To the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russian Federation
From (your name, surname,
phone/fax numbers,
 email address)
I, (Your Name, Surname) want to lounge a complaint against of Russian citizen (SCAMMERS' NAME, SURNAME). The address that was given me by this person is: .....; email address used: ...... ; phone number: ....... .This person (SCAMMER'S NAME, SURNAME) fraudulently received from me (XXX) dollars USA, and I ask you to prosecute her for fraud according to the law of the Russian Federation and recover the money I sent to this person.
The details of my story are as following:
(Your story - with dates, names, etc - as detailed as possible)
I therefore request to prosecute (SCAMMER'S NAME, SURNAME) for fraud according the the law of the Russian Federation and recover the money that I sent to this person. I consider the financial damage made to me as substantial. I also file for emotional, or moral, damage. I confirm the legitimacy of the documents that are attached with this letter. I am ready to assist the investigation in any way they need me to assist. I am lounging this application as an official statement and request to prosecute the criminal or criminal group hiding behind this fraud operation.
Including with this application:
1. Letters that I received from (SCAMMER'S NAME, SURNAME) (save the letters as email messages - .eml format, and print them from a text editor [such as Word] - it will save all header information, including IP address, email address etc).
2. (NUMBER OF COPIES) copies of Western Union receipt(s) for the total amount of (XXX) dollars USA.
3. Copy(s) of phone bill(s) for my calls to (SCAMMER'S NAME, SURNAME).
4. Copy of my ID.
5. ... (attach any other documents confirming your complaint)
Copies of this Application are sent to: Department of Foreign Affairs of (YOUR COUNTRY), Embassies, etc.
15 May 2002
John Doe


Please do not forget to number the pages and to sign every page after printing.