of American women don't want to get married and have children, and they definitely don't want to marry a "nice" guy. They look at a nice guy as an idiot to be used and abused!

Women in the states are too manly for my taste, and I mean that in the Russian sense of the word. I believe the reason men in the U.S. are attracted to Russian women is because they act and are feminine. 

I have been discouraged over the years in my quest to find a Russian wife, but I suppose I'm just a stupid Romantic. I know it sounds corny these days to use the word "soul mate", but I really believe there is one out there for me! I don't think I have remained single all these years, because it was my destiny to be married three or four times. Marriage is serious business, and if I meet a women who isn't as serious as I am about it; I drop her like a hot brick!

Well, that's about it for my rant. 

Mark Erickson
(Missouri, USA)

My name is Gordon and I contacted you several weeks ago about a possible scam from a woman who had contacted me from a singles website.  You informed me not to waste my time, that it was a scam. I had purchased your anti-scam booklet, and it was a life saver. The whole situation unfolded almost word for word as you said it would in the booklet. If I had not researched constantly and not stumbled onto your site I would probably be out a large chunk of change. However, I learned so much about Russian women in my research, that I have come to the conclusion that they do make perfect wives.  I am currently setting up my life right now to be able to go through the process of meeting and hopefully marrying one. You will be receiving a membership request from me in the near future. Many thanks.

Gordon Balser

Thank you very much for your information. For $25 you saved me $800. These people are VERY good at what they do and the almost had me and my money. 


Hi Elena.

I myself are on one of those free dating agencies. It is called Dating Direct. I have received an email from a lady called Ekaterina. I was in no way looking for a wife from Russia. I never even knew about it to be honest. I'm a single parent of two boys and 43 years old. Warning bells rang .Why would a 24 year old contact someone with kids who is 43!Well i did a search on Jeeves .Do Russian Woman make good wives? Well it provided a link also to your site. I purchased your scam guide and to be honest wondered if it was waste of money. That was till I read it! Get the guide folks!

Well situation 1 stares back at me. Up to yet she as not asked for anything. May be she is honest but I can see the pattern. I will tell you the outcome. I have asked the Dating agency if they have any complaints about her. They said no and gave good advice. I have not given her a idea i suspect her .But i expect she will try to scam me. I honestly cannot see any 24 year old Russian lady wanting a single parent dad (43) of two kids to be honest. Still perhaps considering a Russian lady nearer to my age is an option. The honest ones seem like nice ladies. I pointed out to Ekaterina I am a humble honest man who is not rich .I have been totally honest about myself. I suspect she may not be who she is.
I thank you for saving me from a lot of heartbreak. The price is a bargain. Best Wishes
Andrew Footman
You can use this letter and I do not mind if you use my email address. I for one are glad there are honest people like you. Maybe having someone not scared of nearly being a victim and can be contacted will be of use. This I will gladly do. It will at least give folks a person and not just a name. I an truely amazed by the beauty of Russian woman. I can see why so many man get stung. Keep up the great work.

Dear Elena,

I just want to thank you for your e-book. I was corresponding with a young woman in Cheboksary for about a month and suspected something was not right about the situation. I am a former Police Officer and my instincts are pretty keen. I ran across your e-book and purchased it the other day. I spent several hours reading it and enjoyed it greatly. 

After reading your book, I went back to all the letter's I received from this woman and reread them. They were exactly as you has wrote. So I took it upon myself to try, with a bit of poetic license, to catch her in a scam. It worked and she wrote back saying she found someone else that she met before me and that he was going to buy her things she wanted, such as a computer etc. 

I will pass your e-book information (where to purchase) on to anyone I know that is looking or has been contacted by someone in Russia or nearby countries to warn them of the scams.

Again I thank you for your insights and advice.

Dan (USA)

Dear Elena:

I want to thank you for writing your E-book on scams that occur over the Internet originating from Russia. I was a potential victim of such a scam, but while doing research on my own to find out more information on my lady, I came across your web site. I read your advise in the advertisement with great detail then decide I did not have enough information to pursue my lady without buying your E-book. I made the purchase and followed your instructions to the letter. All is well, I am now sure I was being targeted to be a victim of a scam.

I probably would have sent money had it not been for your E-book. Shortly after reading your book I sent her a letter and have not heard from her again. I now realize that what you say in your book is true and accurate.

The one thing that I did not realize prior to going through this process is just how many girls are in Russia looking for good mates. 

