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November 7, 2006, Mosnews (Russia): Only One in 100 Russian Internet Brides is Real

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July 16, 2004, How Russian Pseudo-Brides Cheat Americans

May 9, 2004, The Sunday Mail: Soviet Unions

February 18, 2004, The Age: From Russia With Love

September 2, 2003, The St. Petersburg Times: U.S. Looking To Rein In Internet Love Brokers

August 2002, ELLE: Brides To Order









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About Russian Brides Cyber Guide:

Russian Brides Cyber Guide is an informational service, which provides content on the subjects related to Russia, Russian dating, Russian culture and other related information.

Russian Brides Cyber Guide's website,, is visited by 80,000 unique visitors every month. The site is operational since 1999. It was the first website about Russian women designed by a Russian woman.

Elena Petrova, the founder of Russian Brides Cyber Guide, went through the process of meeting a foreign husband herself, and works in the International Dating Industry for more than 5 years. She knows the process from A to Z. 

Elena is a life coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner, with Masters Degree in Philosophy. In Russia she worked in marketing and sales.

Our goal is to help people to enter international relationship with their eyes open, to dispel common misconceptions and to warn about the pitfalls of the process. Too many people have a distorted image of international matchmakers, either seeing such marriages through pink glasses or condemning them.

Russian Brides Cyber Guide sees international marriages between Russian women and western men as the result of globalization, where people look beyond national borders in search for the most suitable partner. These men and women don't seek a Russian, or American, or Australian, or German partner - they seek a partner of better quality than is available for them at home.

Our goal is to replace the distorted image of international marriages as "mail order brides" process where men are "buying women" and women are "selling themselves". Those definitions do not reflect the reality and cause real-life tragedies. No one can "buy" a woman, nor those women are "for sale". One cannot "order a bride". International Matchmaking Agencies don't "sell women" - they only sell access to their contact information.

Women that elect to seek partners abroad are not submissive and men that seek foreign women are not all abusive social misfits. Those are misconceptions.

Russian Brides Cyber Guide believes the number of international marriages will continue to increase in the years to come and the need to re-consider distorted stereotypes is urgent. They cause problems for real people and mislead public about the true nature of the phenomena. Sometimes those misconceptions cause real-life tragedies.

International dating agencies work much in the same fashion as any online personals, by publishing ads of single people seeking partners. These people are adults placing their ads of their own free will. They build personal relationships with each other and make their own decisions.

The process of international dating is very much the same as for any online dating site: people write to each other, learn about each other, then meet in real life and take it from there. This is the reality of international dating, which is often misunderstood behind the misleading term "mail order brides". Our goal is to put this humiliating term out of use and replace it with the term "international matchmaking".

Elena Petrova is the author of several popular eBooks, "Anti-Scam Guide" and "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me", both are bestsellers in ClickBank - the world-wide leader in distribution of digital products. Another eBook, "9 Simple Rules For Dating Russian Women", is an email course that is distributed free of charge for anyone who is interested in subject of international dating. 

Elena Petrova is recognized as a dating expert world-wide. She was invited as a contributing author to the book "28 Surefire Ways To Instant Dating Success": 17 authors of best-selling dating e-books joined their effort as a team and produced the first and only dating and attraction guide written by Net's TOP dating experts. The book was launched in November 2004 and became one of the most explosive and controversial dating guides ever released.

We will be happy to answer any questions on the subjects related to Russia, Russian dating, Russian culture, why Russian women seek husbands in the west, why western men seek brides in Russia and CIS, what the process of marrying a Russian woman involves, what are the pitfalls of the process, and other related questions, comment on trends in the industry of international matchmaking, or solicit contacts with couples that met through our service.

The easiest (and most convenient for us) way of contacting us with such questions is by using our Contact Form, but you are also welcome to phone or send faxes or printed letters. Please address your enquires to Elena Petrova.

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