I am a 41 year old man, I take great care of myself, I make a great living, I have a good life, I am not having any trouble finding American women to date, I am just having a hard time finding one that isn't after me for all the wrong reasons. I have consequently felt that finding a soul mate for me, exhausting. I am open to the Idea of a Russian bride but do not want to be scammed as you mention in all your examples in you book. I may be willing to try but I want to be careful while still not being so paranoid that any great lady would also be scared off. I hope you find my letter useful and feel free to use it as you see fit.

Thanks again for your E-book.

John Zidek (USA)

Hello Elena!

I am very delighted to have discovered your guide! For years I have worked with a couple of agencies as I dreamt of one day finding the "right one for me" in Eastern Europe. I had received numerous warnings about how western male singles like me would often fall into the traps of the "scammers" over there as they searched for their soul mate. I also wondered if fellows like myself could ever have access to reliable and authoritative information that could help protect us from con artists involved in the numerous introduction services in the former USSR. I would imagine to myself that someday I would discover a "for dummies" guide that offered practical advise on how to meet a Russian wife.

I began to read it and finished it off very quickly. I found your work very enlightening. Your publication has also restored my hope in someday realizing my dreams. However, you described scammers as resembling sincere correspondents. I appreciate the addition information you included that would have enable me to find out more about them outside of what the agency will tell me such as other agencies.

I hope to go onto a tour sponsored by your enterprise. I read that your agency offers tours and other services. I would like to attend a European Connections tour as well as see my friends in Chernovtsy while at the same time find out what your business can do for me.

I read that a sure sign that someone is a scammer if she is younger than me. Yet in another section you mentioned that 5-15 year age gap is not unreasonable to exist between a man from the west and his Eastern European wife. It only becomes nonsensical when a man from here in his 50's expects to find a 20 something there and for everything to work out between them.

I have much more to write about. however, I can write again. I wanted this letter to express how much I appreciate your publications and what you wish to offer those of us who continue to dream about meeting that "special someone' in Eastern Europe. Thank you.

Kip Winans

Dear Elena, 

I just wanted to thank you!! Your guide helped nip my problem in the bud, I have been corresponding with someone for about 3 weeks now... I requested a verification of the visa she sent me to the embassy and it turned out to be fraudulent!!!!! I just got a confirmation today!!! I feel SO RELIEVED!! SO THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have done it with out your guide... I got to walk with out losing my shirt!!!

I think Russian woman are the most beautiful woman in the world... It is a shame things like this happen. thanx>> 

Jamie Ciardullo USA. CA. (maybe one day I will find a real Nadezhda Bobrova)

Dear Elena, 

Before anything else is said (written) I want first to congratulate you on a superb website and business, as well as having achieved what many of us dream about. I happily downloaded your anti-scam guide, and it has saved me from plunging headlong into what surely would have been a ruinous situation financially and emotionally.

What I really wanted to say, though, were two things. First, I am and remain eternally grateful for your blunt and succinct thoughts and advice. And secondly, what peculiarly is coming out of my experience is not something negative or bitter, but a rather warming feeling to the life and culture once closed off from me in an experience vaguely remembered as "the cold war'". I had some Email conversations with Pasha Voitinsky which were stimulating and sprinkled with a hilarity and humor that caused me nothing but respect and affection. He was kind enough to critically review a long series of letters from "the lady", expertly pointing out the inconsistencies and improbabilities that I had missed in translation. It was a wonderful way to gently but expertly bust the bubble of illusion in which I as a too-romantically-inclined older man had been living. The scammers are most clever; they know exactly what to say, and attract. I almost fell for it, as they say here using the fishing analogy, "swallowing hook, line, and sinker". Pasha says it is the leading industry in Odessa right now. I think he is being both cynical and truthful.

It is not all over yet, because to write and receive these charming letters does not waste my time, and because I want to be sure I have all the strings in place and the knots ready to tie before it ends and I put this out in public forum. I am a little reticent to display my stupidity in all of its glory. But I thought you should know that it has stimulated to me try and learn the elements, at least, of the Russian language, truly one of the most beautiful I have ever heard. I may be one of very few who was fascinated by Chairman Kruschev's famous "pounding shoe" speech delivered in the original Russian (now I have truly betrayed my age!). I plan to travel to Russia, some time soon, not to seek ladies, but to be among the people, to try and absorb some of that great land and culture. In my incurably romantic view of life it may turn out that fate will then in an unexpected and surprising way yield the end to the feeling of apartness and loneliness I often feel now, a feeling I suspect that is somewhat "Russian" in its melancholy nature. And of course, there is always your service.

With all best regards to you, your husband and all your associates.
Ot vsey dushi pozdravlyayu i zhelayu vsego nailuchshego!
S uvazheniem,
Bill Smales, Roanoke, Virginia USA

Greetings from East Tennessee,
Though I am looking for more of a pen pal, and perhaps an opportunity to exchange visits, your Anti-Scam Guide is definitely an asset. Thank for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience.

Ed Neusel

Hello Elena,

Sorry if I am writing to the wrong address, because I do not need anymore scam advice, but I wanted to thank you for providing the information on scams.

I was contacted on a personals website (yahoo personals to be exact) and I was falling pretty hard. Fortunately my skepticism lead me to your site. It is obviously a scam. I still have all the emails and pictures if you would be interested in looking them over. There are some twists in them, but it falls in line with what you describe in situation 1 of you anti-scam guide.

Just send an email back to me if you would be interested in seeing these emails and photos.

Thank you!

I bought your anti-scam guide a few days ago, because I was the target of 
unsolicited e-mail from a Russian woman who sounded too good to be 
true. After reading your guide, I was soon able to identify this person as 
a scammer, before she got to my money . . . and more importantly, before she got to my heart.

It was worth the money. Thanks.


You make your own luck. Some people have bad luck all their lives.

-- Casey Stengel

Hi Elena, I'm writing to you to thank you for the information in your book. I've learned some very useful information that could have saved me from making a mistake. I was contacted by "Natalya of Novocheboksarsk", and continue to receive at least one new contact a week. After corresponding with her for a month ,and reading your book, I started to notice some Patterns. Although "she" never asked for money, I think it was coming. I, now, ask for address and phone number from the start. I found your book by accident while looking for Russian Yahoo personals. I was going to see if "she" was listed on them. I was wondering how you could make your book more accessible to the men of the dating sites? I'm sure that there are a lot of men that would find it very useful to have the information in your book. In my opinion your book should be at the first page of the personals listings. Again, THANK YOU.

Your very grateful fan, Chris


I can't thank you enough. You were correct in your belief that "Alexandra" is a hoax. I purchased and read your Anti-Scam Guide, and it became obvious that I was going to be scammed. This morning I received two e-mails from "Alexandra." In the first "she" told me she loved me, and in the second she requesting money for a visa. It was just as you set forth in your Guide. There is no doubt in my mind that it was a scam.

Thank you for saving me from a heartbreak and from losing money. You really deserve all the success you achieve, Elena, and I wish you tons of it!

Gratefully yours, 

Hi Elena, I just purchased your No Scammers Guide and now feel like I'm ready to begin my search for the love of my life. I've been following your advise to read as much of your website as possible and understand now why a guy needs this invaluable information. I very glad I purchased it, I never dreamed the scammers are this clever. I have found one lady that jumps out from the rest already. But I still plan to get your "total package" and purchase her name separately. My heart pounds like a drum now just thinking about her. Wish "us" luck and say a prayer for me......Thanks!


Hi Elena,

I feel so stupid.
I am glad I found your site. I wish I had found it sooner.

Fortunately I didn't send any money, but I fell into the classic trap.
Thanks for your help.


I have read and completely enjoyed both of your books, as well as, most every page of your website. Also, I receive your weekly catalog. It is obvious you have gone great lengths to truly help men and women in this international dating scene. At this point it feels to me like you are the ONE person I can trust ?

Your help has been most informative. Unfortunately for me I found your site and books a moment too late… Olenka from Toljatti had already extracted $400.00 from me

[400 that actually costs 650 with all the fee's and such] 

Worse yet !, 4 months of my time, heart, and soul writing to [her, him, it] 

of course at the time I had no idea about anything Russian culture, Internet dating, scams ect. [recently Divorced after 11 years] 

The only thing that was apparent was that this young "lady" was interested in me ! at any rate, I tried to send "him" on her way due to the large age difference, however "she" was persistent ! Then after reading someplace that age difference is not as big of a factor in Russian culture as it is in western cultures. I said what the heck, and gave in… Long story short… and in hindsight of course "she" used the exact formula outlined in your book… too bad for me! 

John (USA)

Hi Elena. Just to let you know after using your services and finding a very beautiful woman from St.Petersburg I'm off to Russia on Tuesday. I took your advice and plan to spend at least three weeks with her and her family. If all goes well Hopefully we will be a family in the spring time. You were right about everything. She has never willingly mentioned money one time except to tell me what she does and how much it paid. She only showed her feelings very slowly and carefully. Her English is badly broken but she gets the message across well enough to understand and we are planning to practice while I am there. She uses a dictionary to write. I work for the airlines so it will not cost me to get over and back. She takes the bus for twenty min. a day to email me and get my letters.

Thanks for all your help and your anti scammers guide, It made all the difference

Philip Hollandsworth

This web site saved me $1300.00.

I did lose $386.00 in the process, but I am glad that I was able to save the other $1400.00

At this site there are links to report fraud and have used them for such. I will do my best to see that this woman gets nothing from anyone else, except for what she deserves.

I thank you for this site.


Hello Elena,

I want to thank you again for your advice, E-Book, and web site. Fortunately, you made me aware of the scam before I lost any money or became too involved emotionally.

Ironically.... if I had never been contacted by the person through the matching service, I would never have investigated the possibility of meeting a Russian woman -- and after reading all the information on your web site, I can see that they possess the qualities that are so sadly lacking in American women these days. I think I may "try again" when it comes to meeting a good Russian woman! but this time, through a reputable agency such as yours.

The work you are doing is not only informative but kind and compassionate as well.

Joseph C. (New Jersey, USA)

Yesterday I ordered your Anti-Scam Guide. Yes I have been doing things wrong, wrong & wrong but today I will start to do better.

Your Guide has opened up my eyes, I should of ordered it earlier. I could not put it down once I started to read it. Thanks again 

Tom Eau Claire WI, USA

Dear Elena,

I have recently purchased your guide, and I am finding it very useful. I should also say that it is so long, that I have not yet managed to read all of it!

Yours sincerely
Mr. Frank Richardson.

Dear Elena,

The anti-scam guide was worth every penny, because now I feel "street-wise", and therefore more confident and comfortable. I want to compliment you on your site. I believe you are a woman of integrity in it shines through.

Thank you for your time,

Dear Elena,

First I want to thank you - I previously ordered your scam guide and it was of great help to me as I searched for my special woman. I did encounter (and avoid!) several scam attempts. I have gone through much correspondence and I have reduced communications to 3 women that I like. Soon I will travel to meet each of them and hope that will allow me to assess the relationship possibilities and determine if one of them is my "special woman".

Bruce G., USA


First off, I'd like to thank you for putting together this Guide. It has helped me a bunch to see things in a clearer perspective. I was just about to be a victim of scammer myself. Your information saved me from that.

Thank you,
-Taka (Japan)

Your guide is fabulous.....I was recently scammed so bad it hurt me very much. I reported it on with her pictures and accusations. She was mugged at knifepoint at the airport supposedly. I wish I read your guide months ago. I have one question about an agency!! Have you ever heard of elite personal agency? The girl does seem sincere, and it does not appear her letters are pre-written, I had her address some time ago but did not think I needed it. I was thinking of asking her again by seeing if I may send her a Christmas present!!! Do you believe this is good strategy!! Then include a letter to find her a better, cheaper way of communicating. Elite Personal charges me $70.00 dollars a month to write on an unlimited basis. I hope you can help further, your guide has taught me so much already.... I WISH I WOULD HAVE READ IT MONTHS AGO!!!!!


Hi Elena,

It appears that I owe you a big "THANKS" from California. I most likely have a scammer on my hands. Your insight is simply amazing! While I am broken hearted, you have saved me from making a huge mistake. I will forward my information to the appropriate website once I get the demand for money, which is sure to come soon. You are doing the internet dating community a great service. This particular girl (man?) was particularly devious and taking their time with me. They we're extremely convincing. Thank you, again, for your website, e-mails, and books. You are a Gem!

California, U.S.A.

I purchased your book and as it seems it was just in time. I have another scammer for your records. The person presented her name as and said that she was writing from Tomsk Russia. Once I got your book and started asking all the right questions I was surprised at the responses. It was almost word for word the answers you had in your book. The more I inquired the more it became evident and the more it matched a scam. Fortunately I was only out about $50.00 before ordering your book. I was ready to bite the hook and you saved me a lot of embarrassment and expense. Not to mention heart ache. I would want everyone to know how to avoid such a scam and especially wish that this person could be added to your list of scammers.


Dear Elena,

Somehow by accident, I ran across your web site. I recently DID marry overseas & emerging from that very unpleasant experience, I want to be more careful this time. The sample letters & shared experiences I read on your site sounded eerily familiar. So, I forked over the $25 dollars for your book. I was surprised to find it an e-book that I could read instantly. I found myself staying up all night reading it! Well-written & VERY informative! I finally went to bed at 6 am & sure enough, at 7 am I got my first call from "Irina", &, as you described it, it lasted less than 1 minute (she says she doesn't have a phone at home & has to call from a community center). I told her that I was planning to come to see her in Russia in 2 months. Instead of being excited, she said "but I want to come to you". Later that day I sent an e-mail saying that I knew U.S. immigration policy & that her chances of getting a visa were almost none. Next day I get an e-mail from her saying "you are mistaken, it is very easy to get a visa. All it takes is money".

As you can see, it appears I was about to be the victim of a scam. Thank you so much for your book. Your advice of "no money, no scam" is priceless. Looks like you have saved me much money & heartache. I'm just waiting now for the letter asking to send her money for the visa. I think I'll take your suggestion & tell "her" that I've sent the money several times & let the crooks wonder where it went as of course I won't actually send anything!

How can I get a copy or access to your "blacklist". Thanks again for all of your help!


P.S.-You are an incredibly beautiful, intelligent & personable woman. If I can do half as well in my search, I'll consider myself a lucky man!!!

Yesterday I purchased your Complete No-Nonsense ANTI-SCAM GUIDE For men seeking a Russian wife. I wanted to thank you for writing it. It has given me an insight of what really goes on and what to look for. In the past couple of months I have been talking to a few so called women from Russia. From day one I always had my suspicions in the back of my mind. I guess that is a part of back from when I was living overseas and having a mind set of “gold diggers.” There was two “women” that I was talking to and was getting the same letter with just a few changes in that so I asked them why. Well let’s just say I never heard from them again. It was funny too, you said that most scams the “woman” usually contacts me first but I contacted them first through an on-line service. They all had a USA address but turns out that they were in Russia. Now the one I have been turned on was one that claimed to have been to Canada already and it would be easier for “her” to get a visa to the States since she has been there. That really did not cause me too much concern until I read your web site. Well “she” said that “she needed money for her process. Do not worry, I did not, nor will I ever send her money. Now “she” has wrote back to me that she has found all the money for her visa and ha done it all in one week. Now according to your website it takes more than a week and in fact I know it took about three months just to get my pass port there is red flags all over the place if I am reading them right. I have taken your advice and I wrote to the US Embassy in Moscow and also the Consulate in Saint Petersburg where “she” said she was from to confirm that she has one. I am waiting for a reply from them. 

I just wanted to thank you for you information and it has helped me to understand more about the processes. I have always liked to be around Russians when I can and would like to find one day an honest woman to share our lives together who ever that will be.

Once again thank you,


Just moments after purchasing your guide I had realized that I too had be scammed. Actually I hadn't receive an e-mail for a day or two and new something was up. I new she was to good to be true. The most typical scenario #1 was my story to the letter. I feel like a fool and am hurt by this but want to thank you for saving me from more grief, mostly hurt feelings at this point. She didn't get any money out of me. I asked her, to ask the agents of travel {as she put it } to whom to address the cashiers check to for the documents for travel and that was the last I heard. She said that her parents would take care of the air travel but she and I would have to work out the fee's for visa, insurance, and passport in the amount of $750. Saying that the cost was so much because it was very hard to attain the visa right now. 

It's amazing how every little detail you mentioned was so exact. WOW! I'm so glad I got out of this with just hurt feelings and not out of pocket money. If you would recommend a reputable site where I might find a real sincere Russian lady it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again

Dear Elena - your letter was the worst possible news for me. After this, I will never be the same. But I also am so impressed that you took the time to reply, personally. If only I had seen your book before I got into this mess, you would have saved me at least $7000.00 - but, there are even more valuable things than money, and at least you kept my heart from being ruined. Thank you for that.

I have decided to place even more trust in you and begin with your own site's "elenasmodels" searching. I will follow your advice carefully now. It would be so easy for you think that most of us American men are such stupid fools. I feel that way now, believe me. But instead of making matters worse, you are the light of sanity in this awful cyber-world of relations. Thank you again and God bless you for the service that you provide. 

Sincerely yours,

There are thousands of sincere honest Russian ladies out there who dream to love and be loved. Do not spend your time and emotions on scammers!


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Elena Petrova


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